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Love Wisdom Teachings
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The following are discourses not yet presented on the Home Page.
These need to be further edited and organized.

Spiritual Metaphysics

Aspects of the One

God is Light

Divine Emanation

Higher to lower

Organic metaphysics

wrong ideas about God

Gods Will what it is

Discources on Unity


Mystery of Being

mystery and disclosure

Divine Process

a learning paradigm

Higher Influence

Ecological Metaphysics

chicken and egg

Order and freedom

Divine Creative Process



Mind and Ideas


limitation - evil

karma beliefs

problems of ignorance

mind creates reality

ideas of perfection

idea of perfect order

Arguments for God

levels of self

soul structure

more about soul

Miscl short discources

Realization and Expression

Conscious & subconscious mind

Experiencing the Divine

Experiencing the Divine 2

Union and separation

connection attunement

Working from higher to lower

Expressing Divine Qualities

Being the radiance

Service with love and light

personal ego transcendence

judgment and nonjudgment

purification and emptiness


Being Eastern

Path and meditation

Key Practices

Balancing trust and responsibility

intention and choice

intention and will

purpose and goals

Affirmation of truth


Balance in oneself

Harmonious Flow

healing for others

Sufi zikr

love and compassion


ego and reactions

conscious enjoyment

limitations in self

Religious freedom

revelation and values

This Love Wisdom website is a work in progress.
Discourses are presented here without a polished editing.
As time flows, there is an ongoing process of further editing and re-organizing.