Teachings from Tantra



Sacredness of the body

Finding our heart centre

Relationship with the Divine

Embodiment & Transcendence

Divine Opposites in us

Opposites in Wholeness

Wholeness through eachother

Light of consciousness

Powers from the Unconscious

The sexual Underworld

Darkness and Mystery

Our Earthy nature

Differentiation & Reunion

Shakti-Maya and Shiva

Levels of mind

Sattva, rajas, and tamas

(many of the above topics
are not fully edited)


Four Love Goddesses of Shakti

Relationship of Shakti & Shiva

The Sacredness in each other

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More chapters on Practice
Tantric love
Our divine qualities
Conscious breath
Prana and Breath
Seasons of love
electricism and magnetism
yab and yum
masculine self-control

(many of the above topics
are not fully edited)

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