God is The Originator, yet each of us can be an originator

In Islam God is the prime Originator, the first Originator, the ultimate Originator of all manifestation. God is the Creative Originator of all creative originators. But a mistaken view among many Islamists, and other religionists as well, is that this truth-premise logically entails that all manifest things are by God's Will or by 'His Hand'. This is the logical mistake of determinism as a religious philosophy. God is the ultimate and first Originator, but not the maker of all things and all actions in life. By analogy, a parent can be the originator of children yet not be determining what they always do.

The most important meaning of God being the Originator is that the creative powers of each life (incl ourselves) originates from God, the One Ultimate Being (from which all life comes). Our powers of action & creativity originate from God, but not all of our creative choices and actions come from God. Thus, we humans can make mistakes and do stupid things with our given powers and choices.

So the next most important understanding is how we can develop and use our God-given power of being an originator. Like all of the Names of God, the Originator is a quality and power, which we naturally inherited from God, since God is the ultimate Source and Originator of all our powers and qualities. We have all of these Qualities-Powers deep in our soul (our seed of Divinity); yet each quality or power has to be nurtured, developed, and actualized. We are meant to be reflections of the Divine, to bring these Divine Qualities into life and manifestation.

The power of creativity originates in God, yet it uniquely blossoms through an individual. But if everyone were uniformly the same, then there wouldn't be much new creativity. We each can be an original, unique, creative expression of God's Being.

Anyone can be an originator; not just inventors and artists. To be an originator is to originate something – to bring something into origin, into manifestation, into being. Originate something good into the world – a good action, thought or feeling. One can originate anything in any moment – to bring forth a goodness, a truth, a givingness, some form of love, or a some kind of mastery.

To be an originator is a gift to be grateful for, but it is also a responsibility. If we have this potential power of being a creative originator, then how will we use this creative power? What is our Goal? What are we trying to achieve? What is our larger Purpose? And how can we be aligned with Divine Purpose in our creativity and originality? To answer this requires spiritual intuition about higher purposes and also responsible dedication to be in divine attunement.

Also, what are the ways can I be an originator? To answer this depends on what I'm trying to achieve – the Goal or Purpose of originating something. May the way, the form, the music, be in attunement with Higher purposeful creativity, originating from Divine dimensions.

Another question is: How to spark and nurture creative originality in oneself, or how to spark our divine potential to originate something, create something, or get something going. Two key answers have come to mind. First, allow creativity to come forth; because very often, creativity or creative thinking is present in us, but it needs to be allowed or let forth. Second, put some effort into it; anything new requires effort; it doesn't just happen.