NEW about Healing

4 bodies of healing – physical etheric emotions mental

Go over the 4 kinds of healing – purification, energizing, balancing, and higher inspiration (each level can receive higher alignment and harmonization, energy and purification from plane above)

This was last worked on on 6-9-13

Prayer and Healing

There are many methods and advices available for healing work. Rather than set forth exact methods in healing, we will confine our discussion to general principles and helpful clues. To simplify our general explanation, we can use a three step model. These steps are connection, request, and breath; all of which needs further explanation.

First we need our own connection with the Divine Healing Intelligence. There are many possible ways to make this connection, so people do this in various ways. Some people make this connection with a definite prayer (such as, In the name of God, Who is…). Certain formulaic prayers, sacred words or mantras can function like a password to the Divine Source. Others make their connection with a kind of God-remembrance; others establish a direct experience of the Divine. Some people connect with visualization; while others connect more with feeling. Some people reach out to meet the Divine Healing Source, while others open up to allow in the Divine. Some people practice switching off the ego mind or ego-state, and then enter into the Divine Presence of Love and Healing. One can practice any of these approaches or combinations. Of most importance is to consciously and intentionally establish a clear connection with the Greater Love-Power Intelligence, the Healing Divine Presence, which is always latently present and available. And foremost, we have to establish this connection ourselves, if we are to be a healing-medium or prayer-server for others.

The next significant step is request. We request healing from the Divine, sometimes for ourselves and sometimes for others. We can also request guidance for ourselves or for others. And of course, it is fine to request healing for ourselves, just as it is good to take care of our own self with good food and exercise. To take care of our own self, or to request healing and guidance for ourselves, should not be thought of as a selfish act. In fact, we could think of this as serving everyone else, because if are healthy and in good spirits, then others do not have to help heal us or take care of us. A healing request, in general, is necessary because the need has to be consciously clarified.

The Divine Intelligence already knows the needs of everyone, just as our body intelligence knows when a part is hurt or out of balance. But unless there is a connection and request from a receiver, this Energy of Healing Intelligence will not flow to that need. This is part of natural law and esoteric science. There has to be a receptive, and there has to be a connection and a request. The request actually creates the receptive pole. One is saying to the Universal Intelligence, as it were, I am in need and I need help and I am asking for help. When all of these are said or acknowledged by a person, then the Healing Flow can proceed. In effect, one creating a receptive pole and also opening up an allowing channel for this Flow.

The conscious request and need also produces a focus for the Divine Healing Energy. In other words, the place of need, which is brought into focus by the requesting healer-medium, becomes like a spotlight for Divine Attention, and it establishes a receptive pole for the active pole of Divine Healing to flow into. This relates to one of the great laws of esoteric science, which is that Divine Energy follows thought, and also this Greater Energy is a Source that naturally moves towards receptive poles. It moves towards need. Divine Compassion, Mercy and Love naturally move towards need; so we can facilitate this by consciously clarifying the need and thereby making that receptive pole more intense.

This is working with the natural laws of healing, which can be applied to oneself but also to help others by requesting on their behalf, if they are alright with your help. It is best to first learn how to use these principles for ourselves, in our own need; then we know better how to assist others in their particular needs. First learn how to request for oneself, then practice requesting for others. Though in regards to requesting on behalf of others, or in regards to healing others; it is important to do this work only if we know or feel that the other person would want this help. So, on behalf of another, we can ask the Divine Love-Power to connect with them and give to them their needed healing. Another way is to visualize them coming into the Divine Presence of Love-Power, to be healed in this Presence. A third way is to enter into the Love-Power Presence, and from here send out Light-Love healing to the person; thus being as a medium for the Divine Light of Healing. Remember that the necessity of request is analogous to sending out an address, or putting someone in a focused spotlight, so that the Healing Source will know where to go. It’s like giving a network address to a source, so that the information can be sent; or it’s like pointing the spotlight on a person so that the light will go there.

Now the third step is breath. After the prerequisites of connection and request, and during this healing work, the healer/medium needs to remain in conscious connection with the Divine and also facilitate an uninterrupted channel and flow to the person or need. Maintaining a continuous conscious breath will facilitate this uninterrupted connection and flow. With conscious continuity of harmonious breath, remaining within the Divine Presence, we become as healing mediums for the Divine Love-Power Healing to flow from Source to need. During this process of breath, we do not have to continually think of the need or the person involved, because this part has already been clarified and established by our conscious request. Neither do we have to keep reestablishing our connection to the Divine. We have already made this connection and the focused request. In a sense, we have already connected online to the Great Intelligence and have already sent in the request.

So now we have to allow some time for the Healing Intelligence to download and work through the person in need. Any work requires some amount of actual time in its process, whereby the Healing Flow moves from Source into and through the receptive. Some healers visualize the actual process or activity of this Healing Flow; but a continuous visualization is not absolutely necessary. What is necessary, though, is a continuity of our own connection with the Divine, since we are being the responsible medium or intermediate for this healing work. Also the request and connection to the person in need must necessarily be uninterrupted, though this can be maintained sub-consciously as long as our conscious mind is uninterrupted by other interests. So, our continuity of conscious breath in the Divine Presence is what facilitates all of this. Continuity of conscious breath keeps the connections established between Source and receptive need, and helps keep the Flow moving during the concentrated healing work. A Sufi technique for conscious breath in healing work is verbally or mentally sound Ya Hu, respectively on the in and out breaths; in Ya, and out Hu, while also feeling oneself in the Divine Presence of Love.

The final word to say about breath in this healing work is that it is actually useful to begin with the breath and continue with conscious breath from beginning to end. For when we come into conscious and harmonious breath, it is easier to attune into the Divine Love-Presence and establish the connection as defined in the first step. Thus, conscious breath is actually important in all of the steps.

One model for understanding this healing technique is visualize and connect with the Healing Source, the Divine Love-Energy, as though it were above the head. As we connect with this, with breath, we also allow this to come into our self and flow outward to those in need. Now once we are a channel for this Healing Flow, then visualize the person in need, as though they were in front of you. Then, still in conscious breath, visualize and allow the Healing Energy to flow easily to the person in need, as though it is coming from the Source, through oneself, then outward to the person. Remaining in the conscious breath, one becomes as a facilitating medium for this Healing Flow between Source and receiver.

healing work on oneself or on others: breathe out and mentally send out love.
Also can use HU since this brings purification and clearing, transforming energies back to Essence.
Healing and Prayer:
Conscious Breath facilitates our alignment with the Healing-Loving Source. Breath also facilitates a healing flow to the receptive.

Positive thought is also a facilitating factor in healing and prayer. First be positive about the work itself, which means having faith in it. Second, have positive thoughts about what is hoped for; that is, visualize positive results, be a positive visionary.

Real healing work is working with Love. Love is what makes healing happen. So be in Love, radiate Love, and visualize others enfolded in Love.

If you know that you are at the Eternal River of Love and Life, then it is natural to be in an attitude of giving or sharing this Water to everyone thirsty for it.

Healing work

Request for healing
(using the word “request” is actually important – it’s more definite than just “asking”)

Ask the Divine Love-Intelligence for healing and harmony. This can be done for oneself and for others. Request it. Say, “I request healing and harmony.” This is a key to how it all works. The usual reason why people are not in healing and harmony is because they are not fully requesting it and, instead, closing off to the divine help. Yet the very Source of healing and harmony is from the Divine inner dimension. As a self, we need to participate in this divine healing work, we need to request it and we certainly need to be in agreement with it. But our healing and harmony cannot succeed without the Divine, for the Divine is the higher power that brings it into actuality.

Divine Healing and Harmony is available for everyone. As this enters into ourselves, as we manifest and reflect Divine Healing And Harmony, this is part of Divine Purpose and Spiritual Evolution. In other words, this world of life is in a purposeful evolutionary process of becoming finer expressions of Divine Healing and Harmony. Therefore, healing and harmony in ourselves is an important part of the whole Divine Purpose. Healing, health and harmony are not simply little wishes of the personality. Rather, these are essential spiritual Qualities needing to manifest in life. Heath, healing and harmony are spiritual needs; not merely physical. It’s an actual necessity of the Divine Purpose. So, when we ask for healing and harmony, the Divine Love-Intelligence is ready to facilitate and organize the energies necessary for healing and harmony. It’s not like one has to beg or plead for healing and harmony, because the Divine Intention is already in favor of healing and harmony. This divine work just needs to come into ourselves, and into the world in general. Remember that God loves us, or that the Divine loves us, for we are the divine children; or realize that the Divine is love and is intelligence, which is seeking manifestation and expression. We are the bodies of the Divine; this is the world of the Divine. Yet this world and these bodies are in process of becoming more and more harmonious and more fully perfect in expressing the inherent possible divine qualities.

Harmony in body is health, also purification and easy elimination of toxins. Let negativity and dark areas be transformed by Divine Light and be washed out of our energy field. Visualization with conscious breath can be used to facilitate this, as well as receiving the Light and help from the Divine. Let the Divine Light move through all areas of the body, filling all areas in the body with Light, which cleanses and purifies all areas. This Light also brings harmony in the body. Feel the vibration of harmony throughout the whole body. For when the Divine Light fills the whole body, there is unity. There is now One Light vibrating, making one harmonious vibration in the whole body. So this One Light brings unity and harmony in the whole body. It brings accord, consonance, and coherence. And thus there is healing and health, because the whole body is functioning harmoniously. Every part of the body and every area of the body is in harmony with the whole need for physical health. All parts and areas of the body are now working harmoniously together for the good of the whole and the needs of the whole. And those previous disharmonies, discords, and harmful toxins are either transformed or eliminated from the body, so that now there is only one unity and harmony of purpose in this body. This is harmony and health.

Then, proceed to work with the emotional body, or emotional field. And then proceed to work with the mental field of thought energy.


A useful practice is to observe one’s body in a non-identified manner. That is, consider and sense this physical body as though it were any person’s body, not necessarily “my body.” Next, feel a caring and love for this body, just as though you were caring for anyone’s body. This is a way to help bring love and healing to your own body. The reason this is sometimes useful is because one may have a tendency to not love one’s own body, or a tendency to not see one’s own body as needing as much love and care as any other human body. For instance, some people actually work with caring for others or healing others; and yet they may tend to not give their own physical body the same needed care, love and healing. So in working with Healing Light, it is sometimes useful to mentally observe one’s own body from a non-identified, outside perspective.


When we encounter hardships or suffering, we may not know for certain its causes or reasons, but we do know that we can respond with our highest love and goodness. This is the divine love and goodness expressing through us, to the degree that we can channel it; but it is easiest to think of this love and goodness our own – or as our highest potential we are able to bring forth. Also, it is our responsibility to live at our highest truth, our truest self, and respond to life with love and goodness – the true qualities of ourself.

Now we should be careful to not confuse meanings about love. To respond with love to suffering or hardship does not mean that one loves the suffering. If people are dying of a plaque, we do not have to love the plaque or the suffering. However, we can respond with love to the suffering and do whatever we can to relieve that suffering, which might be only sending healing prayers and good thoughts if that’s all we can do. If we encounter someone polluting a river or harming animals, we do not have to love their actions or the suffering they cause. However, we can respond to the person and situation with love, which includes caring about the person causing the harm, and this may include healing prayers and good thoughts for their future. We do not have to love what they do and in fact it is quite normal to hate the way they behave, but we can still love them, bless them, and help to heal them.

There is often a confusion about this. Some new spiritual teachers suggest that we should be unconditionally loving everything, no matter what it is. But this can be confusing. It makes no distinction between good and bad. In fact, this kind of philosophy often denies that anything in this world can be bad. Yet throughout history, people have been harming others and the planet. There is nothing good about this harm, so one need not love actions that are harmful or cause to suffering. One need not love the suffering either.

We don’t always love the behavior and actions of people, but we can still love person. We still love their divine humanness, the divine child within them. To test this, think of someone highly despicable, like your least favorite politician or a person who harmed you. Can you love the person underneath their behavior? Can we imagine loving Hitler, but despise his behavior and actions? This would be the real test. Maybe we have to forgive that person first, because forgiveness is an opening door to love. So as we might try this out on the really tough cases, we will find that it is rather difficult to love such people – because of what they have done to us or others. But remember that we are not trying to love the actions, nor the outcomes; rather, we are only working on loving the divine person underneath all of this and covered up pretty well by egotism, emotional or mental problems. In fact, we might treat these people as being sick in some psychological way. So we can love them as we might love or care about any human being who is ill. So in this way we could love the murderer, as we would love a sick person, yet not love their behavior. And just as a parent might reprimand a child for painting the house cat, the child is still loved in heart. In one sense, we can realize that everyone is in process towards an evolved human being with divine qualities of goodness, love and true wisdom. But few are even close to being there yet. We are in process, or a work in progress, like a piece of art sculpture. So we are not going to find many absolutely perfect people out in the world. Few are going to live fully up to a spiritual ideal of someone absolutely loving, good, and wise – with no egotism or self-serving motivations. So we might as well accept this, and accept others as being somewhat imperfect or as a work-in-progress, and so love them nonetheless, though not necessarily loving or agreeing with their decisions or actions. It is hard for everyone to agree and get along, but hopefully all of humanity is moving towards a holistic cooperation and caring about each other.

Now one activity we can do, as an act of love for all people and the planet, is to send out love and healing, and pray for the best.1


Requesting is important for healing work. We include here any service work that involves bringing more light, love, peace, balance and healing to ourselves or to others. All healing or meditational service work necessarily involves an invocationary aspect. Invocation is a form of requesting, or asking. We have to ask before we can receive. We have to want healing, whether for ourselves or others, and we also have to be open and trusting for it to happen. But this requesting does not have to be groveling. One simply needs to make the request; then depending on the clarity of this request and our faith upon its action, there is an evocation of healing from the divine or higher dimensions in correspondence to our invocation. The answer or response to our request is immediate, though dependent upon the clarity and faith. Clarity in the request insures its right direction, and faith insures its flow. If there is right direction and free flow, then healing energies can enter and work in our world. So by this understanding, the healing or light energies from the divine dimension enter into manifestation almost automatically in direct response to our most sincere and clear requests accompanied by faith. This can be known as the science of prayer and invocation. This is a different model from the one that pictures God sitting somewhere deciding whether to help us or not. In contrast to this model of divine whim, the divine evocation is spontaneously forthcoming, only depending on our thoughts, requests, and level of faith. For some students of the arcane, this seemed to imply that man is in charge and superior to the divine realm, but this is not so. It is only because the Divine is so naturally loving, compassionate and generous, that the manifestation of healing and enlightenment is really dependent on us. That is, since the Divine is ever-giving or ever-ready to be healing, the only possible obstacle then is the receiver. Thus we, the receiver, must do something to offset the obstacle. So the healing flow depends on us, because it is blocked (in this present) until we request it to come forth, with clarity and trust. Until we request it, want it, ask for it, and trust in its giving; the healing flow is unable to come through. This is because the Flow requires both active and receptive roles. The Divine is ever-ready to be active. It is ready-active. But the receptive role is not so consistent. We are not so consistent. And thus, the relation depends on the receptive.

After the request and openness, let yourself be filled with life, love, bliss and healing. Ask for what you need. We all need life energy, love, and healing. Request and receive. God loves you. You can have all of this. You can also receive bliss and joy. God wants this. So it depends if you want it, request it and are open to receive it.

One of the most basic yet powerful forms of service in the world is the love-healing meditation. It could also be called a form of prayer; for this is an example of meditation and prayer being really the same, or it could also be called a healing work. The love-healing meditation is to hold everyone and the world in one’s love. Include everyone and everything in the world. Everyone is loved, and everyone is included. This awakens love in the world. After working with love, then work with light.

First come into the Divine Light yourself. Either find this Light within, or allow it to descend from above. This takes practice and meditation, but even more so it takes patience and trust. Then, once you are fully immersed in Light, bring everyone else into the Light, which is a matter of inclusion. Hold everyone and everything in the Light. That is, see everyone being in the light. Or, see everyone being immersed in the Light and blessed by the Light. This is the light of spiritual awakening, the light of realization, the light which knows its true self.

This awakening and the resulting wisdom, will transform the world, because the people will be transformed by a true knowing of their spiritual nature. Light awakens us to real Truth, and light heals. Light heals the body and mind, because it purifies and also brings intelligence. Light has these two fundamental properties that bring purification and intelligence, which heal the body and mind. So bringing Light into the world is very important. And every time we include and hold people in the Light, this Light en-folds more in the world. It comes from potential into manifestation.

Faith helps divine blessings and goodness spring forth in our lives. Faith is one of the more powerful influences to bring good qualities and good circumstances into our lives. This is because of the cosmic law of attraction. The law of attraction tells us that our beliefs and emotions will attract outer circumstances in accordance with how we think and feel. That is, our inner reality of thoughts, beliefs and emotions have a corresponding influence upon our external world. So in many respects, how we view the world influences how the world will become. Mind affects matter, outer energies and circumstances. If we consider and study this, we will find its truth. However, this law of attraction does not necessarily mean that outer circumstances will immediately change as our thought changes. In dreams this is true, but in manifest life the inner-to-outer (or mind-to-world) cause-effect takes some amount of time. As well, the mind-to-world law of attraction is just an influence upon energies and circumstances; it is not the only compelling influence nor the only natural law at work. Some new-thought teachings absolutize this mind-to-world affect and suggest that anyone could walk through walls or become the richest person in the world if only they just believed this to be. But there are also physical laws we must deal with, and also we need to take into consideration the choices and influential energies of others as well as our own selves. So, without making the law of attraction into an unrealistic and absolutist promise of success for everyone, we still need to respect this law of attraction and we would be wise to intentionally work with it

First we need to consider the attractive and influential power of positive beliefs and faith. Faith, and positive belief in goodness coming our way, will attract those positive energies and circumstances that we believe in. Positive energies and circumstances can come from the natural world or from other people, yet ultimately we can view all good as coming from the Divine Beneficence. So in relation to positive divine energies and influences, the law of attraction is still at work. That is, we attract energies and circumstances from the divine reservoir of potential, according to our thoughts and beliefs. Positive attracts positive , and negative attracts negative. Now it is true that the Divine Beneficence (the Divine Power of Love-Wisdom) is always ready to bring forth love and goodness into our world (including of course ourselves). But this divine flow, as it were, is either positively influenced or negatively influenced; it is either encouraged or impeded. Positive beliefs, optimism, and faith will open the channels for positive energies and divine blessings to flow our way; yet negative beliefs, fear and pessimism will clog up and impede these channels. In a sense, with positive thought, faith and optimistic confidence we can ride the incoming waves of positive energies and beneficence, or else we can wreck those divine waves with our own negative influential thought waves – which end up crashing into the good waves and thus creating disharmony and negative experience. So our positive beliefs help the divine flow of goodness by being in harmony and accordance with it; while negative and pessimistic thoughts hinder and wreck the potential waves of beneficence and the possibility of divine goodness streaming into our lives.

What obstructs and holds back the goodness are negative beliefs, pessimism and fear. Envision what is possible. Then see what obstructs this. Of course there will be some obstructing outer circumstances, but these can be viewed as challenges to overcome, rather than insurmountable problems. But what we most easily work on are the obstructions coming from our own mind – that is, our negative beliefs, self-doubts, pessimistic worry, and ultimately our fear. This is a fear that things won’t really work out the way we hope, or it might be a fear of failure, or it might be a fear of what others will think of us, or it might be a fear of loss. Often, fear is a “I can’t do that”, or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not smart or clever enough”. In other words, fear is often a self-doubting. There are probably other kinds of fear as well. But whatever kind of fear, we need to look inside directly at this fear, to consider whether it has real facts to support it. Because fear is like a conclusion we make about life or about our self. And this conclusion is usually voiced as either “I can’t” or “it won’t”. Fear makes a conclusion and tells us “I can’t do that” or “it won’t happen right”. But ask if such a conclusion is rationally valid by being based on real facts. Or are we jumping to a conclusion, a false conclusion? And if there is a possibility of success, then why are we focusing on what might go wrong, or doubting our own inner potentials and capabilities? So eliminate fears by seeing them as unreasonable conclusions. Then, open up to possibility.

Realize that there are always greater possibilities within us and greater possibilities for success in the world. Are there not greater possibilities in every single moment? Well, how are these possibilities going to emerge into manifestation, from possibility to actuality, if we immediately close ourselves off from such possibilities with negative, doubtful, pessimistic, fearful, obstructive thinking and belief?

Of course though, we need to distinguish unreasonable fear, impractical fear, pessimistic fear, and neurotic worry-fear from practical caution and vigilance against harm, regarding the realities of life. Fearlessness could turn into foolishness; however, we don’t want to hold this precaution as an excuse for unreasonable fears. So we need to really look honestly and intelligently to make distinction between what are reasonable fears and practical cautions from what are unreasonable, unnecessary fears. Look closely at fears, and if they are found to be unreasonable or based on unsupported facts, then let them go by the light of reason.

Fears are like barriers, like walls. They hold us back from venturing into challenges. Fears fight against self-confidence, and thus, hold us back from possible success. Fears, leading to a lack of self-confidence, also hold us back from being of service, helping and healing others. Fears also hold us back from opening to other people and loving them. So it may be time to drop these fears. Dropping fears is like dropping barriers. Drop the fears which hold us back from love, goodness, success, and service to the world.

Also, we can eliminate unreasonable and unnecessary fear by the Light of faith, whereby this Light of faith dissolves fear, in the same way as Light dissolves illusion. This can be worked as an actual practice, called the transformation of fear by the Light of Faith. First recognize fear in oneself. Don’t invent it, but just see what fear there is, if there is any. Then, once we have recognized a fear, then hold it in awareness, without letting it run back to hide in the subconscious. And of course, hold the fear in awareness with love, because this fear is like a scared child, so it needs a lot of love. We need not agree to the fear, but we can still hold it in love. Then, open up to Light descending down from above the mind. This is Light from Heaven, the Divine Light, the Healing Light. It is also the Light of faith. Let in this Light of Faith. Open to this Light of Faith, which comes from above. It comes from above the head, above mind, through the crown chakra. It comes from the Light of Heaven, the Light of Knowing, the Light of God. And this Light brings faith. It brings a very real energy into our mind and heart, an energy of Light and faith, which dissolves fear. It heals us of this pain of fear, and brings us into positive faith.

Mental Work in healing:
Work with the Metaphysical Law of manifestation. First open to the Divine Mother healing. Then be in the right mind – the right belief of faith in Mother’s Love. Affirm this faith and fix the mind of its trouble-making doubts and worries. Affirm in faith this truth: my body is healing now, or Mother-Love is healing me right now. If the mind doubts this, then it needs to be healed of its false understanding by affirming the truth known by faith. All doubts, or false understandings of the mind, need to be cleared in this way by affirming the truth known by faith in the Mother-God.

There is nothing more mysterious than the meaning of suffering. On one hand, we have teachings about how to avoid suffering and how to achieve happiness and prosperity in life. While on the other hand, some teachings suggest that suffering is noble and good for soulful character building. So on one hand, there are ideas about how to solve problems of suffering, while on the other hand there are ideas about the spirituality of suffering. Nothing is more confusing than this. But even more so, suffering has a dramatic emotional and physical impact and is a reality that seems certainly tragic in many cases.

Let us consider suffering by first distinguishing between useful suffering and wasteful suffering. Previous teachings called these necessary and unnecessary sufferings. In making this distinction we are also implying, rightly so, that some sufferings are useful and some are wasteful. Now, let us back up and consider our own self. Do we want to suffer? Is this something to aim for, wish for, or pray for? It would seem odd to do so, almost abnormal. So it is quite natural to hope for non-suffering, or actually to hope for enjoyment. This is both natural and spiritual. Yet at the same time, we will have to admit that suffering can lead to learning experiences and build character in us; though maybe the usefulness of this suffering is the challenge of overcoming it or learning to deal with it, rather than simply the suffering itself. So if the suffering leads naturally to learning experiences or to greater soul character, by way of the challenge of it, then it is useful.

Sometimes suffering might be part of our learning process, in the sense that we often make some mistakes along a learning curve. This kind of suffering is, on the one hand, a mistake or wrong turn, yet on the other hand, it is a useful signal to redirect our thoughts and actions in a new way, such the suffering is like a useful message. It might even help us wake up from some habit that is going the wrong way and encourage us to discover a new way. It’s like getting off track, and when we suffer enough from the bush thorns of this mistaken path, we wake up to the need for changing course and gain a will to change direction and look for a better path. We might also learn humility and ask more for help, especially higher help from Angels or from God.

Some instances of suffering might sometimes be part of a spiritual emergence in ourselves. This suffering is friction between the new emergence and the old material. This is the friction of change. It’s also like the friction occurring as a seed newly sprouts and struggles through the soil, until reaching freedom into the air and sunshine.

Another kind of useful suffering is when suffering is necessary or unavoidable along a path to higher service, or as a means towards fulfilling higher purposes. This is when there is something we have to do, in order to serve the Greater Good or to fulfill a Higher Purpose, and personal suffering is an unavoidable part of doing this. If this is the case, then we will have to accept suffering, rather than seek to avoid it, in order to fulfill a Greater Work and Service. For to avoid suffering, or to choose personal pleasure over personal suffering, would be to fail in the Greater Work.

However it is also true that, during these unavoidable times of personal suffering it is possible to suffer not, because suffering is essentially subjective. It is essentially emotional or mental; that is, it is how we experience. Buddha taught that we do not need to suffer; that suffering can be eliminated. But he didn’t mean pain. It is how we experience, not so much what we experience. Buddha taught a Way to transcend suffering, by way of an enlightened mental attitude, rather than a way to avoid unpleasant circumstances of life. Buddha did not teach people how to avoid life. Real Buddhist monasteries were originally meant to be preparatory situations for achieving enlightenment or transcendence, so that they could then go out to teach and give to life.

Jesus was painfully crucified on a cross. The body would have reacted; let us speculate that he felt physical pain. Many people experience intense physical pain. But did Jesus actually suffer? One set of Christians believe that he did of course suffer in all that; he suffered and died on the cross. But other Christians believe that he overcame or transcended the suffering; afterall, this is not just an ordinary person. If Jesus could walk on water, then surely he can walk on top of suffering. In fact, in a forgotten gospel Jesus says that those who know how to suffer, suffer not. The suffering disappears when we know how to suffer. This is not an active avoidance of potentially sufferable situations; rather, it is suggesting there is a way to non-suffer through sufferable conditions. The way is to accept the suffering. Or surrender to it. This is what Jesus did. He accepted the suffering as being useful for a Higher Purpose, so he surrendered to it, rather than seeking to avoid it or regretting it. And thus, he came to state of non-suffering. He transcended identification with his body and transcended all rejection of suffering. Then once he accepted this situation and its useful necessity towards the Greater Good, he resurrected. He passed through a higher kind of initiation. He was already intent to serve life and was already working on plans for Greater Good, but now he passed through the next challenge, to accept and transcend the impending suffering involved in doing so.

So maybe we can see that suffering can be useful at times, or it could be even necessary, for a higher purpose. A spiritual devotee is willing to enter into challenging situations and not simply seek to avoid all personal discomfort as would the usual ego-self. Some kinds of suffering might also be necessary or unavoidable in our learning process. However, since suffering is ultimately a subjective experience, it could be transcended and thus disappear, if the right mental attitude is maintained -- which is acceptance but with detachment.

And what about wasteful and unnecessary suffering? Not all suffering is useful or spiritually purposeful. This is the kind of suffering that we should be avoiding and also helping to eliminate in the world. Ye need not suffer, the teachings say. First of all, people might learn how to transcend any suffering by a subjective change in their mind. But we cannot then just leave it at that. For there are very real, objective situations in the world that regularly produced suffering. We need to see and solve these outer conditions that bring suffering to so many people and animals as well, because these are unnecessary and wasteful sufferings. This then becomes the purposeful work of compassionate and life-serving people. We cannot just leave this up to God, nor just leave it up to those people to solve themselves. They need our help and are asking for our help.

The false view is to simply see it all as God’s Will or to simply say that it’s all divine. This is too often viewed as a spiritual realization, but it is ignorance clothed in new age robes. Most suffering does not have any divine purpose nor of a Divine Will. Rather, the Divine Purpose and Higher Will is to be working for its elimination and helping others crying out in need, and to also help eliminate injustices and violence. And it is certainly contradictory to attempt solving evils and injustices by acts of violence, since any violence against others is an act of injustice against their human rights. There is a great absurdity in trying to bring about unity and peace through means of violence or war.


Every energy problem from the past, which has not yet been resolved or transformed, is here with us. Energies from the past, including emotions and thought-forms from everyone in the past, are still here (they never went anywhere else), unless they have been resolved or transformed. This is one of the meanings of karma and reincarnation. Reincarnation is the continuation of past lives, which are living energies carried on from the past, and most of these energies are emotions and thought-forms. Emotions mostly include desires and reactive patterns such as fear, envy, selfishness and anger. Thought-forms are mostly beliefs, ideas, and ideals.

The continuation of these energy-forms from the past is somewhat of a good thing and somewhat not. Good energy-forms carried on are like good karma; while worn-out, immature or problem energy-forms are like bad karma. Upon the heals of good karma energies, we can sail onward in a higher evolution. But upon the heals of problematic karma energies, we either have to transform these energies or be dragged down by them. The spiritual work with good karma energies is to assimilate these into one’s present understanding and life, and then move onward into the next creative step. While the spiritual work with problematic karma energies is to resolve, clear or transform them into good energies.

This is the basis of healing work. Most people who have illness or problems are really suffering from a continuation of past problematic energies – in other words, the problems of their ancestors and past lives. Thus, much of healing has to involve clearing, resolution, and transformation. From a personal perspective, there is often a need to let go of this past stuff or to forgive the past stuff. Letting go and forgiveness are important keys to resolution and transformation of energies2.

Notes on HEALING…

Divine radiance comes from our soul. So from the soul give love and light radiance. From the soul give healing and blessing.

From the soul give all parts of oneself love and healing. Give healing to all inter-penetrating bodies of oneself.

From soul give love and healing to all people and all the world.


SEE that the world is immersed in Light and Love, and with spiritual will at work.
Use the power of thought and belief.

Be emotionally disattached. Yet spiritually passionate.

Essence of self is just consciousness;
Ego is a thought about myself in relation some desire or goal.


1This practice is explained elsewhere.

2See writings about death and astral plane