64 Qualities of God

placed in pairs

These Qualities are ways to know God, or ways of relating with God.
These are also immanent (discoverable in oneself, or experienced in life,
yet in relative degrees). To discover or reveal a Quality in yourself,
meditate on what it means to you, or ask for it to be revealed in you.

The One

The Absolute

The Whole

The Totality

The Eternal

The Infinite

The Inner

The Essence

The Hidden

The Mystery

The Loving

The Caring

The Giving

The Generous

The Inclusive

The Accepting

The Embracing

The Forgiving

The Healing

The Improving

The Real

The Truth

The Consciousness

The Knower

The Intelligent

The Wise

The Teacher

The Guide

The Opener

The Expander

The Great

The Glorious

The Good

The Beautiful

The Peaceful

The Harmonious

The Presence

The Trusted

The Protector

The Guardian

The Originator

The Creative

The Will

The Powerful

The Nurturing

The Inspiring

The Motivating

The Restraining

The Just

The Balancing

The Light

The Fire

The Pure

The Purifying

The Life

The Incarnate

The Purpose

The Traveler

The Treasure

The Abundant

The Free

The Liberating

The Appreciating

The Enjoying