Being Holy

To be holy is to realize myself as (and to live consciously as) a sacred being of God, or as a conscious reflection of God, to whatever degree I can.

God is Holy.
What does this mean? How is God Holy?

* God is Whole

Realization – I am not the Whole (Holy) Being God, yet God's Wholeness (Holiness) is in me – to be discovered through life experience and expanding realization.

Meditation – Discover more of the wholeness of myself.

* God is Pure

Realization – In my own spiritual essence, I am pure and holy.

Meditation – I can feel being this pure holiness.

* God is Sacred

Realization – All of life (and everyone) is in the One Being of God, so all of life (and everyone) is sacred. I am in the One Being of God, so I am sacred.

Meditation – Feel being sacred. Feel the experience of – I am sacred, I am holy.

When I contemplate on God's Holiness, as a Quality I am in {since I am in the Being of God}, or as a Quality of my essence {since God pervades my being}; then this Divine Quality resonates into my being.

We can reflect more of the Holiness of God.
We can be more whole, more pure, and more sacred.

We can feel holiness in our being, we can be holy, and we can express holiness to others. Feeling holy and becoming holy begins with the realization of already being holy, already sacred, already divine. From this realization, I become consciously holy, and consequentially I express more holiness