Higher Influence

God is the Power behind every power, the Intelligence behind every intelligence, and the Love behind every love. So whenever one recognizes a power, or intelligence, or love in this world, whether in nature or in humanity, the Gnostics and the Faithful know that behind such phenomena is God’s own Power, Intelligence and Love. These three Primary Qualities of God are the true animators of life. And without God’s Power, Intelligence and Love, there would be no such reflections in this world of phenomena and effect. For everything we experience with ordinary senses are only but effects.

What we must understand is that any intelligence, in nature or in humanity, is derived from its root essence of Divine Intelligence; it is dependent on the Divine Intelligence and could not be without this essence. This is why many of the Faithful give praise to God whenever they recognize intelligence in the world. For they know that every manifestation of intelligence must come from God’s Intelligence; just as every manifestation of light is a partial reflection of greater Light. We should realize that intelligence cannot just come about by itself; rather, it must derive from a greater reservoir of Divine Intelligence. Of course there is an organic learning process; so we are not denying the organic evolution of intelligence, nor the theory of natural selection. Yet we are affirming that even this organic evolutionary process depends essentially on a greater Intelligence pervading it all.

In a similar vein, we can also realize that all powers must derive from one essential Power. The powers of life and the powers of will must derive from their root essence of God’s Life/Will Power. In other words, when we recognize any power of life or power of will, we could realize that such powers are derived from and dependent on the essential Power of God, the Life and Will Qualities of God.

Yet once this is realized, many people tend to make a logical mistake in concluding from this that the Power or Will of God must be determining everything. This is simply a wrong interpretation and mistaken logical conclusion. In reality, God’s Power is just providing a reservoir of this essence to feed the many lives and wills of nature. There is a Divine Spring of Life and Will Power, which provides such essence-power to all living beings. Then, some use this more and some use this less. Some bring this forth more, and some less. The same could be said for intelligence and love. The Divine Qualities are like springs, like reservoirs, like providers, like roots; which are either actualized by us or not. When we do contact this Power and manifest it, it is nonetheless true that our own little power of life and will has been derived from, and is dependent on, the greater Power-Source. But in all of this, there isn’t an absolute determinism; instead, the Divine Power provides but does not compel.

The same is true for love. Any love is derived from and dependent on the Greater Divine Love. Yet this Love provides rather than compels.

In fact, the very nature of Love precludes It from manipulating or compelling – which would contradict the spirit of Love.

Love is just giving; not demanding.


Read/ use the Implicit stuff below.. yet I have a new theory about the Higher which is.

After I show explain about the Pattern Above, which is an overall Integrational Intelligence of a Group Holism (or a kind of limited ecology) (or the group consciousness) – that guides the lower in some degree – I then need to modify this idea.

For there is no set-pattern (as like a set design, like a platonic table), except that these are vibrational Qualities. What it is (from the Super-essence or from the Highest Level) is simply an active force/-influence to unify (or this could be understood as the influential force of love-wisdom). The Higher Influence (or “Guidance”) is not a fixed pattern, nor is it like fixed exact Instructions. Instead, it is an integrating and unifying force1.

This has some shaping influence upon the lower, but it is simply a general shaping towards unity, integration, harmony. And it could also be called love or love-wisdom, because it works through us with the feeling of love. But this shaping influence is not an exact kind of shaping. It is not like a creator shaping clay with a fixed idea in mind about the exact intended shape. This is an old paradigm now needing to be discarded. Instead, we might think of the shape (of how this world is) evolving organically from all sorts of creative forces in creation itself, and being unpredictable and undetermined (in the intentional sense); however, being also generally shaped by a transcendental (‘higher’) force of integration, harmonization, and unification. This “higher” force works upon manifestation in two basic ways. One is from the surrounding space, for each exists within a greater space and those surrounding energies. This can be called the ecological field, or it could also be understood as the energy context. The other way in which the higher works is through each individual essence, which is called the individual soul.

Thus, creativity is being built organically from ground up, by trial and error, or by experimental learning, and also by utilitarian motivations.

Then, from Above (notice the usefulness of metaphor) is the Force-Field of integration and unification. This is also known as the Will-to-unity, or Will-to-love, or Will-to-good2.


Though.. the Higher does carry ‘group information’.

Remember that ‘intelligence’ is a power/ (or capacity) to gather and integrate relevant information for a purpose or a use.


Divine Mind and Divine Will are the same at the highest level of Being. Divine Mind-Intelligence has Will, the Will of knowing and being intelligent. So we could speak of Divine Mind without necessarily having a concept of Divine Will, because Mind and Intelligence has its own power. The Universal Mind-Intelligence works, the Intelligence of God works; how it works is what we call the Divine Will. In other words, Mind-Intelligence has a will of its own – which we call the Will of God. Or, we could look at this from the other way, that is, we could say that Divine Will has its own Intelligence.

Divine Will is not like God wants us to eat beans tonight instead of potatoes. God is not like power neurotic dictator or micro-manager. There is Divine Will, but it is a general instruction, or general guiding principles; not exact sentences about what should be done in this or that case. It is the will and mind of particular beings which is given the function of freely and creatively deciding what is best to do in any particular case. And mistakes are of course made; but this is part of the learning curve.

Nor is Divine Mind a knowledge depository with exact answers about what is best to do in every circumstance of life. Of course, for some things there is a definite best way, such as with mechanics or tuning a car, but for some other situations the right way is at best an art and not one single way stands out as definitely the right one. In other words, we live in a world with varying degrees of ambiguity and uncertainty about what is right and best. Even God does not know, because the ambiguity is real and much of life is an artistic exploration. God is the great artist, but like any artist there is an uncertainty about the exploration, and we are part of that uncertainty.

The true explanation of Divine Mind-Intelligence is that it gives us a higher capacity of intelligence to know. It gives us intelligence, which we can then use for understanding and deciding about the details of life. God-Divine Mind-Intelligence does not give out details of knowledge about this and that; just as Divine Will does not give out detailed instructions about what is right and good regarding every possible situation of life. God is not a micro-manager, nor an encyclopedia of information. Rather, Divine Mind is the capacity for knowing and Divine Intelligence is the capacity for understanding. We are using this intelligence right now. We are partaking in this capacity of intelligence. The Intelligence is working through us right now, to some degree.

God’s Intelligence is the Intelligence available in the universe for particular beings to use. God is not a particular being, but rather the universal source and essence, from which all particular beings partake. So Divine Intelligence is the given capacity we have, which we can then use to understand life and make better decisions. It is not like a detailed how-to instruction manual sent down from on High; rather, the Divine Intelligence gives us the intelligent capacity to discover and understand, on our own, about life and how to do well.

In nature we see this divine capacity of Intelligence at work. But this is Divine Intelligence functioning as a given capacity for the learning intelligence of natural things at work, rather than the Divine Intelligence directing every detail of what things do. Divine Intelligence gives us the ability to acquire knowledge by intuition and by reason, by direct insight and by figuring things out. It gives us this ability to learn by ourselves, rather than merely give creatures the answers to every problem. The particulars of nature use the Divine Intelligence capacity to learn what best to do. So there is this learning process at work, which makes use of the Divine Intelligence, rather than a directed micro-management of affairs.


Divine Descent

Two great spiritual forces, both related, are at work in the world. One is the Divine Compassionate Intelligence and the other is the Spiritual Will-to-Good. The Divine Compassionate Intelligence is a force within nature and is working its way in the world. Yet it’s not 100% fulfilled; that is, it’s not completely working all time. If it were completely working at a 100% effectiveness, all of the time and in everything, then this world with man and nature would be much more harmonious and loving. Our world and world events are obviously not completely reflective of compassion nor intelligence. However, the spiritual force of Compassionate Intelligence is still at work – working its way into the denser world of manifestation. It is filtering gradually into the world, gradually moving through the levels of distortion and egotism, gradually transforming manifestation into a higher reflection of compassion and intelligence.

The Spiritual Will-to-Good is similar to Compassionate Intelligence. In fact, the two forces are really the same, but we can make a distinction between what moves through all of nature and what moves gradually through the human will. So here we might ponder on the Will-to-Good, which we find in many human beings, to varying degrees. Spiritual Will-to-Good is also both compassionate and intelligent, yet as the term suggests it also involves will.

In every human being there is a will-to-good, though this may be stronger in some and weaker in others. Where does this come from? It comes from the Divine Source, God, which emanates Will-to-Good from Divine Being Itself. This is also called the Will of God. Western religions have so much emphasized the Will of God as a set of divine decrees or commands, that we lost the fundamental understanding about the Will of God – that this really means the Will-to-Good, or Good-Will. Good-Will is God’s Will, and vice versa. He who is in good-will is in God’s Will. In other words, God is continually Willing the Good, so if we want to follow God’s Will we need to also will the Good, or be inspired by this Will-to-Good.

Important to understand is that the Will-to-Good is working its way through human beings, but it is not 100% effective. If it were completely effective, then our world would be much different than it is. However, the Will-to-Good is still at work – working to live through human beings. It is gradually coming into the human will, and through it. But this Divine Process is not simply dependent on the Divine Source; rather, it also depends on the openness and surrender of the human will – to that which is greater and more important than itself – the Greater Will-to-Good.

Also important in this discussion is that we have an opportunity or possibility to help the Divine Process, the Divine Work, of descending Compassionate Intelligence and Will-to-Good, to help in the working out of this Divine Compassion-Intelligence and Will-to-Good. We can help by bringing it through ourselves and also into manifestation. And we can also help through a world-service form of meditation, whereby we visualize and experience the Spiritual Forces of Compassionate Intelligence and the Will-to-Good coming into the world.

It is possible to be guided by higher intelligence, if we are open to it and can hear it. Because there is Intelligence at work and running through the whole universe. There is also hierarchy of intermediate Intelligences at work. Some could be termed as angelic intelligences, being inherent in the universe itself, and some of these guiding intelligences are human souls who have mastered the art of guidance.

So we can hear these but we need to develop a correct attitude or orientation to this……..


Metaphysics and Theology

The divine urging-guidance is from within.

It is already Placed within as in a Seed, but it is also encouraged in each moment.

God is urging us from within.

God is guiding the world from within life and from within us. This urging is coming from our own nature. Yet this guidance is a general and subtle urging, that is not compelling. It is not like the Hand of God is in every event or circumstance. The Guiding power of God is an urging, but not an enforcement. And yet, over time, the urging will prevail.

The Divine Urging enters into our realm of free will. That is, on one hand, there is a Divine Urging which has power in the world, but not absolute compelling power. This is like a subtle offering of wisdom, a whispering feeling, an evolutionary impulse, or a quality within our very nature which is seeking to actualize or express. But then, on the other hand, there are blocks or resistances or distractions, or other inertias. Free will comes into play, and also accident, and also the simple fact of making mistakes along the learning curve of our own evolution or maturation.

Consider free will. The following are considerations to keep in mind. First of all, there is no absolute free will. Any free will is only to some extent, for it is bounded by parameters, some of which are external (societal, economic, or environmental) and some of which are internal (to do with our own human nature). Second, we can be guided by our deep inner nature, which is how God guides us from within, (and which can be called our soul), and this might feel to be our free will as coming from within. So when we are guided by our own true nature, (or by our own inner soul), this is free will from the perspective of the soul inner nature, but from the perspective of personality-self it is a kind of following. There is a free will of the personality-self - which has some degree of freedom to neglect or decide against the inner soul urging. So we might call this a free will power of the personality-ego to neglect or decide against the Divine Urging from within. And yet, is this really a free will? It is not really free at all, because it is really a conditioning. Later on we will understand that the only true free will is from the soul itself. The personality is conditioned by parents, culture, and also by its own [awkward] development. {awkward, because this development has many unusual circumstances]. Our conditioned personality produces patterns that tend to dominant over any divine urging we might otherwise receive. This either blocks off the divine urging guidance, or it distorts it to suit the ego’s wishes or patterns.

Also lumped into free will, we might also include accidents and mistakes along the learning curve – which again, produce events that are not necessarily guided by God. We are all on a learning curve, which means we will inevitably make accidental mistakes due to our ignorance. Sometimes people get very sick or very distorted in thinking, and so they do things with bad intention. But more often, people just do stupid things. Even the more horrendous and harmful things that people might do are most often the result of simple stupidity or ignorance, rather than some evil force or intent. It is just a fact that ignorance precedes knowledge, so before people come into a mature knowledge they will often make mistakes due to ignorance. Thus, it is said that the real meaning of sin is simply ignorance. We are all just learning and growing up – to being a real completed human being. So, this falls into the understanding of free will, because there is a freedom in us that can resist or misunderstand the inner divine guidance – and this is simply our ignorance or our early station along the process of human completion.

So we cannot truthfully say, for every single event, that God has guided this. For there is free will, to some extent. And if there is free will, then man is capable of not following the divine guidance (either from within or from outward traditions). And if a man does not follow the divine guidance, then we cannot say that he was guided by God, since this would be a blatant contradiction. And since some people are capable of not being guided by God, then it must follow that some events and circumstances are not guided by God (those events produced by those who were not being divinely guided).

To add

It is not necessarily true that God is leading and guiding all events and human decisions. Yet as one comes closer to God in heart, through devotion and surrender, and has faith in God as one’s Guide; then for this person, this believer and aspirant, God is guiding and leading, and then the circumstances of one’s life become a divine teaching.


Note about HOW the Divine influences creation Generally.

It works through levels. For instance, The Divine Power would influence the general social evolution by being Intuited (Realized) by higher levels of humans – and then they gradually work at expressing these Divine Ideas into the rest of humanity. Thus, the Divine influences higher levels of people; (or higher levels better than lower) ; and then these people influence the lower levels. The lower levels of people do not so easily hear (or intuit) the Influence (Guidance) from God and from Teachers ; and thus the Divine is not all-successful in its influence. Thus, hazard and uncertainty is still around in the picture. The Servants of God hear the Guidance, but not necessarily everyone else; and thus, not everything happening in the world is by God’s Guidance.


God-Being (or Divine Wisdom) is general wisdom and is not concerned with all specific details. Likewise, Divine Wisdom-Will does not create all details, though it generally influences and leads creation towards higher orders of manifestation.


The divine magnet

Love is the cause of the search and the longing.

The Beloved draws us to Love Itself

And God keeps offering a straighter path to Himself.


Metaphysics and Theology:

The Organic model.


The organic model of Theology:

God’s Will, Intelligence, Mercy, Direction

– to influence and shape manifestation

– is by the evolution of the organic parts.

The evolution based on realization

Most religious teachings tend to be top-down models, whereby the Divine Power, Divine Will, or God, makes things happen from above or beyond this world. An extreme form of this model is the belief that God is doing everything or deciding everything from Top-down. In this top-down model, from our human perspective the Divine Power is at work upon us and making our external world what it is. Extreme unity-theism believes that God is causing everything, while dualistic theism believes that Satan is causing stuff as well as God; but similar to these two kinds of belief is the top-down model -- that Powers outside of us create world events and also bring this or that to our lives. Now it can be agreed here that there may be some truth in these beliefs, which we can investigate, but the top-down model skews the full Reality as it is.

So let us now investigate the organic model of Divine Power, the bottom-up model. First to understand is that, ontologically, the Divine Power and Qualities are inherent in us and in all forms of life to some degree. In this ontological sense, there is a top-down hierarchical “descent” of the Divine Absolute into Its manifestation or relative world. As Above, so below; as in the arcane teachings. Yet this means that the Divine is ontologically in the potentials of manifestation; it does not mean that every actual manifestation or event is Divinely decided or willed. This manifest world is not perfectly Divine; “As Above, so below” does now mean this. Rather, it pertains to potentials.

So, we start our inquiry with this knowledge of divine potentials in ourselves and in all life, and these potentials are awaiting actualization. The Divine Power, Will, Love, Intelligence and Direction is all inside of us, all inherent in us, but not yet fully realized and actualized. And when we realize and actualize our divine potentials, the world around us benefits and the world evolves forward. This is how the Divine comes into the world, works in the world, influences and shapes the world, and makes effect in the world, – by people realizing and actualizing their inherent inner Divinity, which is a gradual process of self-discovery. Life (manifestation) positively evolves by way of individual realizations and actions, Not by a top-down “God-makes it happen.”

In other words, God is coming into the world and shaping the world by way of the inside of us and through us, rather than outside of us. Divine Influence is from the interior of each being – which is how change in the world occurs. As life realizes its inner inherent Divinity is HOW God works in the world and HOW life progresses forward in intelligence, love, creativity and beauty. And this is HOW the Divine Plan unfolds. It is not from outside us, but from within us; and it is not forced upon us, but instead is inspired from within us. So, may we be inspired from within.

God influences the whole manifest world by “helping” individuals realize their inherent (inborn) Divinity (intelligence, love, power, creativity); and thus, the individuals affect positive changes in the world. Though the word “helping” is merely a metaphor. In reality, it is a cosmic influence (or force, like gravity) towards realization of divinity, which is called the Divine Will. The Divine Will is the universal power within all life to self-realize its divine qualities. Divine Will does not cause events from the outside, but from the inside; and even still, it is only an influential power, not an absolute ordering of all that happens.

We see top-down models in esoteric hermetic treatises, and this model seems intuitively right. The Above (The Divine or God) enters into the below (the world or manifestation). “As Above, so below.” Or, the Divine radiates it Light everywhere; the Divine being the Source. We should not abandon these models, these Ideas. But we need to understand that these are ontological. We should take these literal, as in the mistaken view that the Divine is manipulating world events or circumstances in our lives. Astrology makes the same kind of mistaken belief – that things are being caused by outside forces. In some ways there are outside forces, of course; but for the most part, changes in our world reality are the result of inner personal realizations and the outward decisions and actions that follow from such realizations.

A mixture of God revealing (the mercy) and person realizing (the work).

The top-down model represents hierarchical “descent” of Power and Intelligence. However, this should not be literally conceived as coming to us or affecting us from outside ourselves, because this Divine Power and Intelligence is emerging from us from within. So what is modeled as “Above to below” is really ‘Inner to outer.’ Although, from each of our individual perspectives the Divine is also emerging from others and from nature, and therefore it can also be seen as emerging from all around us and coming to interact with us. Hierarchical models also represent ontology of Being, meaning that the Highest represents the Source of Being and what descends from this, in stages, all comes out from the Source, each group being the descendents or progeny of the Sphere above it.


The Divine inside us, like special seeds, are our potentials awaiting to be realized and actualized.

Hierarchy does not have to work in a simplistic top-down causative model.

Though there are astrological influences -- impressions from the space surrounding us.

God’s Will

In these spiritual teachings we sometimes speak about the Will of God, or God’s Will, or Divine Will. This is meant to be a generality, and its meaning is to do with Divine Intention, Vision, and Purpose. We should not become confused, though, in thinking that God has a specific Will or Vision for me personally in every moment, as if there were only one right way in any moment. It is not always that one way is God’s Will and the other way is not. Sometimes, but not always. In fact, most of the time there are multiple possibilities, so one cannot simply divide these into two opposites, right and wrong.

There is no exact Divine Will for every moment, like as if every occurrence in life is exactly set up by God or by Divine Compassion-Intelligence. If everything were perfectly and exactly set up by God, then there would be no free will, with no freedom to learn nor explore. People who believe in absolute Oneness will sometimes make a simple deductive conclusion: that since there is essentially One Being, or all is God, then everything must happen according to God’s Decision, called God’s Will. One Being; thus One Mind and One Hand manipulating everything, the Mind and Hand of God. But this leaves no room for individual lives to make free choices. One common answer to this contradiction, for those who want to believe in both freedom and divine compulsion, is to say that this is a divine paradox. In other words, whenever a contradiction appears in their belief system, it is simply solved by labeling it as a paradox – which cannot be explained nor even understood. But rather than having to sweep the contradiction under the carpet of paradox, one could instead abandon the belief that everything must be a direct act of God.

However, this is not necessarily an abandonment of Unity, for Unity can include freedom, as long as one’s vision of this Unity does not look like one master intelligence causing all of life’s occurrences. God does not have to look like a dictator, nor an absolute micro-manager of all things. An alternative understanding of Unity, or Oneness, is that the One Divine Compassion-Intelligence is more subtly influencing life, rather than compellingly. It is more like the influence of rose scent, as the beautiful scent tends to draw us towards it, rather than an absolute compelling effect. The divine scent, the divine influence, is all around us, in all of life, which is it’s unity. But within this Unity is also freedom. This freedom allows one to come towards the rose by one’s own choice, yet it also allows one to not. Eventually though, the beauty of the rose and its scent will influence one to come closer; but this is a subtle influence and no one knows how long it will be before one comes to the sweet rose and truly appreciates it. No one can know how long, because it is not absolutely determined.

Absolute determination of things is an assumption of the ‘all-is-compelled’ model of Unity. Whereas, in the ‘freedom’ model of Unity, God (the Great Power) allows freedom and thus does not absolutely determine every occurrence in the world. There is great compassionate allowance throughout the Unity. This means that what happens in the world around us is not necessarily the Will of God, but it is what God allows. What we see in the world is what God allows, within the One Being, but it is not always what God Wills – in the meaningful sense of being God’s wish or intention or decision.

There is a Vision of Good, Virtue and Beauty in the Mind of God, and this can be understood as the Will of God. In this sense, the Divine Will is meaningfully related to Divine Vision and Purpose. Divine Vision is the goodness and beauty that is possible, towards which life is being subtly influenced due to the divine essence in all life. The Divine has Vision for manifestation, and this is the Purpose of manifestation. This Vision is also the same as God’s Will or the Divine Intention. The Divine Intention, or Purpose, is for the Vision to manifest. Divine Purpose also involves the purpose of life’s process. It is not just about what is a final goal or what to aim for. The very process of life, which is generally heading towards higher goodness and beauty, is itself important within the overall Divine Purpose. This process involves freedom and exploration. In other words, the Journey itself is significant, not just the higher aims to be achieved. The Journey itself, with freedom and exploration, and also with mistakes and struggles, is part of the Divine Purpose. Once we understand the significance and purpose of this Journey, we can understand the divine necessity for freedom and divine allowing, and also understand how all this is within One Unity of Being.


What we see in the world is often the result of people’s actions. And people’s actions are often the result of their desires and their state of mind. And people’s desires and state of mind are often of a selfish or ego-fixated bent; which is not the same as coming from a more spiritual possibility of oneself. So, if people are often producing actions (in the world) from their ego-fixation or from just a self-oriented desire, then all things occurring in the world are not spiritually guided. For if there is real freedom, and people can decide between self-centered actions and world-serving actions, then it is possible that many actions in the world are self-centered and not really for the greater good.

Yet, many actions are not simply one or the other, not simply black or white, not simply either spiritual or egoistic. In other words, there is a lot of in-between that is possible, or a lot of possible mixtures of part self-centered and part world-serving, part spiritually inspired and part ego-desired. So rather than over-simplifying everything into just two polarized categories, we need to have an understanding that goodness or best action is a matter of degrees – that is, any decision or action is ‘more-or-less’ spiritual. This is a different understanding from the ‘mono-uniform’ belief that all actions are equally good or equally spiritual, or equally determined by the divine. In the ‘more-or-less spiritual’ understanding, we realize every action has more-or-less spiritual quality in it. And the evolution towards greater spiritual quality is the Divine Purpose.

God’s Will, Divine Will, can be understood as the continual Will-towards-good, like a continual subtle nudge from the Divine Power. It is an influence towards a better or more divine direction, in line with the Spiritual Aims of Love, Goodness and Beauty.

God’s Will, though, is not an exact decree of what is absolutely right to do in every single moment and place. Instead, God’s Will is a general vision or aim towards higher virtues, rather than exactly specific decrees of what is right to do. So if one is wondering what is the best decision in any circumstance, it is a misunderstanding to think that there is one exact specific way that is God’s Will and all other ways are not. Again, God’s Will is a general vision of the good or a general direction towards the good. So there may be many possible ways to move in that general direction or towards that general aim.

We could also apply the measuring model of more-or-less in our discernment. That is, each possible choice or action could be measured by how much spiritual quality is in it, more or less. The more spiritual virtue is in an action, the more spiritual it is, and thus the more Divine Will is in it.

We could also discern the more-or-less spiritual goodness of a possible action by reference to its purpose. Each possible action is more-or-less aligned with the greater divine Purpose. Some actions might be very much related to greater divine purposes, while other actions might have very little relation to greater divine purposes. Some actions serve a greater Purpose, but other actions merely serve a narrow purpose.

We could ask of any decision or action: what is the purpose of this? Some actions might have a high amount of divine purpose in them, while other actions might have mostly a selfish purpose. So in our decisions we could ask: Does this possible action serve a greater purpose or a narrower purpose? Does this serve a higher purpose or merely a self-centered purpose? In other words, how great (or large) is the purpose of this action, or else, how narrow or selfish is its purpose? The greater is the purpose of an action, the greater is its good. So the best decisions and actions possible are those which serve the highest and greatest Purposes. While decisions and actions of lesser good are those which have just narrower self-serving purposes.


Yet, self-serving actions are not necessarily opposing to spiritual purposes. One could be self-serving and still be serving greater purposes. And certainly, self-serving actions are better than self-destructive actions. Good for oneself is better than bad for oneself. It could also be a win-win for oneself and others – in other words, an action benefiting both oneself and others. Opposition to higher spiritual purposes is when a decision or action is solely self-serving while also being neglectful to the needs of others or being harmful to others. These solely self-serving actions, without being considerate of others and often detrimental to others, can definitely be classed as morally and spiritually bad, and we find such activities in the world. These actions do not serve the greater Divine Purpose; instead, they hinder it.

Could also ask: What are the motives for this, or what are my motives?



1 (For evolutionary purposes man seems to have a capacity to unify and integrate with a greater living complexity or group-ness. Yet the Darwinian organic account of evolution does not recognize that there is a significant Higher Influence in this process, which is the integrating-unifying influence in a dimension of which man is a part. )

2 (for where does any human will-to-good or will-to-love come from? .. how did this somehow become part of human evolution? Why would someone love for just the sake of love? In Darwinian theory one would suppose that any love is simply utilitarian)