Choice is a very high spiritual practice. Unless one is choosing in this moment, one is probably asleep. Choose how to be. Choose the quality of thought. Choose the quality of emotion, and choose to let go of negative emotions. Yet, just because one chooses doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s inner or outer life will change immediately. Choice doesn’t mean that things will immediately be changed by the choice, as if I would choose something and immediately it occurs. But choice is the first needed step; it’s like turning on the engine of the car and heading in the right direction, so that things will start to move in that way and eventually we’ll get there. Choice is the first step to success in anything, whether it be inner or outer, and intention is the ongoing push needed throughout the progress towards success. Intention keeps the choice going.

Choice, or choosing, makes our life more conscious and real, and it also is the remedy for subconscious automatic living -- whereby one merely repeats the same stuff over and over again. And it sends energy in a new direction, hopefully better than before. Choose to be a better, more loving, more intelligent person. Choose a better, more meaningful life. Choose higher energies to be flowing though. Choose goodness, love, truth, beauty, happiness, joy. Choose to be of service and to make a positive difference in life.


Goals are important. Making a decision is the hardest part. But one cannot have a goal until one decides to what to make as a goal.


When we are in a cloud storm of erupted emotions or reactions or spinning around in negative thinking, the way of transformation is clearing.

Practice my free will, my power of choice.

I cannot easily change others or my world. We can influence changes, but we cannot immediately change others or the world around us. Yet we can immediately transform our own feelings and perspective. First we have to realize that we do have a choice. Next, realize that this possible change will depend on our making a choice. It’s up to us. First realize that there is a choice, then realize that a choice needs to be made. Then, make the choice. Exercise your free will choice.

One possible choice is letting it all go. Another possible choice is clearing. Another possible choice is to decide to not get so involved or wrapped up in other’s stuff, or not let other’s stuff make reactions in our self. Practice non-reaction, non-attachment. And keep an intention to be clear in mind and heart.

There is another method, which is to have a positive default idea always available. What this means is to already have a higher wisdom idea (or Truth) that we can always return to or come back to. Thus, it’s a default idea. For example, we might have a default idea of ‘The Divine is always present’, or ‘Let us have peace’. This default idea might also be a realized Truth, such as “My true self is free

Or, we might have a default intention, which we can always return to. For example, ‘I am returning to Clear Mind’… or to Wisdom Mind, or ‘I will return to Love.’ Or, my intention is freedom, or my intention is love. Or return to an intention to be in Attunement with Divine Love-Wisdom.

This can also be a default prayer, such as ‘May God’s Light and Love come to Earth’, or ‘May Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be done’. ‘In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful’. Also can use prayers or mantras from one of the traditional religions.

My (personal) Truth-Idea is…

My true self is free. I am free.

Also, I am open to the Divine Love healing and clearing all aspects of myself.

Clear mind and heart.

Be aware of the emotional body, and Clear it.

Practice of Divine Light Circulation…. with breath and Ya-Hu.

On the in-breath Ya, allow in the Divine Light-Love-Healing.


If I had power, what would I will to be? (already asked down below )

I will make an intention that my intention be in attunement with Divine Intention.

One’s intention is a very powerful force. It makes things happen. So make an intention that one’s intentions are in attunement with Divine Intention. Maybe simpler, make an intention to be in attunement with Divine Intention. This is how we can have a right relationship with the Divine. The Divine has Intention, which we are meant to follow, or to be in attunement with. Words can be confusing, so some people may not understand it by this word intention, but the usefulness of this word is in that we can then reflect it in our own intentions. Another word for this might be Will, as in Divine Will. May my will be as Thy Will. It’s the same idea. I will that my will be in attunement with Divine Will, which is the Greater Will. Who are we really? We are so little in the greater scheme of total life and in the greater purpose of life. And we owe so much to that Loving Power which created us and all of this world. The least we can do is to be in attunement and in harmony with the Greater Divine Will.

Another useful word for this is Purpose. There is Divine Purpose; meaning that the Divine has purpose. It has something to do, something that it’s working on – which has to do with mind and the manifest world. And this gives life a Purpose. In other words, life has a great Purpose and so does this world. And it’s purpose is exactly what the Divine Purpose is. Life’s Purpose and Divine Purpose mean exactly the same. Think about it. Think about what the Purpose of life is, or think about what the Divine purpose is. If we can figure out what this Purpose is, then many other awakenings are near at our door, and we have a better idea of what to do or what we are here to do. Many ideas and aspects about Divine Purpose are given in these pages, but everyone has to realize it for themselves. I was said, “I am a hidden Treasure and long to be known.” This is about Purpose, which is about realization and life.

So we have a few words useful for understanding, such as intention, will, and purpose. Having a goal is another useful idea related to all this. But it’s up to each of us to spend some time pondering about this. What is my larger intention (or intentions) in life. What do I will to be? If I had power, what would I will to be? If I were a God, what would I will to be? What would I be and what would I hope the world to be? Think about it. This is a very valuable reflective practice, also in small groups. What is my Vision of the world, or what do I hope about the world. And then also about myself: what is a great Vision about myself? Or what do I most hope for about myself. The more clarity we have about this, the greater the power is of such Vision. Intention with Vision is very powerful. And this also relates to Purpose, because I can also ask of myself, “what is my greater purpose in this life?” Or maybe I have a few purposes, which is alright. What’s important is that I think about all this, but in a deep thinking way. All the while, we might also consider that there Really IS a Greater Purpose to life, and I can either be in harmony with this or not. I can either be in attunement with the Greater Purpose or not, This is the hard, challenging choice.

For many people, though, this idea of Divine Will, Intention, or even Purpose is difficult to grasp. So this can also be understood as Love-Wisdom. The phrase of Divine Will or God’s Will may be used in teachings, but what does this mean more specifically? It can also be translated into Love-Wisdom. The Divine Will is the power for love. The Divine wills love; that is, love is the Divine Intention. Love is the Divine Will. Additionally, wisdom-intelligence is also part of the Divine Will. The Divine wills or intends there to be wisdom manifesting in the world. The manifestation of love and wisdom are part of the larger evolutionary process and part of the Greater Purpose. Therefore, we can just as well speak of love and wisdom as the meaning of Divine Will. The actual Triad of Divine Purpose is love, wisdom, and creative harmony/beauty.

God’s Will

Note that in Christianity.. God’s Will means what God Wishes. It is said that before we pray for something, or do something, we should consider God’s Will. So, God’s Will can, or not, be done; and it depends on what we do or ask. What happens in the world may not actually be God’s Will, for it could be the result of a human decision or action that has not understood or respected God’s Will. What happens depends on a relationship between God and man.

God’s Plan means a right way that we can follow or not.


My obedience is to Love-Wisdom

People speak about obedience to God, but obedience has awkward connotations, such as submissive and subservient, which irritate our western cultural emphasis on freedom and individuality. Obedience sounds like a medieval relationship between serf and Lord, or servant and King, or it sounds like a relationship in the military. But on a positive note, obedience to our parents seems reasonable, but then when we reach puberty we tend to think of ways to be disobedient or rebellious. There is an exciting feeling to being a bit naughty and not following the norm of what we are supposed to do. The individualist has to be a bit of a rebel, rather than an obedient conformist. So on a spiritual path, is this idea of obedience important or merely outdated?

First of all, we always need to make a distinction between man’s world and the Divine world. That is, we should make a distinction between obedience to people and obedience to God. We need to get that straight first. Whether or not we follow or conform to man-made rules is a whole other issue. The question we need to pose is about obedience to God. Next, even if we agree that obedience to God is the right way, there is a problem of false projection about what God wants us to do. There will be many ideas in the head about what God wants and how we should be obedient to this. But really, what do we really know about what God wants? Maybe our ideas are conditioned. Maybe we are projecting onto God what our upbringing taught us about obedience or what we should do. So it would be good to be wary of these conditioned beliefs.

Maybe consider that God wants us to be free and explore life without conformity.

For many people, spiritual obedience to God is too difficult and confusing an idea, though for some people this is a good way. Alternatively, we could simply think about spiritual obedience to Truth or to Love or to Beauty.

Obedience to Love, for example, eliminates a subconscious association with parental shoulds that can often happen when we think of obedience to God. In other words, obedience to God can get subconsciously confused in our minds with the shoulds and shouldn’ts conditioned in us from parental or authoritative religious sources. Consciously one will not often realize this automatic subconscious association and its consequential emotions. Thus, our feeling of what God wants will simply be what we think our parents or religion would want us to do, according to our childhood conditioning or religious indoctrination. Obedience to God, then, turns out to be an obedience to what we think or feel that our parents or religion would want us to do; and thus, obedience to God simply turns out to be an obedience to parental or religious rules. This is not to say that such rules are necessarily stupid or crippling, but it is better to have freedom from this subconscious conditioning, and then make a conscious discernment between what is truly spiritual and what is unnecessarily limiting in our religious or parental upbringing.

In certain psychological terms this tendency involves the superego. Our superego is our composite complex of shoulds and shouldn’ts, which can affect our moral feelings and decisions. God, or God’s Will, often turns out to be a mere projection of our conditioned superego. It is of course healthy to have some moral guidelines, but we do not have to remain limited in a conditioned moral construct built in us by parental or religious authorities. It is possible, as an adult, to rebuild our own superego or moral structure, based on love, truth, justice and beauty, instead of an outworn conditioned base.

So coming back to the idea of obedience, we can break free of our conditioned moral structure and the confusion between God and our conditioned superego, rather than simply be obedient to conditioning or to outside authority. And yet, we could still have a healthy sense of obedience to the Divine, but without a false God projection. This is accomplished by having an obedience to Love, Wisdom, or Beauty, or from your heart choose the highest Quality to follow. This will then become our principle of Guidance, or our true Guide. To be obedient to Love, Wisdom or Beauty will give us a fresh perspective and fresh guideline. Then we can say that we are followers Love, for instance, and this becomes our religion and our way.


Spiritual will is a sacrificial will

But the meaning of sacrifice here needs better clarification. It is not ‘I am going to sacrifice my self’, like a kind of death/sacrifice. There is a kind of egoism sacrifice, that is true. But the better understanding is: ‘giving of oneself’. I give of myself to the Higher Greater Purpose, Process, Work, or Will. I give of myself means, then, I give my will to this Higher Greater Purpose, Process, Work, or Will. I give of myself, or I give my will, is not a death of myself or my will; rather, it is a giving of it, or bringing it in alignment. Thus, spiritual will as meaning sacrificial will, is a sacrifice of limited egotism and a giving of oneself to the Higher Greater Purpose, Process, Work, Will. So this self-sacrifice is a kind of self-offering, an offering of oneself for the Higher Work, rather than a death. Death of oneself is not spiritual, because the Spiritual needs our self. What is asked is our self-offering, the offering of all of our self. This is the meaning of spiritual will.



Resurrection is the idea that we can transform from one level to a higher level, or progress from one level to the next. First we need to understand that there is always a higher or next level, from where we are now. We might have some sense or intuition about this next higher level, but we cannot know it in the fullest sense because we are not yet there. Many things about ourselves hold us back, but the primary obstacle is attachment and self-identification with the habit of self we are now. Many keys can be mentioned about how to resurrect to the next level, but the primary key is self-sacrifice. This is really important and really hard to do. Jesus made a great self-sacrifice in order to teach us the importance of self-sacrifice. Jesus, the great being that he already was, had to sacrifice his own present individual dignity and power, in order to resurrect to the next level. We cannot really know about this next level, unless we have been sacrificed there; but the esoteric teachings tell us that Jesus resurrected to a level of being that can now radiate Love and Guidance to all people across the whole world, not as an outer person but as an inward presence.