Meditating & Being in Higher Frequencies

Meditating on higher frequencies can involve thinking about what it means and various aspects about it. This is important for understanding. But even more important is to actually connect with and be in higher frequencies; which is to meditate in higher frequencies, rather than just think about it.

So the larger goal is to meditate in higher frequencies and to experience higher frequencies. In addition to the goal of experience, here are a few important questions to reflect upon for understanding:

First of all, what is the meaning of frequency in a spiritual context?
It's an energy rate of vibration and resonance, which can be higher or lower, or somewhere in between. So we're talking about a frequency of vibration – in the energy levels of mind, in the cosmos, and in spiritual experience.

Metaphysically, there is an esoteric teaching that all energies of existence, and in all planes, are just different frequencies (or vibrations) of the same One Energy or Universal Substance. These frequencies range between two opposite poles, Spirit and Matter. The lower frequencies are closer to the pole of Matter, while the higher vibrations are closer to Spirit. Towards the pole of Matter are the concerns and involvements of life. Towards the pole of Spirit are levels of greater freedom and expansion. Also.. each being, great or small, has an energy frequency which resonates outward. Higher Beings have higher frequencies, which then radiate out to all places and all beings. Higher souls in the Hierarchy have higher frequencies, and their mental activity has higher frequency and resonance.

Worthy goals to achieve – –

How are higher frequencies experienced?
(this will give more understanding to what it means)

Emotionally, higher frequency is being in a deeper depth of being, in a deeper peace, in a lighter feeling of joy, in a more expanded love, and without emotional concerns dragging me down. Mentally, higher frequency is an expanded consciousness, a clarity in mind, a freedom in mind, and without mental concerns dragging down pure consciousness. All of this has highly positive resonating effects, in one's own being and also in the world.

The positive effects of contact with and being in a higher frequency are to do with resonance and radiance. For whatever level of frequency we are in, mentally and emotionally, or whatever level we are in-tune with, is what determines the degree and quality of our shared radiance, which can then help raise the energy level of others and even humanity, by the law of resonance.

So then, How does one tune-in to a higher frequency?
The Way to higher frequencies is primarily a liberation from lower frequencies – because one first has to free oneself from the frequencies and inertia of lower levels of mind, lower emotions, and lower self attachments. In other words, the general obstacle to higher frequencies is being stuck in the lower frequencies. So we need to find a Way to be free from what is holding us down. Therefore, the most important step is freedom, And this can be achieved through meditation (and in daily life) if we consciously work on freedom – on becoming free in our consciousness.

The path to higher frequencies and higher contact is a path away from Matter and towards Spirit. Matter is the pole of enclosure and limitation; Spirit is the pole of expansiveness and freedom. So we need to meditate towards Spirit – into expansiveness and freedom. This meditation towards Spirit requires, first and foremost, a release from everything in which we are preoccupied or obsessed, for these are the matters holding us down. So to reach levels of freedom in meditation, we need to surrender our current mental preoccupations, our worries, and even our to-do lists. In fact, we have to surrender all of our thoughts, in order to reach the higher frequencies (which are beyond regular thinking). We even need to surrender our goal-oriented frame of mind, because this also holds us back from the freedom of liberated consciousness. Then after entering freedom, we will receive higher direction and fresh goals, and also a more expanded understanding.

In other words, once we have reached freedom through surrender, next we become receptive to higher frequencies, energies and intuitions, by being in a state of receiving and listening. We will then receive higher impressions, as the Universal energies of Love, Wisdom and Higher Will gradually enter into our heart, mind and will.

*Another important aspect of how to raise consciousness into a higher frequency is choice. I need to choose to do this. (I need to decide to do this). For the mind must first choose to ascend up in frequency, and thus make higher contacts and reach greater realizations. In some sense, effort is also needed, but it's really more about decision than 'effort'. For what's the effort? It's not like rowing a boat upstream. It's more like turning a dial clockwise. Not much effort in this. So it's not actually a difficult effort. The difficulty is in choosing to do it.

We have a great power in choosing. We have a great power in decision and in conscious intention. But there is sometimes a struggle in the choosing (is it with myself or with the gravity of Matter? – perhaps both). The struggle is with the lower frequencies (in myself and in the world) – all which tend to create inertia, habit, and a falling back down in the frequencies of mind. So the struggle is in our own mind, and ultimately it's a struggle of decision.

Also needed is a kind of mental focus. Though focus is not quite the right word; because if one focuses too much on where one is, or on one little idea, then this could be an obstacle to traveling into new higher frequencies and unexpected unplanned unmapped experiences. So perhaps the better guidance of effort would be to stay conscious, interested, curious, and open to reaching higher frequencies of spiritual experience, realization, and knowing. Then, when one reaches a higher frequency of mind, one needs to put forth a mental energy of sustainability – to remain conscious in this higher-expanded level of mind.

Of course all of this is not so easy. There are the obstacles in oneself, especially the wavering, wandering, unfocused mind. The remedy for this is an increase in our interest, curiosity, and intent. But also needed is to plainly make a decision to leave behind the frequency one is now in, and surrender all of this, in order to enter into freedom. Higher frequencies are greater levels of freedom – and in this are greater levels of knowing and being.