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Earth Geomancy
Native Wisdom
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Spiritual Metaphysics

God Explained

Divine Will & Purpose

Our spiritual will & purpose

A Guiding Intelligence

Divine Providence

Divine Causes and Plans

Involution and Evolution

Involution - Divine Involvement

God the Provider

God's Love

Divine Nourishment

God is Holy so I am Holy

the magician or the devotee?

Karma & Reincarnation


Spirit and Earth

Gemini meditation

More Topics

Realization & Expression

12 Qualities of our Heart

What is Compassion

Virtues of Self-expression

Heart-Love consciousness

Experiencing love

Journey to God

Return & Expression

Mastery of our emotions

Mastery of our mind

Radiance Meditation

Virtues & Definitions

Higher Frequency

Awakening and opening

Being present & presence

Conscious will

Spiritual Trust


Purposes of life

Being of service

Filled with Light

Group meditation

Invocation & Evocation

The Great Invocation

Meditations in Being

Eco consciousness

a will-to-save

Trust in oneself

More Topics

Soul and Person

Our Soul within

Soul and personality

Spiritual Hierarchy

(All three of these are
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Qualities of PISCES

Radiance Meditation

Virtues to live by

Virtues & Values blog

Education for World Solutions
(Links to websites about world problems & solutions, useful to everyone)

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Ibn Arabi - Man and Truth

Ibn Arabi - Path of Gnosis

Ibn Arabi - Sufi Ethics

Meanings of Remembrance

The Sufi Mevlevi Turn