Esoteric Studies on Pisces

Intro – Involution & Evolution

The esoteric keynote for Pisces is —
"I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save."

This keynote for the disciple in Pisces carries within it the idea of Involution and Evolution.

Involution is the process of Spirit involving itself evermore deeply in material existence and also in personal individuality. In this process of involution, the Spirit always remains in materiality and in each person, which is the soul or spiritual essence in all of physical life including our personal self. However, because of this involvement in life, the spiritual soul tends to become forgotten or lost from sight in the personality, and as well the personality tends to think and act on its own, without the spiritual influence of its neglected soul. In other words, the personality remains spiritually unconscious, and world activities tend to go adrift from spiritual purposes.

Yet gradually, the Life aspect of Spirit begins to re-gain its power and presence, which then draws the personality mind and heart towards its inner soul consciousness, and eventually a decision is made to enter on the "path of return," – towards the Source of Being and to be aligned with spiritual consciousness and purpose. This is the process of spiritual Evolution, or also called the Path of Conscious Return. Also in this process is the power of redemption, because Conscious Return serves to refine and redeem material substance and all of the energies accumulated in our lower bodies.

Then, in Pisces, the one who has made the Return Home, in realization and in consciousness, now returns again to the world – but now with spiritual consciousness and the spiritual will to Serve the Divine and be a Healer, Teacher, Leader, and Savior in the world – to participate in the Spiritual Work of awakening and redemption.

Fusion of Soul into personality

The symbol for Pisces is two fish tied together by the thread of life. One fish is bigger, representing our Soul, or our Greater Self. The other fish is smaller, representing this personality. Though from ordinary experience, the larger fish is the personality ego, which is very Big compared to our unrealized soul.

At first, the smaller fish, the personality, leads one's life, while the Soul follows in back of the personality, trying to guide it, but often unsuccessfully. The personality tends to go wherever it wants, neglecting the soul's guidance. The personality goes in the direction of its personal little desires, and it tends to not care about the larger purposes of life. The personality mostly cares about itself and its own desires; whereas the Soul cares about the Greater Life and how to help others.

Yet with spiritual practice and meditation, the soul will gradually become more realized and active in one's life. The Soul will gradually infuse into the personality, such that the Soul lives through the person – through the mind, the emotions, and actions of the person.

In order for this to happen, our personality ego needs to sacrifice itself to the Soul (which lives in the heart).

We need to allow our Soul to live through us, to think through us, to feel through us, and to act through us.

Thus, the personality becomes infused with the Soul and becomes the instrument for the Soul's expression. The personality is then transfigured by the Light of the Soul and becomes an expression of Soul Love and Light. We can even become a channel for Divine Radiance into the world.

In Pisces is the fusion of Soul and form, producing the Incarnated Christ, the completed manifestation of the microcosm.

Stages in Pisces

There are three stages of Pisces –

First is bondage and captivity. Consciousness is personality-centered and is stuck in personality and there is attachment to all sorts of material things. This is the Pisces stage of personality-centeredness.

The second stage is detachment and renunciation. Our consciousness detaches itself from personal-centered concerns and reactions, and one begins to be free from material attachments. This is the Pisces stage of Soul-personality-relatedness.

The third stage is sacrifice and service. The self-centered ego sacrifices itself, in order for the Soul to lead the life and live through the personality. And thus one enters onto a path of service. This is the Pisces stage of Soul-centeredness.

The Personality-centered Pisces is usually instinctual and emotional, and unconsciously sensitive to everyone and all sorts of energies.

The astral plane and solar plexus are usually unconsciously open and undisciplined, so that psychic impressionability is mistaken for spiritual understanding, and an unconscious attitude of martyrdom is mistaken for conscious self-sacrifice.

But in the Soul-centered Pisces, one is now conscious and intentional in loving others and in serving life.

Consciously, the lesser is sacrificed for the Greater.
Instinct is replaced by Intuition.
Reactive emotion is replaced by responsive love.
Unconscious sensitivity is replaced by conscious sensitiveness and caring.
Psychic impressionability is replaced by spiritual understanding.
Slavery and martyrdom to others is replaced by giving to their real needs
and in sharing together a path of service.

Themes of Pisces

One of the themes of Pisces is to practice detachment from personality patterns and conditioning. This involves self-observation – which is to actually notice a personality pattern or habit. Nothing can change or be let go of, unless it is first observed or noticed. But as we let in more Soul consciousness, we will gain a greater power of self-observation.

Each person must come into the Spiritual Light on their own accord. Each person must free their self, and each must awaken to spiritual Truth by their own efforts. Each must work to free themselves from their own personality bondage, and each must make their own self-sacrifice. Yet everyone needs Higher help. The spiritual hierarchy offers higher help, but we need to be open to this help and also make our own sacrifices and efforts.

Another important theme of Pisces is self-sacrifice. This is the ability to willingly sacrifice our personality patterns and even our whole personality identification ….for the good of our deeper real spiritual self, our Soul.

Another theme of Pisces is the will-to-save, or to help humanity. This requires a great love to want to do this, and also a realization that one can do this.

It is part of everyone’s spiritual work to become a teacher, healer, and savior in the world. Yet to become a teacher and savior in the world, we need to be open and willing to be an instrument for Spiritual Light and Love to permeate and radiate through ourselves.

Also, we need to become evermore inclusive in our consciousness and in our Love.

All of this depends on our self-sacrifice, and on our higher spiritual will to be a spiritual medium for God.

We serve Life by awakening the Divine Light, the Divine Love, and the Divine Will in everyone and in the world as a whole.

We serve by helping people realize their own inner Soul of Love and Truth.

We serve by recognizing the Divine Soul in everyone, even if it is hidden from their view.

The work of the World Savior is to recognize, awaken, and evoke the Divine Truth, Divine Love, and Divine Will in everyone and in the world.