Group Meditation for world service

Meditation can be used for world service – to help transform and evolve the overall consciousness of humanity. This includes the mental and emotional 'spheres' of humanity. Thus, the next great step for those who care about the future of our world is to participate in some kind of meditation work for world service. The minds and hearts of all humanity are inter-related in some degree, so we can positively effect all of humanity by our intentional focus on spiritual thoughts, love and goodwill. Additionally, we can actually invoke transformative Spiritual Energies for the world. This is all possible with meditation, and thus we can call this a 'world-service' meditation.

Yet there is an even greater power in group meditation, when people unite in a group effort to use meditation for world transformation. This is because of the power of vibrational resonance in group synergy. When meditators combine their energies of thought and feeling, towards the common purpose of helping to evolve humanity, a powerful synergy is created and the transformative effect is greatly multiplied. Thus, the synergistic power of group meditation is an important activity for positive world transformation. Though of course, physical and political action are also necessary.

The common intention of world-service meditation groups is to make use of group consciousness, group energies, and group resonance to bring spiritual energies and qualities into the world – bringing Love, Light, and Spiritual Power into our world. This will accelerate a positive transformation and evolution of humanity. In fact, it may be essentially necessary.

However, the complete unified Group of meditators for world-service do not need to meditate together in the same place or even at the same time. We all don't need to be in the same room in order to be a unified meditation Group, because the full Group of world-servers-through-meditation is all over the world, and the meditations are done in many different languages. In other words, the participants are anywhere in the world, and the Group Unity is formed without distance limitations. It is helpful if small groups of meditators come together in physical locations, meeting together as a particular 'meditation group'; but this is not absolutely necessary for the effectiveness of world-service meditation. Thus, people can meditate on their own, in their own space and time, yet the larger Group Unity still builds and is still powerful in the world, because we are all still united and synergistic in the shared work we are doing. So the Group effect of this world-service kind of meditation is nonetheless powerful, even though we are not all meditating together in one place nor at the same time.

Meditations for world-service can be simple in essence and can be achieved in many possible ways, rather than confined to one exact method. Some kind of method is needed, but there are many possible ways to achieve our common goal. There is no one exact method, structure, form or procedure of world-service meditation; no strict or necessary way that we all need to follow. There are important essences to any world-service meditation, but no necessary exact form. The Group Unity, built by all of us who do this kind of meditation, is in our common intention, love and will-to-serve. The greatest power in this kind of meditation is our world-helping intention, our consciousness, our ideas, our love and our caring. However, it is also helpful to have a good understanding of the essential principles and aspects involved with world-service meditations.

The next phase, the next great planetary work, is for groups to begin all around the planet who meditate for the world – doing world service meditation. Those engaged in this intentional meditative work, as well as those engaged in outward world service, have been called Group World Servers, but the name is unimportant. It is the world service work that is important.

The basic intention and focus for these new groups is to make use of group energies, group consciousness, and group resonance to bring God's Will (or spiritual will) into the world – that is, bring love and light and spiritual power into the world. We can understand this as contacting God's Will and bringing this into the world, or as coming in attunement with the highest Spiritual Qualities and bringing these into the world. This can also be understood as bringing Spiritual Energy and Power into the world.

So those engaged in this kind of meditative work are the esoteric World Servers. We call this esoteric because it involves an inner kind of work and application of spiritual energies, which will not be immediately seen outwardly. These groups should remain discreet and certainly not boastful, though they will need to make some kind of outreach in order to bring in more people for the work. We need to explain the work to people and try to gather spiritual people into these groups, but at the same time remain humble and non-commercial about it all.

Group meditation practice - an example

Meditative service work is simple in essence, and it can be achieved in many possible ways, rather than confined to one exact formula. First, the group comes into attunement with one another. Though, of course, after each individual takes some time to relax and become conscious and harmoniously integrated in oneself.

The members then create a group-attunement in heart, mind, and intention. This creates the potential for group synergy – a multiplying effect of the individual energies. The group becomes like a crystal bowl, which can create vibrational resonance throughout the world. The group heart and mind will then have a resonating effect upon the hearts and minds of all humanity.

Next, after group attunement, the group intentionally and consciously enters into a heart-mind contact with the Higher Spiritual Heart-Mind. This could be understood as God, or as the Hierarchy of Masters, or simply as our Spiritual Source. This could also be understood as an attunement with Universal Love-Wisdom-Power, with the intention to help bring this into the world.

The Hierarchy of Masters are those human souls who have consciously evolved into a higher level of being, dedicated to selflessly serving the spiritual evolution of humanity and the planet. These are the most advanced souls of humanity, who do not necessarily require a physical body, yet sometimes reincarnate physically in order to better serve the world.

The Masters are those, beyond gender, who have ascended (transcended) from the ordinary human realm into the next realm of possibility, which is centered in spiritual mind rather than a physical body, and thus they have liberated themselves from physical existence, and yet they are dedicated to serve the physical world and everyone here, because of their love and also because they realize the importance of love, harmony and beauty in the Spiritual Purpose. Whether here physically or not, these higher souls, the Masters in Light, offer to us their Group assistance and guidance, as they are continuously in meditation and understand the Spiritual Purpose, or as we might say, the Will of God.

The Masters serve the greater spiritual purpose of life, or what could be understood as the Will of God. The Will of God is not some kind of obscure religious thing; it simply means the Spiritual Love and Wisdom that is Intended to be manifested. This universe, and specifically this world we are on, is here for a greater Purpose. We are all here for a greater Purpose! But most of the time, this never gets realized and never manifested. So the Will of God is always present, just as our Purpose is always present, but it seldom gets realized and manifested.

So next, after group attunement and after the group enters into contact and attunement with the Source of Love-Wisdom and Spiritual Power, the next stage is to become a Group representative for humanity and allow the Highest Spiritual Love-Wisdom-Power to 'descend', to enter into the hearts and minds of humanity. The intention here is to help bring love, wisdom, and spiritual will into humanity. Spiritual will is also related to being attuned with and devoted to Higher Divine Purposes. This is the meaning of 'my will is in attunement with Divine Purpose'.

This is also related to spiritual evolution. The spiritual evolution of humanity is all about a development of love, wisdom, and spiritual will. This happens naturally over time and over karma; but this can also be helped and accelerated by conscious intentional actions - which this kind of service meditation does. Yet in this case, we are helping bring spiritual energies and qualities into the realm of humanity, which is similar to how a spiritual healer helps bring divine healing to another person. The healer is acting as a helpful intermediator between the patient and the Healing Source. In essence, understand that this esoteric service meditation is very similar to spiritual healing. And realize that humanity in general is in need of healing. Otherwise, consider this work as helping in spiritual evolution.

A meditation for the world

Come together in a larger group consciousness,
in heart and in soul, with those who wish is to serve life.
Be in a sharing attitude with the whole group,
(all that I have and all that I am is theirs),
as we share our love, light, goodwill, and spiritual thoughts.

Now as a group, make alignment with the Spiritual Hierarchy,
the Heart Centre of the planet,
and be within the Radiance of the Great Ones.
Fuse within their Love and within their Light,
and align with the Divine Will.

Focus on being a mediator between the Divine and humanity,
bringing Divine Love and Intelligence into the world.

Meditate on the highest ideals and visions possible,
while seeing this happening with clarity and confidence.

Visualize light, love and spiritual will
streaming from the Divine Source,
through the Hierarchy,
then through all people of goodwill,
then into all humanity,
transforming the whole world.

Meditating in group consciousness

Meditating in a unified group consciousness has a great power of positive influence upon the rest of humanity. In group meditation we all come together in a great inter-connected mind/heart, which then has a great power to bring about evolutionary ideas, love and goodwill into all of humanity. Realize that we each can use the power of our mind to influence the world in positive, loving ways. Then next realize that the power of mind is even greater when there is a unified group resonance.

Important to any group meditative power is mental and emotional connection – mind and heart connection with the others. Our connective unity of heart and mind creates a powerful synergistic resonance, sort of like a unified musical chord bringing more and more of the whole orchestra in harmonic resonance. So a connected unified heart and mind of many people in meditation, with unified purpose and intent, will have a great power in the world, a power much greater than separate hearts and minds, because the unified minds create harmonic group resonance, which then helps to effect positive change in the minds and hearts of all humanity.

But consider also that the very activity of connection with other mind/hearts is itself a transformative, evolutionary step. Our mind and heart connection with others all around the world is itself a great evolutionary achievement, so this itself is a profound goal in meditation, because we are then building a new group connectivity and an inner resonating group connected mind. In other words, instead of remaining separate in mind and in thought, we are now connecting with many others to build a new interconnected mind with similar ideas, purposes, and intent to serve life. We are then helping to build a unified and harmonic mind/heart in humanity. Realize that others are already doing this, connecting in mind/heart to build a new harmonic unity and power of mind. Join in.

All of us in this connective unity of heart and mind are the actual next stage of human evolution, which will guide those who are lost in separation. We will recognize one another and we will know one another, but without any particular group organization on the physical level. Some people will know each other and meditate together in a physical place; but most of those who are part of this larger group meditative work will be physically unknown to one another. Many organizations and religious movements will proclaim unity, but the real Group Synergy taking place in humanity will be invisible to the average eye. It is like a gathering, but in the interconnected space of mind/heart. Anyone can join in from anywhere in the world and at any moment. There is need to be 'online' or join an internet group or any known group. Rather, one joins in by simply connecting in one's heart and mind with a larger group heart/mind, then coming into the inner conversation.

But this is not a joining into conformity. This is not about uniform conformity. Rather, it is like a gathering or a teleconference, whereby no one is making anyone conform to one style or idea. Instead, this is the beginning of a connected conversation and even a kind of group dance. We are coming together to create harmonious love and good ideas, to build understanding and harmony. But this is not a movement to create one style; rather we are here to understand and appreciate a wonderful diversity of styles, cultures, and paths, yet all connected by love and integral intelligence. Integral intelligence is the capacity to understand inter-connections and relationships within an overall integrated unity.

In essence, we are joining in and then participating in a larger group consciousness. Feel and sense that this is the larger group in which you share common basic ideas and intentions. So the larger group are all those in the world with similar mind and heart. Not that everyone in the group has to share the exact same ideas or beliefs, but there needs to be some foundational similarities in order to have a group consciousness or group mind.

No one will be able to proclaim themselves as the leader of the group consciousness and group work. Each member can only be a participant and co-worker. Esoterically, there will be a leader from the next higher level of consciousness, but this being will be invisible to the group. This higher esoteric Leader will not lead as an individual in relation to group, but rather as the 'spirit of the group' itself and as pervading the whole group with its higher spiritual inspiration and greater realization of the Divine Will. This higher Leader is more analogous to a perfume in the group, than as some person giving orders. In fact, the idea of getting orders from Above is spiritually passe. Instead, we are in a group consciousness whereby everyone is uniquely participating in an ongoing realization of the highest Purposes to live by and what best to do for the better good of everyone. We are all in this together, participating together in the overall group evolution of love, wisdom and creative harmony.

Yet each of us can uniquely contribute to this overall group realization and see how to best serve the larger purposes. So, everyone in the group is responsible in actually making this group consciousness and this group work. Each participant will have a unique creative part to offer, and each can bring unique perspectives and ideas to the group. Thus, everyone is involved in the creativity of the group – its creative visions and creative work. So you see, this is a new kind of group consciousness in which to be part of. It's not like the old way of merely being a follower, or of merely following orders, or of following a religious leader or a fixed code of rules.

So, this is the basis of a new kind of group consciousness and a way of being part of a larger group. This is all part of an unfolding spiritual evolution of humanity, all of us included.

An obvious step in this is a movement from being a separative-self consciousness to being in a group-consciousness. However, there is nothing spectacularly new in one being part of a group consciousness. History shows this is more common than not. The fact is, we are already involved in and influenced by a group consciousness, or perhaps even a few; though quite often, one is not aware of this or has not realized it.

So the actual evolutionary step is to first gain self-freedom from the group mind that one is already in and conditioned by. This is a breaking free from one's sub-conscious group influence and conditioning. Then, the second step is to discover, either inwardly or outwardly, a much larger group consciousness, which will be a more inclusive group – more inclusive of all humanity and all of the planet, and with a larger and greater purpose. This then is a new discovery, and to actually join this group will be real decision, not just an automatic conditioned submission. Understand that this joining in is a decision in consciousness – it is subjective. It is certainly possible to join an actual physical group, which is also good, but the joining in with a larger group consciousness is invisible and subjective.

Lastly to mention is an inherent possible trap in this evolutionary step into a higher group consciousness. This is the possible problem of exclusive pride and separation. For in the most usual experiences of group consciousness and group unity, the idea and feeling of being in this group-unity is separative – separative from all those 'others' (everyone else). In other words, this group I am in, this higher spiritual group I am now in, my group, is not really inclusive of all others – in fact, my group separates itself from all others and exclusive in its superiority and pride. This is the usual feeling in a group. But this needs to be transcended.

The true spiritual group-consciousness to be part of is the group consciousness of being inclusive of everyone, of all humanity and all of life. No one should be left out of our group inclusiveness, no one excluded, and no other group excluded. This is because our group consciousness is the Inclusive Love consciousness, and no one gets left out of this. Nonetheless, even though we include everyone, not everyone will be joining in to this All-inclusive Group consciousness, because not everyone is yet ready to realize this all-inclusiveness. So not everyone will yet enter here in this full-unity consciousness and non-exclusive love.

Esoteric meditation practice is divided into two phases. One is upward and the other is downward. One is the spiritual ascent to God, the One, through self-surrender. The other is the spiritual descent to earth, through service. The ascent is into the One Light, while the descent is bringing down that Light into humanity. Let us consider more about the descending phase through the mode of service, though we will speak here of an esoteric service rather than physical service, which is an intentional activity of spiritual transmission involving the mind and heart, whereby the person serving channels higher spiritual energies into the world.

Picture the world as a receptacle for spiritual Light, the place where transformation and spiritual evolution occur. Light descends upon earth to spiritually awaken and spiritually energize the minds of men and women, humanity in general. This occurs through the mental vehicle of transmitting-channeling servers. In other words, we are the serving transmitters. We are the medium-channels for the descent of Light from God, The One, to the many of the world. This is our esoteric role of service. To some extent it can happen naturally, but it is more intensified and efficacious if performed consciously with intention.

The metaphysical structure of this can be pictured as an inverted tree hierarchy, with the One Source Light at the top spreading out downward through numerous levels of channeling beings. We can picture our own place in this great scheme as somewhere in the middle of the hierarchy, with those above us and those below us. There are always fewer above than below, and those above can be regarded as our higher Guides or Teachers. Though they might also be regarded as higher/deeper centres of our own True Self, for there is really only One True Being. Below us are those of humanity who are less spiritually awake, who are in need of help and awakening. These are the people we can serve by consciously transmitting the degree of Light that we have received from those above us – which ultimately comes from the one spiritual Source of Light.

So in this picture we might see how Light descends through levels of beings within the whole great hierarchy. At each level in the hierarchy are a group of soul-conscious beings who share the same general level of spiritual Light, though their personality expressions and physical service expressions in the world may be quite different. These can be regarded as our spiritual group brothers and sisters, or co-workers at our own level. Those at the level below us can be regarded as our immediate students, or those we first help esoterically. Those with no (as yet) soul-consciousness or no soul-awakening, are at the bottom. They could be called the spiritually unconscious, or generally the world in need of the awakening light.

A meditation

So now that we see the overall metaphysical picture, we can begin the meditational practice of esoteric service. First, enter into your highest soul-consciousness. Next, make a feeling and mental contact with your spiritual group, at the highest level possible. Then, The ascend through self-surrender towards God, or the One Light/Being. This is spiritual attunement. Or one could come into attunement with the Light/Being of one’s higher Guide or Teacher. This is all part of the upward phase, and at some point one should pause and contemplatively remain in this higher Light and Love (Love should now be included).

Then, from here the intentional phase of descending service can begin. This is when one begins to transmit-channel the Light and Love that is now conscious in one’s being, and this is sent out to the world-in-need. It is shared outwardly and downwardly, into the world, into humanity. This is done through visualization and feeling. What is important is that you are giving of the Light and Love that is within you, of which you are. This sharing is called conscious radiance, and it has transformational effects upon humanity. This is also channeling the Will of God upon the world – through our own conscious loving will (which is of the One Great Will). So this is a spiritual practice we can do at any time and sustain for however long we can. We can also share this Light and Love with everyone around us, and throughout our immediate space.

Be connected with world emotion, but not identified with it

We are all in this together, all in the same world, all sharing the same basic energies. It is possible to feel anywhere in the world, because the energies are circulating all around, even in the air. When there are troubles in the world (and when is there not?), we all are affected in some way. Yet we do not have to be dragged down into negativity, emotional turmoil, excessive worry and stress. Just consider the emotional energies of our world at any one time. If we tuned in to all these energies, we might get dragged down into the lower levels of such energies; unless we stay above emotional identification. If we meet people who all feel depressed, do we help them by identifying with their depression, or becoming immersed in their emotions? Not at all. The best we can do is to rise above lower emotions, such as negativity, depression, despair, worries, hatred, etc.

So, everyone is affected in some way by the world energies, world emotions, and world thoughts. This is why no one can sustain a perfect state of emotional peace at all times. Well, maybe if one tranquilizes oneself enough with insensitivity, they might be free of all this. But for those of us who wish to remain sensitive and emotionally alive, we have to deal with these negative and lower energies of the world. The way is to rise above them and not identify with them. You might still sense these energies, but do not identify with them or allow yourself to drown in them. Don’t get dragged down. Stay at the highest emotional and mental level as you can. Stay as close to God as you can; as close as you can to the source of love and the power of goodwill.

When you can be sensitive and awake to the world, yet maintain dis-identification and a higher state; it is then possible to help bring compassion to the world. If you remain at a higher state above the average emotional energy of the world, then from here you can actually help the world with compassion and higher energies of Light.

Group meditation for world transformation

We each have to be a source of light, love, and good-will.

We each have to become a ray of the Divine, a ray of intelligence and love.
This we can do individually in our meditation, but there is even more power if we tune in with others with the same wish and intention.

Tune in with all those who have love and goodwill in their hearts and who have a holistic intelligence in their mind. These are our spiritual brothers and sisters; and as a Group we will save and transform the world consciousness.

First of all make an inner heart connection with this Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Love – which transcends any particular religion or spiritual path. These are the people of love and goodwill and holistic wisdom. These are the World Saviors.

Don't wait for a 'world savior' – because WE are the World Saviors!

May we all unify – subjectively in mind and heart, and objectively in outward expression and action.

Join in! – with heart and mind. Join in towards the Good. Strengthen the hands of all who serve the Good – all who serve Love, Peace, Harmony and Beauty. Strengthen the power of Good. Strengthen love and holistic intelligence.

Group power is strengthened when individuals freely share their love and intelligence. So, one of the keynotes in all of this is sharing. There is so much selfishness in the world that the idea of sharing anything is viewed with skepticism. But let us consider the importance of sharing love and intelligence. We can do this in the outer objective world, but also through the 'subjective world' of thought and feelings. The minds and hearts of everyone are shared, much like we all share the same air and water because its all throughout the planet. Thus, our intelligence and love is shared with others of humanity through the shared medium of mind and heart.

Read also the chapter on the 'Great Invocation'