Invocation and Evocation

Introductory explanations

Invocation and evocation are words which few people really understand. Over the long stretch of history various esoteric groups, hidden from popular knowledge, have known and worked with this law of invocation and evocation, but for most people this is something new. 'Esoteric' simply means hidden from normal view, or invisible to public knowledge, or it also refers to a spiritual work and purpose that is unrealized by most people.

Invocation and evocation are different phases in the esoteric meditation, though both are in relationship. Invocation and evocation relate to the in and out breath, as both are complementing phases in this work. The work of invocation and evocation can be seen in the symbolism of the magician in the tarot cards, with one arm raised to receive Light and Power from Above, while the other arm points down to direct this Light into some kind of practical manifestation on earth.

With invocation one is looking up, contacting, asking for higher help, and initiating a receptivity to the higher qualities and powers of the spiritual cosmos. One is asking for the Divine to descend into our world, or to emerge from within life. But with evocation one is looking right at the world and bringing forth the invoked Light into the waiting world. With evocation, one is consciously and intentionally helping to bring forth a higher energy, or greater Divinity, into manifestation.

Most simply explained, invocation is contacting and asking; while evocation is visualizing and manifesting. Both make use of the power of mind for accomplishing this. With invocation one is connecting with and asking for the Divine powers to 'descend' on earth, or that these energies be made available for realization and use. Then with evocation one is intentionally and directively visualizing these Divine powers, energies or qualities being realized and manifested on earth.

Visualisation is mostly a tool for evocation, yet it can also be applied in the invocation phase, as in visualizing a connecting light or bridge to the Divine. Sound can also be used in both invocation and evocation, especially sacred sounds and mantras, which can be used to make the spiritual connection in the very beginning of invocation, and then at the end of evocation sound can be used to ground or bring the energies into actualization. Three main tools of both invocation and evocation are visualisation, sound, and conscious breath.

Invocation involves three main aspects, which are: making the Divine connection, while also establishing a receptivity and channel, then making a clear and focused request. These necessary activities of invocation click open the electric switch, to use the analogy of electrical flow, and establish the divine energy flow. The Divine powers and humanity (or world) are in a polarity relation, one being the Source and the other being the receptive; yet energy cannot flow from the source pole until the receptive pole is present and connected. Also necessary to the flow is one's attitude of allowing, which will be explained later.

Evocation is the stage after this connection and flow has been established. This is the directive phase of the work, whereby the energies are directed to world need by one's will and visualisation. So, evocation involves an act of will and intentional directing, rather than an asking. It is doing a certain kind of work in relation to the world, or to whatever need there is. With evocation we use the powers of will and also visualisation to help these invoked divine energies channel into the world or into those in need of healing.

The basis of invocation and evocation is a science, but in each particular instance it is a creative art. The fundamentals can be elaborated here, but each participant in this meditational work will need to use their own intuitive and artistic sense of how to do accomplish this work.

This introductory explanation of invocation and evocation can be the basis of one's understanding; but let us now consider all this more deeply, with further elaboration, to add some aspects and understandings not yet mentioned. Know that there are deeper and deeper levels to all of this; so as one progresses along the path of realization, the meditation work of invocation and evocation can suddenly turn evermore deep and esoteric. May each of us be blessed and guided.

Invocation and evocation of Light, Love, and Will

One of the more important invocations is of Higher Light and Love to come into our world. Our role in this is to first ask for the Light and Love, then allow or let it happen. This sense of allowing is to act as a conscious channel, or as a facilitator, between higher Spiritual Potentials and humanity-in-progress. We need to consciously ask and allow the Light, and also give our agreement to it. The spiritual energies, the Light and Love and higher Will, can then come through us, through our mind and heart, then into the world and humanity.

Ask for the Light of God to bring enlightened understanding, wisdom, and a more holistic intelligence into the minds of humanity, of all men and women. Then, see God's Vision of all people awakening in their spiritual being, realizing the spiritual purposes in life, and using their intelligence for the benefit of others, for the whole world and for the long-term future. This is an example of invocation and evocation.

It should be understood, though, that an increase in the Light of Intelligence can also bring about an awakening that some things in the world are not right, not good, not loving, and thus need to be changed. In other words, an increased Light can reveal the faults, the injustices, and the stupidities of our present world; Light revealing the dark: the ignorance, the self-centered greed, and harmful evils still at large in the world. This then may cause some degree of upheaval, turbulence, protests, and struggles, as the enLightened ones (the 'forces of Light') confront those still burrowed in their fortresses of selfishness and denial of what is needed. This clash can also occur individually, as the increase of Light unsettles and begins to melt away the ignorance-based patterns of our personality. Know though, that Light brings due reward of a higher level of harmony and goodness in our lives. Thus, the increasing Light in humanity is what furthers our human evolution and the evolution of our world; though on the way, or along the process, are possible stages of temporary conflict and instability.

Next, ask for God's Love to enter into the hearts of everyone, to create a transformation in the whole world. Ask God's Love to bring an inclusive, compassionate, and caring love into the hearts of all people, even those we might have once viewed as enemies or as in the wrong. May all people feel loved and be loving. Then, under the phase of evocation, see God's Vision of all people loving one another, caring for each other, and helping everyone feel safe, loved, and free to pursue their highest joy.

Love brings us all ever closer to group harmony and unity, and the power of love will eventually conquer all hatreds, prejudices, and self-greed. Eventually, the power of love will lead to world peace and a new era on Earth, where all people and all nations will lovingly and cooperatively build a world of peace and beauty.

Next, ask for God's Power to transform the separative wills of humanity into united and cooperative wills, for the benefit of the larger whole, and aligned with higher spiritual Purposes. Ask that God's Will become our human will – for our own self and for all people. Know that when God's Will enters our own will, our human will becomes spiritualized – our little will becomes an expressive spiritual will, aligned with and reflective of the Divine Will. This is the spiritualization of our human will.

Then, with evocation, visualize this occurring in all humanity – the spiritualization and transformation of each human will into an expression of the Divine Will. And what brings this about is the outpouring, radiating, transforming Light and Love from the Divine Source, which is God. Remember that the Will of God is the Will of Love and Wisdom.

The Divine Will is an Intention to fill our world with Love and Light and bring Unity. The very nature of Love and Light is to fill the whole world. But because we live under laws of freedom, we need to make a conscious effort to ask for this, and then allow it to happen through us. We, who are invoking these greater spiritual energies, are representing humanity. In this way, we can fulfill our true spiritual destiny, which is to participate consciously in the whole spiritual evolution of our world, by helping to increase Light, Love, and Good-Will in the world, which will bring about greater harmony and beauty in the world.

So with invocation we ask for the highest Light, Love, and Will to enter into our world, and we create a conscious opening and receptivity for the Spiritual energies to enter and flow into the world. So now, as a result of this invocative action, the Spiritual Light is descending. The Divine Rain is now coming down as spiritual precipitation. Here, let us pause for a time to simply appreciate and be grateful for this; giving thanks to God, the Source of all Light, Love, and Good-will.

The next stage is evocation; when we direct these Energies to destinations of need, or we can also allow these Energies to channel through us to all humanity.

Here is a very simple yet effective example of evocation:
(this works with three full breaths, yet the cycle could be repeated)

In one single in-breath, raise your consciousness up to the Highest Divine Source. Then on the out-breath, think and visualize the following (while sounding OM):
(each line is one out-breath while sounding a long resonating OM)

Let Light shine into the minds of humanity

Let Love stream into the hearts of humanity

Let Spiritual Will inspire the little wills of humanity
(or use, Let Higher Purpose guide the little wills of humanity)

also read the section - 'Divine Power'

Invocation and cosmic law

Generally speaking, prayer and invocation could be regarded as meaning the same, so the two terms might be interchangeable in some teachings. But more distinctly, the esoteric science of invocation is different than the usual kind of prayer.

Invocation is more than the usual kind of praying to God and asking for help, and it is not merely a wish or a hope. The usual religious kinds of prayer often have a feeling of being a desperate plea for help or favoritism as part of a fear of the future and a feeling of weakness in life. There is a sense of passive weakness in the one asking, and no sense of personal power or self responsibility in this kind of prayer. Invocation does not have this feeling self weakness, passivity, or desperate begging. Instead, it is intentional and mentally focused, and there is no emotional feeling of prayerful begging.

Yet, essential in both invocation and prayer is asking and being in a receptive state; so invocation is similar to the asking and receptivity aspects of prayer. So the first essence of invocation is making a heart-felt and mental relationship with the Divine, which includes a kind of asking (or request). Yet with invocation this asking is not merely an emotional reaction or a vague wishing. The asking needs to come from a focused and clear mind. The asking should be mentally clear and definite in one's mind. Remember that invocation can also be used for oneself or for specific healing work.

There is a spiritual law regarding prayer and invocation, which is this – there first has to be some form of asking and receptivity, before there can be an active response and energy flow from God and higher spiritual levels. We should not be merely waiting for God to decide to finally help the world. This is not the right attitude. Neither need we desperately plead to God, like pleading with a tyrant king for a little bit of mercy. Rather, be in an attitude of faith that God and the spiritual world is abundantly compassionate and generous with love, wisdom, guidance, and healing energies.

Asking defines or clarifies what is being allowed in, and wanted in. We have natural protective barriers between ourselves and other energies. This protective barrier is good for protecting against negative and unwanted energies. But we don’t want such a barrier against positive and wanted energies. So invocation, or clear asking, is needed to clarify our true want and need to the universal law. It is declaring what we hope for and what we allow into our world and being. May Light, Love and Goodness enter our world! What we ask for in our invocation opens a channel for these energies to come forth.

Invocation requires an intentional contact with Divine Power and Light, a very focused and clarified asking, a very conscious receptivity, and a recognition that one is actually helping to bring the Divine into our world. It is like reaching up and bringing down the Light. And in this, the invocationary participant must also be an allowing channel for the Light – as from Heaven to earth.

Invocation is an asking for and opening to the Divine Wisdom, Love and Power. Invocation calls upon Higher Energies, or Higher Being, to guide, help, and heal ourselves. These energies are more able to come forth into our world when asked or invoked. Two keys to invocation are clear asking and sincere trusting. Both are necessary. Invocation requires intention, mental focus and clarity, and a faith that what one is doing is, in fact, bringing more Divinity into the world.

Invocation is an intentional activity, based on a spiritual premise that we have to be conscious and responsible participants in the manifestation of Divine Power and Goodness; that we are the mediators between Heaven and earth. We are opening to the Greater Realm of Spiritual Potentials, which are Energies existing only as potentials until they are invoked and allowed into one’s own being and into our world. So, invocation is an meditational work intended to bring Spiritual Energies into our world – into manifestation.

Invocation uses the cosmic law of relationship between Higher and lower, between Potential and manifest, between Spiritual Sources and evolutionary need. In this cosmic law, the Higher-Potential-Source (of powers and qualities) can only be activated by centres of invocation and receptivity. This cosmic law is also known as the triad of active, receptive, and the relationship between. The efficacious power of invocation is more potent if groups become as intentionally invocative and receptive centres, meaning that people in numbers can be most potent as being receptive centres; but each individual can also become an intentionally invocative and receptive centre, which is to participate in this esoteric spiritual work.

Realize that each of us individually, as well as in groups, can act as representatives and also as channels for all humanity. And by doing so, we invoke and help bring the Higher Energies into the realm of humanity – helping to provide and make available these Energies, though without any imposition over the free will of anyone, since we cannot make people receive what is being given. To receive and allow spiritual transformation is a choice of each person; not to be imposed or forced on anyone, nor could it be. So in doing invocation and evocation, we are not forcing our will nor our prayers on anyone; we are only helping to bring the Divine Potentials and greater spiritual energies more manifestly present in our world, helping to make these energies more available.

Contact, connection, and receptivity

Receptive asking is a main essence of invocation. Yet realize that we can, in fact, make a direct contact and connection with Divine Sources. Making this contact and connection is also part of invocation. Then, once this is established, we can use the power of evocation to help in the Divine Work; as for example, we might evocatively channel or direct the Divine Light and Love to humanity and the world in need.

First, establish a contact or connection with the Highest Source possible. This might be God the Absolute, but in esoteric metaphysics there are many possible intermediate sources of Divine power and help, within the whole infinite Kingdom of God. So one could work at establishing contact with Angel or Deva Powers, or with Star Beings or Galactic Centres, or perhaps with astrological qualities, or with Masters or Ashrams within our planetary Hierarchy. Within the whole Vast Universe, or within our Infinite God, there are many possible intermediary sources of power and intelligence; just make sure that you are contacting true wisdom and not astral nonsense.

There are many ways to make higher contact and establish the needed linking bridge. Be creative and inventive in discovering ways to make higher contact, with both heart and mind, and trusting your own intuition. Essentially, use your creative imagination to bring your attention/consciousness up to the Spiritual Source, God or Spirit or whatever Power you intend to contact. Try some of these suggested ways.

For example, visualize a lighted bridge or some kind of connection to the Higher Source you are intending to contact. Visualize this bridge of light rising upward (or perhaps inward), making contact and connection with the Greatest Source of Light. Then from this Higher Source, we can become an allowing channel for this Light to descend through us and to all humanity; or from this Source we could help direct the higher divine energy to the world of need. This would be one example of invocation and evocation.

Another method of making higher contact and connection is by raising your 'consciousness and being' up to the highest possible Divine Source. Then from this raised level of consciousness, you can then work on evocation. You could imagine the highest source as some kind of symbolic form, or even as a feeling, then raise your consciousness up to this, in order to make the contact or elevate to it.

Whether or not this Spiritual Source is actually 'up' does not matter; for it is the imagery and feeling of the invocation which makes it work. So bring your attention, or mind, up to the Spiritual Source of Power, in order to make contact. This contact is even stronger if we also bring our heart into it. What makes the invocation most efficacious, powerful and effective, is the concentration and intensity of our contact, with mind and heart.

Then, when contact with the Higher is definitely established, we ask to be a medium or channel for the Spiritual Qualities to move through us and to where needed. This asking is a way of opening. We don’t have to actually ask but can simply open to it. We need to be in a receptive mode, open and receptive. Also, a part of this is faith – a faith that there is a great Spiritual Source, a faith that one is in contact with it, and a faith that it is generously available to give when we are sincerely open and receptive.

So, with invocation one is contacting and opening a channel for the Divine Source, or one might be opening in faith to the Divine (which also creates a channel), and also being in a humble receptive attitude in relation to the Divine. Second, one is asking for spiritual energies and love-wisdom qualities to be brought into this world from the Divine Source and Power. The Divine energies are invoked so that there is a flow from the Divine Source (or from Spiritual Potential) into our receptive space and then into the world.

Evocation of the Divine

Evocation begins when we realize our responsibility in bringing the Divine energies and qualities into the world, for the transformation of humanity and the world. Or we might understand our responsibility as being a director of divine energies, or as a facilitator for the Divine to be realized and manifested in our world. Or maybe we realize our responsibility as a conscious representative for the Divine.

First, the Energies have to be invoked by conscious meditators. This is related to the in-breath. Then, in the outgoing stage of evocation, these Energies (or Qualities) need to flow through our minds and hearts to the whole world; either directed, channeled, or radiated out.

There are three main ways of understanding evocation and working with it. One mode is to direct or steer spiritual energies, from the Divine into the world. A second way is becoming as a conscious divine channel and allowing the Divine energies and qualities to move through one's mind and heart. A third way is to realize oneself as a spiritual sun or a soul of light, then radiate spiritual qualities from one's own being out into the world. In meditation one could work with any one of these modes of evocation, each effective in their own way, or one could work with all three in succession, and at times one might even experience a blending of all three. All ways of evocation can make use of visualisation.

Directing energies with visualisation

With evocation our responsibility is to help manifest the higher Energies – by using our powers of mind to direct these Energies, or to help make them manifest in some way. Evocation consciously and intentionally directs spiritual Energies or Qualities to the world of need, bringing them into our world and to all humanity, Again, consider the magician in the Tarot. One arm is raised upward to invoke and receive the Divine Power. The other arm points downward to direct this Power, with focused will and mental concentration, towards manifesting the Divine in life and in the world. In doing this kind of work, we are acting as agents of the Divine, or as mediators between God and our world.

This evocationary work of directing the divine energies is necessary in the cosmic scheme (or greater Plan), and it must be accomplished by a divine intermediary – which is anyone who can mediate between God and the world, or between Heaven and earth. At all levels in the Cosmos intermediaries are necessary to accomplish evocationary work in relation to those yet incapable of it. Each of us can do this work, if we know how and are willing to do it. When we commit to this responsibility and become adepts in this spiritual role, we have then entered into the next evolutionary potential of who we can be. We enter into the Hierarchy of conscious adepts.

This evocational work of directing spiritual energies can be helped by visualisation, sound, and conscious out-breath. Visualisation helps build and direct the pathway for the spiritual descent of energies, sound empowers the flow with our agreement, and our conscious out-breath is like the power of paddling a boat to its destination.

Creative imagination and visualisation are spiritual abilities we inherently have to do this work of evocation, and these abilities can be further developed with practice. What we are doing with evocation is using the power of our creative imagination to visualise spiritual energies and qualities moving from the Spiritual Source into the world of humanity, or from Potential energy to Manifested energy. Or, one could visualize whatever is intended to occur, or see it happening. This uses of creative visualisation help to clarify and direct the divine energies or qualities.

Visualisation uses our power of mind and applies one of the principles of mind, the mental law of energy – that energy follows thought, (or meaning that thought directs energy). Most of the time this law of thought works subconsciously through people; but in meditations using the power of thought, this law is applied with conscious intention.

For example, one way to work with evocation, is to mentally see, or to visualize, a better world – a world with greater harmony, peace, love, caring, and a greater holistic intelligence towards bringing our social and political decisions more in harmony with the immanent reality of Nature. See what is possible, then will it and visualize it to be.

So in using our creative imagination and visualisation, we can intentionally channel, direct and radiate Spiritual Qualities into the world and all humanity. Though this is just making these energies available; since every person has free will to receive these energies or not. Also, there will be some who are ready to receive and realize these Qualities, and others who are not yet ready. So our evocationary work is not an imposition on people, nor is it a magical-occult manipulation. We are not forcing people in any way, nor trying to do so. We are simply bringing divine energies and qualities into the world, making these energies present and available for those who are open and ready to realize them.

We can also send these divine energies and qualities to where we know it is needed, or to an important hopeful outcome. For example, we might direct healing energies to a particular person, or we might direct spiritual peace to all humanity. Whether this is received by those people depends on their receptivity; we are not forcing our will upon them. Rather, we are opening up a connection and directing (or channeling) healing spiritual energies to them from the Higher Source; making these energies available, but not forcing them to receive or drink what is given.

So, creative visualisation can be used to direct the energies and qualities of Divine Potential. See healing go to those who need it. See peace and love come into our world. The effectiveness of this depends on the concentration and steadiness of our mind, and the purity of our heart and motive.

We can also add feeling into this. See peace in the world, yet also add feeling into this – by feeling peace. Visualisation and feeling can work together in the evocation. For example, one can help in bringing world peace and love by radiating the very feeling of peace and love; whereby one visualizes and feels peace and love spreading out to everyone in the world. On an even deeper level, the esoteric meditator radiates peace and love from their own being, which has become a channel for the Higher Source.

Intentional sound can also be useful in the phase of evocation. For example, use the power of sacred sound, such as OM or HU, though each sound has its own unique power. Particular sacred words, phrases or mantra also have a special power – to facilitate the descent of spiritual energies and the transformation of world energies, and to help bring our creative thoughts and visualizations into manifestation. Use sacred sounds, words and mantra at anytime during the meditation, especially as a beginning or as a finale, but at anytime if it feels right.

The power of sound can be great, because sound has vibration, and vibration is what carries power and brings forth transformation. Thus, both visualisation and sound are very effective tools, both applying the laws of mind and energy. Conscious breath can also be used, in combination with visualisation and sound. For example, visualize a flow of love and awakening energy into the world, and on the out-breath send out this love and awakening into the hearts and minds of all people.

Allowing the Divine to come through

Evocation is most often understood as using visualisation to direct higher (or potential) energies to wherever needed or to all humanity. But evocation can also be understood as an allowing, more than as a directing. Yet this is not merely a 'passive allowing' of whatever, nor does it involve a passive drifty mental state. Rather, this is a conscious and intentional allowing, opening an allowing channel for the Divine to be realized in all humanity.

We are allowing the Divine energies to precipitate into the world – through our being, our mind and heart. So after the Divine has been invoked and catalyzed into activity, we allow and facilitate this Divine precipitation-flow into the world-of-need. We are helping to open up the channel-flow even further – from the Divine Source to our world in need, to those in life who are receptively open to these Divine Energies. Allow these Energies to flow through you. Be in an attitude of allowing the flow, and facilitate this by agreement and positive faith.

So with conscious allowing we become a conscious allowing instrument, or as a conscious channel for the Divine Energies and Qualities. We let the higher energy flow – from Divine Source into the world. The spiritual reservoir of Divine Potential is waiting for us to open the channels and let in these spiritual energies to an awakening world, the world of need. In this intentional work of spiritual channeling, one needs to be like an engineer opening the gates, then allowing and facilitating the flow. By the spiritual law, these energies have to flow through our minds and hearts. Visualisation can also be used in concurrence with this.

Conscious allowing opens up the channel and flow of the Divine into our world. Therefore, it is actually an important part of both invocation and evocation, as it works in both phases. If the allowing is more like an opening of a channel between higher sources and the world, or an opening of one's heart and mind to receive higher divine energies, then it is part of invocation. By analogy, in order to breathe in air most deeply, one needs to open up the channel of breath and be allowing of the air to be breathed in. So, allowing is an important aspect of receptivity and of providing an opening for the Divine. But if the allowing is part of one's conscious work of directing and radiating energy, or of channeling Light into the world, then it would be part of evocation. What matters, though, is the actual experience of allowing the spiritual energies and qualities to come through and into the world, which produces real transformations in the world.

Helping the Divine to be realized and manifested

Be empty and transparent enough that the Divine Light comes through, shines through, and is radiated into humanity. We are thus acting as a channel, a medium, or a focal lens for the Divine Light, the Great Light, to radiate into the world and spiritually awaken the world. Someone has to let in the Light into our world. This is the power of intentional and conscious meditation – to serve as a medium and lens of consciousness – for more of the Divine to enter into our world. This is how it happens. But it has to be a conscious activity, or an activity through consciousness.

Jesus said, “I am the Way,” and he was a great example of this. But we each can do this as well, as best we can. Be the way for the Divine to enter into our world, through one's mind and heart, and then of course action. Become 'a way', a channel, for Light and Love and Goodwill to come into our world. Attune with the Divine Light and Love. Then let this Light and Love come through you and into the waiting world. Thirdly, attune with the Divine Will (Spiritual Will). Then let this Will come through you and into the waiting world. A deeper esoteric experience and activity begins when the meditation involves Divine Will.

The Divine Light and Love and Will is in process of coming into the world, and we can be conscious participants in this process. This process, which is the spiritualization of humanity and the world, can be long and arduous, or it can be more expedient and easy. It all depends on the willingness and allowing of all humanity, but each of us can be leaders and representatives in this.

So, the Divine is seeking to be realized and manifested in the world but it needs to be realized and experienced through human minds and hearts, which then serves as a medium for everyone else. In other words, by allowing the Divine Light, Love and Will to be realized and experienced through us, we then serve as a transparent mirror or medium for this to be experienced in many others as well. As our own mind and heart become more clear through the penetration and unfoldment of Higher Light, we become a more transparent and radiant mirror for this Light to be realized in others of humanity. Each penetration or unfoldment of Light brings greater realization, which then dissolves veils of ignorance and illusions. This itself is one of the important purposes of meditation.

So this is how we can help spiritually transform the whole world. Because as we each realize and actually experience the Light and Love, the whole sphere of humanity is filled with more of this Light and Love. For in each moment of conscious experience and realization, hundreds of candles are lit throughout the world, and little by little, many other people begin to awaken, as the Light and Love transparently radiates through our mind and heart. This is what Light does. It shines through, radiates out, enlightens and awakens. It is the Light of spiritual awakening and realization.

Also understand that what awakens is our inherent capacity to realize the spiritual Essence and Oneness in all life, all humanity and the whole world. As well, what awakens is our inherent spiritual love, compassion and caring for everyone and all life. So the Love/Light energy is an awakening of Truth and Love. In essence, this is God awakening in us. Each of us can be a vehicle-channel for the descending (or unfolding) realization of Divine-Being-Love-Presence in humanity.

Evocation from oneself

Next to understand is that we can evoke and radiate these spiritual energies directly from our own being. Though of course, one will need to first have these energies in one's being. Or in other words, one will need to first be the spiritual qualities that one intends to radiate out. And this has to be a conscious being of such qualities, and consciously knowing these spiritual energies as present in oneself. Then it is possible to radiate them out, as a radiant star.

In this way, we can share the spiritual energies from our own being – the light, love and spiritual-will already developed in our self. But to do this, we cannot be identified or immersed in the lower energies. We have to be already free of this. So we can each help evolve the world by becoming and embodying the highest energies – the highest emotions and thoughts – which we can then share with the world. In effect, we are sharing our own level of being with the world. This is the path of conscious initiates.

So, this is another way of understanding the work of evocation; not so much as a visualizing of the spiritual qualities traveling from the Source to humanity, but instead as a radiating outward of these spiritual qualities from oneself. Both ways (or perspectives) are evocative, and perhaps both ways can be practiced and used in balance.

Also, in another method of evocation, we recognize the Divine already within our self and others, which then brings it forth into unfoldment. In other words, the recognition of inherent Divinity brings forth this Divinity into actual manifestation. Bringing forth the Divine with recognition is different from self-radiating energies and also different from directing energies. So, rather than asking for Divine Descent – that the Divine Wisdom, Love and Power come into our world from the Higher Planes – and then directing or channeling these energies into the world; in this recognition kind of evocation we intentionally recognize the Divinity already inherent in our world and in everyone, and we see it (or visualize it) unfolding and coming forth into activity and manifestation. To be more precise, this is really in itself an invocation and evocation. The recognition of divinity and spiritual qualities already inherent in humanity is really invocationary, and the seeing of this actually unfolding is the evocational part. So, evocation can also involve a realization and awakening of the inherent Divinity within humanity.

Spiritual Will

The highest level of evocation uses the energy of Spiritual Will. Spiritual Will is the higher Power; which gives power to our own mental will. Though our own will needs to be in alignment with the higher Will. Evocation is making use of our power of mental will. Mind is the meta-physical medium for creativity and transformation of energies. Mind has vision and can visualize. Will is our power-force to direct the mind. Or metaphysically, will is the power to decide and manifest, using the ideas and visions within Mind.

Coming into alignment with the highest Spiritual Will is how our own evocational will is empowered. This is most powerful in groups cooperating towards the same greater Purpose, involving the power of group will. But individuals can also use the energy of Spiritual Will in evocation.

First, the individual or group will needs to come into alignment with the higher Divine Will, and then come into oneness with it. Or in some teachings, one needs to become a servant of this. Then, we are doing the Divine Work – we are working for this. Our own will, thus, becomes a truly spiritual will – a reflection and representative of the Divine Will.

In other words, we can participate in the Divine Will. The Divine Will then becomes the Power behind and directing our evocation work. Even our visualization and radiance of light and love and goodness into the world can be empowered and directed by the Divine Will, or by Spiritual Will.

We can be the agents of God, the agents of this creative power. In other words, those spiritually evolved also have great potential spiritual power, or greater creative power, because of their finer alignment with the Divine Will; so can be powerful transforming creative agents in the realm of humanity. Potentially, we are all creative agents for the Will of God, and this power of Will can come right through us. But even more significant is if we can reach a consciousness of actually being the one who wills, as a conscious agent for the One with Will.

In Group consciousness, or together in a Group, pool together all of this Group consciousness and will, towards the Goal of humanity's spiritual enlightenment and evolution. Each united group consciousness, combined with the united group will, and thirdly combined with the united group love, will produce a great synergistic power to transform the world. The united group, if aligned with and inspired by the greater Divine Will, will produce transforming results.

The key is to be working from the Greater Will to help spiritually awaken and inspire love in all humanity. We work from being in the Divine Will, working from that ultimate Good-Will, and being aligned in the highest Divine Purpose. We do this as best as we can, as best as we are capable at this time, and we do this with the spirit of goodwill and service to all life.

From being in the Divine Love, we become radiant hearts of love, becoming like chalices of love pouring out to all humanity, nourishing the hearts of men and women with the healing waters of love. We allow the love we know and the love we are to spread across the whole earth. This Love, which we are consciously in, and which we are consciously sharing, has a resonating effect throughout the whole world; such that our expressed love inspires and evokes love in many others. This is the power of Divine Love, which brings everyone in humanity together in One Love and one Unity of Spirit.

From being in the Divine Light, radiate this Light out to humanity, to awaken the intelligences of men and women, and also to dispel false illusions, hatreds and bigotries, and evil desires (these are the unfortunate skewed desires of man to harm others). [evil is whatever harms or goes against the sacredness of life]

Improving the mental conditions of humanity

Such is the evocation phase, whereby the spiritual energies are consciously channeled or directed or radiated towards the world need, and are effectively grounded into the world. Subsequently, this is transformative – transforming the hearts and minds of humanity, and catalyzing a greater harmony on earth.

Of course though, any lasting positive changes in humanity will depend on individuals and groups having enough receptivity, in order for the higher energies to enter into their hearts and minds. This is according to the spiritual law of freedom; whereby we cannot actually force anyone to spiritually awaken or become loving people. Though we can assist in bringing to the world of humanity a higher/spiritual vibration of love, goodwill, and integrally intelligent ideas. This then adds to the subtle spiritual energies being made available to humanity, which then increases the spiritual energy-force and influence within the whole world, and helps to counteract the devolutionary and ego-selfish forces that are already powerful in the world. In other words, every good thought and higher vision we bring to the world, and every bit of real love we give to the world, and every degree of spiritual quality we radiate into the world, all adds further to the spiritual evolutionary force of good and counteracts the (unfortunate) negative and devolutionary forces. The more spiritual energy brought into the 'sphere of humanity', the more influence this has on all people.

It is kind of like the quality of air. If the air quality is poor, with pollutants and less oxygen, then the people living in this low-quality of air will probably experience more negativity and depression. But if the air quality is improved with more oxygen and less pollutants, due to the added goodness and transformations brought about by spiritual workers, then the living atmosphere will be improved and people will tend to have more positive and loving experiences, and they will see life in a better way and will then radiate out more positive energies. So every bit of good energy we bring in, and whatever energies we can transform for the good, will add more to the Good.

So we can facilitate the spiritual flow to be more around everyone, through our divine breath and vibration. We are facilitating the divine realization and manifestation – by opening up more of the divine flow and providing more of the divine qualities for humanity to realize and manifest. We are helping progress the present situation of humanity and the world, by improving the mental and emotional atmosphere with higher spiritual energies and qualities.

By analogy, we could make a place very beautiful and scented with rose, which would then assist people to have an experience of beauty and love. The conditions become more favorable. Imagine being in a stuffy room with smoky smelly air and little ventilation. This is of course an exaggerated condition of present world, but in some respects it is analogous to the emotional condition of certain places, groups and people, or to their mental conditions. So if, somehow, the conditions of the air and place are transformed by the invocation and descent of light and love, then there is much more opportunity for people to feel and experience spiritual presence, and then be transformed by this. This is analogous to how invocation and evocation work.

Another analogy is with music. If we could send out beautiful harmonious music to troubled places and people in the world, then a more favorable condition for awakening hearts and minds will be set up. If we could change the music of the emotional realm of humanity, helping the emotional energies become more peaceful, loving and harmonious, then surely the conditions for spiritual awakening will improve. So part of this work is to help transform the vibrations of humanity’s emotional world into a finer, more positive, more loving music.

May the powers of Good be increased

May Light and understanding increase in our world.
May Love and compassion increase in world.
May Good-will be increased in our world
May the power-of-Good increase in our world
May Divine Power increase in our world

These kinds of prayer can be part of invocation.

The Spiritual Will of God is full of Divine Power – which is the power of love and wisdom. But this power is not fully active and expressive in our present world. Divine Power is the power-of-Good. But not all things are good, nor all powers good. So this power-of-Good needs to be increased in our world.

Note that in our request for the increase of Divine Power in our world, we are recognizing that Divine Power is not fully functioning in our world at this time. Some religious teachings suggest that Divine Power is 'always' at work 'perfectly' in our world, and that everything which happens is a direct outcome of this Divine Power or Will. But this is not so. Our world is deficient in Divine Power. This is not because the Divine lacks Power. The Divine is the very source of all Power; or as said, God is all powerful. But this Power is not absolutely imposing; it waits for receptivity to develop, it waits for an opening.

Our world is in an evolutionary process, moving from darkness to greater Light, egocentricity to Love, and whereby the human being is gradually becoming a better medium for the working of Divine Power. Remember that Divine Power is not like a great invisible hand making good in the world; rather, the Divine Power (or Good) must work through natural, material, and human mediums. For our human part in this, we each have to take responsibility to be instruments for this Divine Power. It cannot fully work in this world without our participation.

However, Divine Power is also at work, to some extent, even in spite of human egotism and other spiritual deficiencies. If it wasn’t, then there wouldn’t be much hope for the human race and this planet. Divine Power (the power-of-Good) is working through us, to some extent, even when we are not consciously participating in it; but it is not working fully. Thus, there is always some spiritual force of influence finding its way into our lives and the world. The Divine seeps through, as it were, even in spite of our many oppositions and suppression of it.

So there needs to be an increase in Divine Power, just as there needs to be an increase in Light-consciousness and an increase in Love. We wouldn’t say that Love is being fully expressed in our world, so neither is Divine Power (or Spiritual Will). As is with Spiritual Light, Divine Power emerges into our world from a higher Plane, and it is a Potential until it is realized and expressed in our world. Meditate on this.

Thus, one of the purposes of invocation and evocation is to bring the Divine Power into activity and expression, by way of our requesting and how we bring this forth through our own being. Let us pray for this, let us visualize this, and let us give our mental agreement and emotional support to this.

Now we also need to understand that Divine Power needs a medium in our world, in order to be manifest and expressive. Miracles from God do seem to happen occasionally, but we would be foolish to expect that the world will suddenly be saved by a Divine Power stepping into this world to make everything just right. No, Divine Power will have to emerge through us. It will have to move through living human beings.

So imagine people with great Divine Power walking around this world: healing, educating, loving, leading, or creating beauty and harmony. This is Divine Power in expression. This is Divine Power in the world. So the prayer, or meditation, is visualizing Divine Power working through more people in our world. Visualize an increase in Divine Power working in this world, through people, through political leaders, through business leaders, through religious leaders, through teachers, through healers, through artists, etc. Visualize an actual increase in their Power to express and manifest and lead and help. Visualize an increase in their power of will, that is, in their Good-will.

Good-will needs to be increased. Good-will is a will to express good. Divine Power needs the human medium of Good-will to be expressive. Remember that Divine Will, Divine Power, comes through our human will; so when this happens we have Good-will. The human will (the will in people) can be a good-will, but not always. Good-will in people needs to be valued, encouraged and nurtured, and in this way it will increase in the world. May Good-will increase in ourselves and through others. May the power of those of goodwill increase and may they overcome any forces of bad.

Also important to ponder is that Good-will is God’s Will, and also that Good-will is a will motivated by Love and guided by Wisdom. So really, all three aspects of the Divine must come into play and into our world: Power, Love and Wisdom. May all of these be increased and expressed by more of humanity.

May those with Divine Power increase!

May those with Love and Wisdom increase!

May love and enlightened wisdom increase!

May Good-will increase!

May those with Good-will be helped and strengthened!

May the Power-of-Good increase in our world!

The power-of-Good is a transformational power and is the driving force of spiritual evolution. The power-of-Good needs to increase and transform the powers-of-bad, in order to further spiritual evolution and unfoldment.

The powers-of-bad are mostly powers of stupidity or immaturity, but also motivated by egocentric desires or parochial/group biases. The powers-of-bad are transient and unsustainable over the long-run, but nonetheless it is a force to be cautious about, because it has real effects in our world and is the cause of most troubles. Many people participating with powers-of-bad are unaware of being part of these, and many people have convenient rational justifications for their participation and decisions. Yet the powers-of-bad are real and have real effects. So only the power-of-Good can transform these forces. Thankfully, the powers-of-bad continue only as long as a darkness remains, or only as long as Light remains absent. For remember that bad is supported by darkness, and darkness is but an absence of Light. So darkness, a transient reality, disappears when Light shows up or when Light is allowed in. Light effectively destroys darkness, so as more Light spreads through the world, more of the darkness goes away, which is part of the spiritual evolution of humanity. Over time, Good eventually seals the door of bad.

Invocation to our Helpers

The most essential invocation is in relation to the absolute Divine Source. But invocation can be towards any kind of spiritual source or power – gods, goddesses, angels, devas, or other higher Spirits. One does have to careful, though, to avoid invoking astral-emotional facades – those 'spirits' whose power is only real when one believes in them. For example, demons are not even real, but rather are merely glamours of the mind or perhaps fears in one's mind; yet these might have power if we mistakenly believe in them or emotionally get sucked into those glamours.

Invocation could also be in relation to higher Guides or Masters within the Hierarchy of souls. We should acknowledge that there are enlightened souls ahead of us on the Path, who are more divinely realized with greater love and wisdom, than our own self. This is of course inevitable along the spiritual evolutionary path; there are those ahead of us, and those who are in back of us. Those who are ahead of us are links to our next possible steps, and they offer to share with us whatever degree of light, love and wisdom they now have. They do not want to keep us down, but rather they want to bring us up. There is no competitive ego in these higher souls – these higher minds and more expansive hearts.

So it makes good sense to also make invocation to the Guides and Masters, who exist in our human sphere of mind – though at higher levels in the Hierarchy. These are souls who have been incarnated many times and have made good use of their experiences to develop the highest spiritual qualities in their being and learn the wisdom they now have. Many of these greater souls were known at least once in history as great teachers, masters, or saints. Some are here incarnated even now; some will incarnate again soon, in order to physical help the world.

Know that They are with us and always ready to help us. But they are under the spiritual law, so they cannot simply impose their wisdom and guidance upon us. We need to first ask for their help, guidance, and spiritual powers. They cannot transmit their powers, qualities and wisdom, unless we first ask and are then open and allowing of this into our mind and being.

So we can pray for and invoke (draw down) Help from these higher souls – that They will share with us and give to us Their spiritually awakening Light and Wisdom, Their spiritually expansive Love, and Their spiritual Will-to-serve. Also we ask to receive Their mastery-power to be free from outworn self-patterns and from worldly distractions, and the power to make any moment New rather than conditioned by the past. Also we ask to be blessed and infused by Their greater, inclusive consciousness, and also infused by Their peace in realizing the Oneness of all Being.

It does not matter so much to have in mind a particular Teacher, Master or Great One; though if there is someone special to you then call upon that one. But it is fine to invoke help and guidance from the Holy Ones in general, for we are trying to make a connection and relationship with Those Who are higher than ourselves in wisdom, love and spiritual will. So our invocation can be in relation to the whole great community of Masters and Holy Ones, and we would welcome help and guidance from any of Them.

Important is developing a mental sense of connection and a real relationship with this group of Holy Ones – in the Great Hierarchy of Souls. This connection and relationship has to be in the heart, as well as the mind. One needs to feel the relationship in one's heart and know it as real in one's mind. Also important is having a real feeling of need, in the realization and humility that each of us needs some kind of higher help along the Path. Self independence and responsibility are good virtues, but we need humility to acknowledge our need for higher relationship and help.

Here is a simple invocation, as an example, but it is fine to make it fit your own understanding and preference for what words to use. Also note that it is phrased in us, rather than me. It is fine to make invocations or prayers for one's own spiritual evolution; but this has an even greater potential power when done with all of us in mind.

Oh Great Holy Ones,

Whose love and wisdom is greater than our own,

Share with us your insightful wisdom and helpful guidance,

Transform us with your inclusive and compassionate love,

Inspire us with your devotion to the Highest and your will-to-serve.

Help us to know and participate in the Divine Purpose.

Help us to be positive energies and transformers in the world.