love is discovered in the very meeting between us

Perhaps we are searching for love. And perhaps, this love is discovered in the very meeting between us, in this love connection with one another, in this communion of love.

We are searching for God. To be more exact, we are searching or longing for a direct and immediate experience of union with God, the Universal Being. In one sense, this will be an inner experience, a private and secret experience, between oneself and God. It will be a communion within oneself. Yet there is also a possibility to experience this divine union with others – in group, in community, in gathering. It is quite simple. We are sharing in love. We are here in love. And what our hearts are enjoying is this communion in Love. And this Love is what we are searching for. This IS the Spirit of God. It is the Love between us and connecting us. It is the love we experience in the meeting, in the connection. So where is God? God is found in the love connection, the love communion, of which we are in. There is nothing higher or greater to achieve in such meetings, than the simple experience of our connection, our love connection, the Love that unites us, the Love in which we exist.


a feeling connection with others in meditation

In meditation it is possible to have a feeling-consciousness of being together in a larger group of like-minded people (souls in meditation) who realize a shared purpose, and who are thinking and working towards a better world, a more loving world, and cooperative world, and who meditate on bringing greater light, love, and holistic intelligence into the world.

A key to the feeling is realizing one’s spiritual purpose, in line with the Greater Purpose of life.

Sensuality and immersing oneself in an interactive flow.

Compassion and sympathy with everyone

Compassion for the Whole, for everyone, will usually be limited to some degree. The compassion will be limited to a finite circle. It begins very limited, whereby only close friends and family are involved. Then it may extend to a larger tribe or group, then rarely does compassion go any further than this. One reason the extension cannot usually go too far our is because we can cope with only so much, feel only so much about other’s pain. Therefore, real compassionate feeling can only go so far, can only include so much of humanity, because our compassion feeling capacity is limited. Yet our spiritual evolutionary work is to extend and expand our compassion as wide as possible, making the circle of compassion wider.

Feeling everyone’s suffering would be an endless task and fairly impossible anyways. Besides, there is really only so much that we can each do to help others. Sure, we can do more than we do now, to help others and humanity, but we cannot possibly fix everyone’s problems nor alleviate all that they are going through, because each person has to get through their own process, make their own choices, and move through their own changes. No one person can solve all problems for other people. Even if we are most compassionate and caring for all living beings, we cannot possibly alleviate everyone’s sufferings or all their problems, and we certainly cannot protect every life-form from death. Thus, part of our compassion is patience and acceptance of what is sometimes a slow process of awakening in other people, groups, and humanity as a whole.


There is of course suffering in this world. But note that suffering is emotional. It’s not quite the same as physical pain. Ultimate Being, God, does not suffer the suffering within it. Because it is absolutely accepting. If we are absolutely accepting, then suffering ceases. There may still be physical pains, but the emotion of suffering would cease. In our compassion we might feel the suffering of others, but if we accept the suffering and not become reactive, then we are not stuck in this suffering. And if we can find freedom from the suffering, then this also helps others do the same. But realize that we are not saying here that suffering is alright or that it can be dismissed as a world problem. Suffering is not simply ok, like it doesn’t really matter. If people are suffering, this is not good, and often the cause of suffering is some kind of greed or inhumanity imposed on others. So let us help eliminate the physical and economic causes of suffering. Yet if there is suffering in this moment, the best way to move beyond it is to accept it and not react to it. The reaction just causes more suffering. So feel the world suffering, but don’t get stuck in it.

Also remember that death, suffering and struggle are inevitable in this life. And of course, so is change. Accept what is inevitable.


all suffering is temporal

In this life, change and death is inevitable. So is suffering. To avoid any suffering in life would be impossible, because it’s part of the living process. Luckily, so is joy, so we don’t have to get too completely gloomy about this life. Thus, we might as well accept the inevitable, rather than either complain about it or try to avoid looking at how life really is.

So if we look at all of the life and open our compassion to all others, we will feel their hardships and their suffering, but don’t get trapped or identified in this, like not getting trapped in any particular situation or moment. Let consciousness and heart expand to be inclusive of the whole everchanging process of life; and then all suffering is realized to be everchanging and temporal. Then, if we focus on particular places of suffering

or particular people suffering at this moment, we will feel their pain, which is good to do at times in order to stay real. But if we instead have a whole inclusive view of life, we will feel the continuous everchanging qualities in all life, and in the overall process of life there is an undercurrent of Joy. We can even say that God is overall enjoying the whole ride. It’s sort of like riding in a boat and bouncing along the waves. If one focusing on each bounce, it seems rough and even painful, but our consciousness does not fixate and we experience the whole ride, it can be fun, exciting, enjoyable. So if we can understand and even feel life from the Overall View, it’s overall positive and enjoyable.

From God’s Whole view, or from God’s Love, God has compassion for all and on some levels suffers with all sufferers. But since God is not fixated on any particular points along the stream of change and not attached anywhere, this suffering flows by like a stream. God is not holding on to any of those suffering experiences. They just flow by and eventually there is a change into another stage, remembering that any suffering is merely a part of larger change processes, such that any suffering will eventually change into another quality of experience, especially if there is no identification or holding on to that suffering. So God suffers with us, just as God is the changing in this changing world; but God is never holding on. For God, suffering is a temporary quality of experience of experience within a greater process.


From this particular self-perspective of I-me, death is negative and undesired. But from the Whole Divine View (of God, Allah, Brahman, One Being), this is merely another change of temporal circumstances. Change is continuous and inevitable in the whole nature of life. Death and birth are inevitable in this continuous change, and in any period of time there are many little deaths and rebirths. Each of us is in the very stream of all this change. We are in the middle of it all, so to speak. And what is regarded as I, our usual self identification, attaches to fixed points along this stream of change. Just look at this. Just look at this changing self. We are the changing. The false understanding is believing that I am a particular point and place in this stream of change. In each particular moment I am a point; that is true in a sense. But it makes more sense to identify one’s self as the changing scene, rather than just one point along the changing scene. Right? Why identify with just what is now, when later on you will have changed? You are not anything static. You are the changing. And we can say the same for the Whole Divine Being. Transcendental from ever changing phenomena, the Whole Being just IS, but in this everchanging universe the Whole Being IS the everchanging. In this world of multiplicity and diversity, the Divine IS the multiplicity and diversity. But IT is all of this, the Whole, and not just a part of the All.


All living beings seek to live. This is the will-to-live in all beings. Yet as part of the Greater Life, each particular life form will have its eventual death, and along the way each life form will need to kill or at least eat other living beings. This is all part of the life struggle. Even non-harm conscientious vegetarians have to pull up a carrot and chomp on it. Every living being is also a sacrifice to some other. Though for humans, what is more profoundly of value to higher beings is not physical.