Angels are the name given by western religions to those special beings of the universe who bring to humanity higher divine qualities, such as love, joy, peace, beauty, healing, and protection. Angels exist in a higher dimension from the physical level, yet they can interact with the world and also influence physical reality. In the western teachings, Angels are the closest beings to God. They are the first level of beings emanating from God, the One Divine Being, from Whom all beings emanate.

Angels are the messengers and helpers of God, from whom we can receive guidance and help. Angels are powers that help guide the spiritual evolution of humanity. They help us develop as spiritual beings, they help us evolve, and they help us acquire mastery in our own self. Angels can also provide wisdom and help open our intuitive abilities. Angels also seek to bring us closer to God, to Love, to Higher Consciousness, to Illumination and Freedom.

In some eastern spiritual teachings, these spiritual guiding powers have been translated as devas, but in western teachings devas are different from angels, in that devas are the intelligences of nature, of natural earth energies and forms. So the distinction is that angels help us spiritually develop and evolve, while devas are the intelligences of nature and guide physical-natural evolution. Angels are celestial, while devas are planetary.

In the western esoteric teachings, it is said that seven Archangels first emanate from the Universal Sun, God. These are the seven great Angels of Light – the seven major geometric arc-angles of Light, the seven rays or colors of Light, the fundamental Qualities of Light. Then from these seven Archangels come the next metaphysical level of Angels – each with its own purity of Quality and its purpose to emanate that Quality into humanity and the world of manifestation. These Angels bring to us the many divine qualities. They also energize and nurture these qualities inherent in our own soul. And they help us develop these qualities in our own self, so that we can then emanate these qualities out from our own being.

Angels are made of Light substance. They radiate Divine Qualities, and they give to us these Divine Qualities. There are different kinds of Angels, and each kind of Angel expresses and gives to us one of the Divine Qualities. Each kind of Angel radiates and gives us a particular kind of quality or gift. So each kind of Angel has its own specialty of virtue, or special gift, or special power, which comes from that particular Quality of being.

For example, one kind of angel will radiate and give to us the divine quality of peace. This is the Angel of Peace. Another kind of Angel will radiate and give us the quality of joy, and this is the Angel of Joy. And another kind of Angel will radiate and help us with patience, which is the Angel of Patience. Likewise, we can receive healing from the Angel of Healing, and protection from the Angel of Protection. There is also an Angel of Beauty to inspire us with visions of beauty, and inspire us to create more beauty. Some Angels inspire us with spiritual-artistic creativity. Whenever we view or hear something artistic and our hearts become uplifted in joy, then this probably has an angelic inspiration, magic, and influence in it.

Here are seven examples of Angels
{all are Angels of Light and Love}

The spiritual qualities that angels provide to us, such as love and beauty, are higher energies for our soul. These energies help nurture our soul, helping our soul become strong and mature in life. Thus, it could be said that the angels help our souls become spiritual strong in life – able to overcome the many physical, emotional and mental challenges of life. Esoterically, the Angels of light and virtue help to offset and overcome the forces of materialism, selfishness, and worldly influences. Angel energies can also heal our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Angels are here to help us. Angels only wish to love and serve and give what is needed. This is part of their divine purpose. It is in their nature to be helpful and nurturing, because the essence of every angel is love and light and a pure spiritual will to serve life and God's Purposes for creation, which includes helping all humanity, as well as healing us from sickness and protecting us from harm, and as well helping humanity solve conflicts and find peace.

Thus, Angels can help us in our spiritual evolution – helping us develop our latent soul qualities and abilities, and helping us become a more whole person. Angels can also give protection, guidance, healing, and other kinds of help. Yet before help is given, we must first ask, or at least be open to being helped. Though it is possible for an adult to invoke, through blessings, the presence of a guardian angel on behalf of children. Even as adults, we can ask for protection from a guardian angel, who will then protect us as much as possible.

Guardian angels are the third level of Angels {in the first level (emanating from the One Being) are the seven Archangels, related with the seven Rays, and in the next level are the Angels of Qualities/Virtues}. The purpose and service given to the guardian angels is to oversee and help individual lives – most importantly to bring specifically needed energies and qualities to each individual soul (depending on the individual need), and to help develop soul strength and soul-will in that personal life. This also includes protecting and healing the physical and emotional vehicles of the soul, and also bringing higher light and intuition in the mental vehicle. The guardian angel, or also called the guiding angel, helps to integrate the soul/personality – helping to connect the inner soul with personal mind, heart and personal will – towards the intended aim of a soul-infused person, including self-mastery. Also, these guiding angels act as mediators for the seven Rays and spiritual qualities – helping to nurture these in the person.

From the perspective of each person, one has their own guardian-guiding angel, similar to having a personal teacher. Yet there isn't a unique angel for every single person, just as a student can have a teacher even though this teacher is not confined to just one student.

Guiding angels are also called solar angels
because they bring Light into humanity and into our lives.

Solar Angels

The Solar Angel has also been called the Guardian Angel, the Lord of the Flame, the Deva of Mind, the Great Redeemer, the Angel of Presence, the Producer of individualization, and the Substance of the soul.

Many solar angels or one Solar Angel?

The answer is both. There is just one Solar Angel Being, yet multiple occasions and appearances. From a personal perspective, one can either think of there being just one Solar Angel or many solar angels. One can think of there being one great Solar Angel, which helps each of us –though in different specific ways. Or, one can think of being helped by one's own solar angel, similar to 'my' guardian angel. Yet there are not single unique solar angels for each single person! Rather, the Solar Angel appears to each person somewhat differently, and its help will be somewhat unique for each different person. By analogy, a king might send separate letters to many people, each letter giving a unique guidance; and thus, there are many kingly messages (like many kingly messengers), but they are all from the one king. God appears in many ways and gives different facets of important teachings to different people; yet there is only one God, one great Source of Wisdom.

Thus, in essence there is just one Solar Angel, but many different ways and occasions of relationship. Even if we think of there being numerous Solar Angels, they wouldn't really be different from one another, in substance nor in function, since they are each 'solar angels' with the same basic Qualities and Purpose; so they all contain and give to us the same qualities of love, wisdom, and virtues. Therefore, these 'multiple angels' are 'multiple occasions' of the one Solar Angel. As well, the multiplicity could be understood as multiple beams of light, or as the one Solar Angel experienced from multiple unique 'angles' of perspective.

The Solar Angel is the medium (or messanger) for the Solar Logos (esoterically called, Our Father in Heaven) {though our Almighty Absolute God is much more encompassing –through All Existence}. The Solar Angel is the Angel of Light, radiating out from the Solar Logos (the Solar Being in Whom we live). The Solar Logos radiates its Light (the Angels of Light) in all directions, which means that the Solar Light is received in all directions and by all types of souls {we, as planetary souls, orbit around this light and experience many perspectives}. Therefore, Solar Angels (plural) are the angles of Light streaming from the Solar Logos –which is radiating Light in all directions (and to all kinds of souls).

Purposes & Work of the Solar Angel

Serving as a Bridge

The Solar Angel helps to bridge the gap between Higher Self and lower self, between Soul and personality, and between humanity and God. The Solar Angel acts as a mediating bridge, but also helps us build our own bridge (our antahkarana), between personalty mind and Higher Mind.

The Solar Angel helps us build the Bridge to Intuition and Hierarchy, and to deeper layers of our Divine Self. Then, when our soul is strong and our bridge is built, no more do we need the Angel's help. In relation to each of us, the Solar Angel's work is completed when the antahkarana is built, and when the soul has effectively taken on the function of the Solar Angel as a mediator between the Monad (the totality of our spiritual potentials) and the individual life (the actualization of these potentials).

Guiding us towards Unity

The Solar Angel helps us raise our consciousness in our human development and evolution towards Oneness. The Solar Angel inspires us towards Love and Unity, and towards union with the Divine Self. The Solar Angel leads each self towards a higher unity -- bringing the personal self into integrated unity, and bringing the soul into a gradual unity with God.

The Solar Angel helps our personality become integrated and soul-infused. The Solar Angel helps us develop mastery over our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Also, the Solar Angel is helping our soul become more Self-realized (Monad-realized, or God-realized). A metaphysical purpose of the Solar Angel is to solve conflicts and unite opposites.

The Angel defeats the Dweller

The Solar Angel's main opponent is the 'Dweller on the threshold'. The Solar Angel defeats the Dweller with the Light of higher consciousness. The Solar Angel comes down into the very darkness of our existence, to bring Light into the darkness and save us from imprisonment in materiality.

The Solar Angel encompasses all that our soul can be; giving us all of our higher virtues. The 'Dweller on the Threshold' is the totality of all negative personality characteristics that are selfish, self-indulgent, materialistic, and without conscious regulation. The Solar Angel brings Higher Light and Love and the Will-to-serve. The Dweller is stuck in darkness, materialism and selfishness. The Solar Angel gives, while the Dweller is only interested in what it can take.

Strengthen the Presence of the Angel, and diminish the darkness of the Dweller – via persistent and focused meditation on love, brotherhood and unity, and meditate on how to serve a greater Purpose.

Our soul is of Angelic substance

The primary qualities of the Monad (our total spiritual Potential) are in our inner soul petals, inherited from the Solar Angel. The Solar Angel nurtures and encourages the growth of our soul petals.

The Solar Angel has provided the higher substance for our soul, a divine substance capable of Self consciousness and realization, and capable of love and service. Our human Soul is a gift from the Solar Angel. Each soul is made from a sacrifice of the Solar Angel. Each soul is made from Angelic substance. Angelic substance gives the soul its potential divine-angelic qualities (to be realized).

The Solar Angel brings Light into our mind, Love into our heart, and Purpose into our will. The soul continues to receive higher energies, inspiration and guidance from the Solar Angel; until the soul is finally able to pursue the Path independently.

Making contact with the Angel

First, one's heart and mind will need to be clear.

Visualize the Angel above your head,
blessing you with spiritual nurturance and guidance.
Now connect from your heart to the Angel,
in order to build a heart relationship.
From your heart, aspire to receive from the Angel,
with your clear mind being the medium.

If we form a conscious relationship with the Angel, and if we ask for help, then this opens up the channel of contact and help. The Angels are here to help us, if our need is important and our asking is sincere. From the Angels we can receive healing, protection, peace, intelligence, courage, love, and even creative solutions to difficult problems.