Mystery and Disclosure

The nature of Divine Being, the One Being from Whom the universe and all life emerge, is creative pulsation. In Kashmir this dynamic creative pulsation was called Spanda. It is a pulsation between Inwardness and Outwardness, or one could say, between Spirit in its inward Self-Consciousness and Spirit in its outward manifestation. In this sense, it is the pulsation between Divine Knowing and Divine Expression. Both actually occur simultaneously, but there is also a vibration between one state and the other.

The One Being is pure Consciousness; it is pure, reflective, Self Consciousness. The One Being is also creatively expressive; it is Self-Expressive. So there is a pulsation or vibration between these two principles of Divine Being. Divine Consciousness is actively creative and expressive; rather than being like a passive observer. In other words, the Self-Consciousness of Divine Being, or Divine Being in its Self-meditation, is naturally creative. But this creativity is the spontaneous effect of meditative Consciousness. Creative-expressive manifestation naturally emerges from the reflective Self-Consciousness of Divine Being. This is truer to Reality than the belief-model that God at some point decided to create the universe for some reason or another. Instead, the universe and life is what naturally and spontaneously emerges from God Consciousness. We would understand this better if we knew that consciousness, knowing and intelligence create manifested effects, which is just how Reality is. So manifest expression naturally emerges from Divine Consciousness. Life is an unfolding process from God Consciousness. But we need to understand that we are living through a process that is unfolding the Qualities of God over time, so we do not see immediate perfections.

The other aspect of Divine Pulsation is between revelation and concealment. At one moment God is revealing, but at another moment God is concealing. We know this in our own experience, how insight or revelation suddenly emerges, but then Truth seems to hide away in another moment. This pulsation, though, can also be understood as simultaneous in every moment. For in any moment of meditation or of wakeful experience, there is both a revelation and a concealment. As any part of Truth is revealed by a focus, there is also a simultaneous concealment of all that is not being revealed. In the same way, whatever is said of Truth is revealing but also concealing of all that was not said. So, there is a pulsation or simultaneous paradox between revelation and concealment, emergence and submergence1, uncovering and covering, disclosure and disguising, leading and misleading. They come in pairs, one always with the other. Each revelation of Light is also a veil in front of the Total Light; just as each form of beauty, however fine, also distracts us from the beauty of its greater landscape. This is not to suggest that we should avoid enjoying particular beauties, or that we should deny any revelation of Truth; it simply suggests that one understand the partiality of any experience or knowledge, and not forget to pursue the concealed, the disguised, and the submerged.


God wanted to experience His/Her Qualities of Essence in form and action. God wanted to uncover and manifest His/Her Mystery, and experience the hidden treasure of Being. God needed a place to Self-reflect, so for this purpose creation came to be. But like a mirror yet to be polished, creation begins rough and unrefined, then gradually is refined as God’s Self-reflection polishes the mirror and the Divine Qualities gradually come into clearer view and expression.


Since God is disclosing something new each moment, through us and in the world, no moment should ever be boring. Each moment is a new self-disclosure of God.


The Divine Limitlessness LIGHT contracts to make individualized forms.

Consciousness-Being oscillates between freedom and engrossment.

fluctuates from freedom (of Will) to physical determinism

God fluctuates from freedom (of Will) to physical determinism. Consequentially, life is not merely deterministic, nor is life absolutely free.

Cosmically and metaphysically, Consciousness-Being oscillates between freedom and engrossment. To understand this, let us consider the fluctuation of our own human consciousness, which by the principle of microcosmic reflection is a rough mirror of the greater macrocosmic Being. Our consciousness fluctuates between complete engrossment in the matters of life and occasional freedom to be simply reflective in itself. We get lost in various attractions and concerns of the material and social world. Then, if we have developed a freedom of consciousness by meditative practice, our consciousness has a chance to be liberated from this engrossment. This liberation is a very noticeable shift in consciousness, and there is even a quality of bliss in this freedom, until consciousness once again becomes engrossed in something or another. So we can find in our own experience this oscillation between engrossment and freedom. On the macrocosmic scale this explains the cosmic reality, for God Consciousness continuously oscillates between engrossed involvement in the matters of life and freedom in its own Self-reflection. This is how God can be both involved the world and free of the world.

So in this model, involvement in the world and freedom from the world are the two poles of God-Consciousness, and potentially the two poles of our own consciousness as well. Neither is really better than the other. They are both necessary to creation and divine purpose, so we should not leave aside one for the other. If we are not involved in the world at all, then we are missing out in service, enjoyment, and variety of experience. The same can be said if God were not involved. And if we are never free of the world involvement, then we would be continually taken here and there by the forces of life and never realize our own freedom. In addition, new creativity comes out of this freedom of consciousness. Also in this freedom we realize our free will; and thus we can make new decisions and commitments. None of this would be possible if our consciousness were continuously engrossed in the phenomena of the moment. God too has to be free in this way. The difference between God and us, in this respect, is that God oscillates from world involvement back to freedom in every single moment, while we can become lost in world involvement for many moments or sometimes years.

So for God, there are these two poles of, and fluctuations between, bondage in the material world and freedom of Creative Will. To some extent the Divine Creative Will is not absolutely free, because to some extent there is bondage to the laws of material life. To put this in other words, the Creative Will must deal with material forces, and its power to freely create at Will is limited by the oscillation between freedom and engrossment.


Limitation of Knowing

Each living form is both God-Being and not God-Being. Each is of God and in God and a part of God-Being; thus in the sense being God. Yet each is also not-God, since each is somewhat limited, ignorant, and distorted, while God is unlimited, knowing, and clear. Each living form is a condensation of the One Universal Light. Each is a vibrational rate of Light. So it is true that each form is Light. But each is not the pure Light Itself. And only the Pure Light Itself, as Essence, can really Know Itself as It truly is. Sunlight is in all life forms of the earth, but only the Sun experiences Being-Sun. All other kinds of knowing are limited by the medium of that knowing; that is, any knowing by a particular living being is always limited by its level of vibration and also by the form of its own existence.

Each form can know something of God-Being and some of the qualities of God-Essence, but none can know all of God-Being or all of God-Essence. Only God-Being/Essence can know itself as the Pure Essence. This is the distinction between God and us. Our knowing is always limited and colored by a certain Quality. Even when we seem to have a direct experience of absolute Essence, this experience will have a subtle Quality. So each living awareness, or mind, or heart, perceives God and Divine Truths according to particular limitations and colorations of Quality. No experience, perception or knowing is completely absolute - without any limitation, perspective or coloration; though some experiences are closer to the absolute than others.

Yet what makes all of this existence quite interesting is that each living awareness experiences the essential Reality somewhat different from others, because of unique limitations, perspectives and quality-colorations, and each moment is somewhat different as well. This fact of differences should be kept in consideration in our relationships with others; remembering that others experience things somewhat differently than us, and that we experience things somewhat differently from others. For however small the differences might be in some cases, the fundamental fact of differences remains, which suggests that our full understanding of each other is somewhat limited and colored by our own projections, rather than being absolutely knowing. Realizing this fact in everyday life might bring about less automatic judgment of others, with greater respect and compassion.

Who is experiencing?

The Universal Self, God, is experiencing. Universe is experiencing universe.

Experience moves through the four worlds. What are the four worlds? Well prior to even these four worlds is Absolute God, transcending all of the worlds, as the absolute Source and absolute Experiencer. The first world is the realm of Light Angels, or Prime Urges, or Divine Qualities, or Archetypal Ideas, or Principle Truths; depending on the language being used. The second world is the realm of creative imagination, which pluralizes and diversifies the Qualities or Ideas from above. This is also called creative mind. The next world is the realm of subtle formative energies and forces, which mediate between the previous worlds and the manifest world. In human context, these are emotional and etheric energies. And of course the manifest world is the final realm. Experience moves through all of these worlds, which is the Divine Presence or Divine Consciousness. And it is only because of Divine Consciousness, the Consciousness of God, that there is any consciousness at all or any experience at all. For every moment of consciousness and experience depends on there being God’s Consciousness and Experience. Our ‘personal’ consciousness and experience is simply a fragment of the absolute God Consciousness and Experience. So there is really but One Consciousness and One Experiencer, of which we partake in some partial manner. Divine Presence, or God Essence, or God Consciousness2, is everywhere and in all realms, but we are partaking of this and experiencing this in some limited degree.


We need not speak of God in spiritual discourse. We do here, but we need not. Instead, we could just speak of Being or Beingness. Not just one person’s being, but Being Itself. This is God. We could just speak of Love. This is God. Not just someone’s love, but Love Itself. So it is not just my love or your love, but just pure Love, that which we each get a some taste of. Or we could just speak of Consciousness. This is God. Not just someone’s consciousness, but Consciousness Itself. So it is not just my consciousness or your consciousness, but just pure Consciousness, that which makes experience possible. Even look at beauty. For those who can really see, beauty is an expression of Love, either by nature or human-made. And since Love is God, beauty is the finest expression of God. But again, we do not even need to speak of God; for we can just speak about being, love, consciousness, beauty, or even just life -- all qualitative names of the mysterious True Reality.


Each I is a place (a location) of Consciousness. This is the sense and meaning of ‘I am conscious’. Each of us a center for consciousness and perception. Thus, I am the perceiver, I am the experiencer. In its pureness, this consciousness, this experiencer, is atman, the Divine Consciousness individualized and having location. Nonetheless though, this is One and Only Consciousness. In other words, a particular location (I-self) of Consciousness is still Consciousness; just as water in different places is still water. Wherever water is, in limited form, it is still water. A localization of light does not make it different or separate from light itself.

The One Consciousness is localized in each self, so that each self is an experiencer, which is microcosmic of how the One Being is the Great Experiencer. We are experiencers within the greater Experience of God, and the accumulation of all experiencers is the primary Experience of God. It’s not like God is looking down on us, like observers us from above. Rather, God is experiencing us and the world through the experiencing capacity of each person; even including animal, plant, and material as well (though in a much more simplistic manner).

Consider also that the One and Only Light (the only kind of light there is) is all over, pervading everywhere, and is the essence of everyone. So an individualization of the One Light is simply a focalization of it. So there is no separation nor any real difference between atman and Brahman; no difference between my consciousness and The Consciousness. One is simply a focalization of the Latter.

Great Masters realize themselves as the One Consciousness, and they can easily transcend the limited localization of being a particularized perceiver, But for most of us, there is a tendency to return to an individualized, localized consciousness; which is especially useful for practical activities. Yet it is possible for anyone to transcend localization- placeness of Consciousness, at least for awhile, being just Consciousness Itself, unlocalized and placeless. This is an esoteric, mystical possibility.



Siva is the same as Brahman, the Universal Being. Brahman was a name brought to India by Vedas, but the worship of Siva was already present. Brahman, though, is never depicted by any form, so the concept is purely abstract and represents formless Spirit or the Self of the Universe. This whole Universe, the all and everything, is the Self-Being called Brahman. Siva, by contrast, is depicted in various forms, though the earliest form was simply a phallic image, emphasizing virility, vitality, or active Spirit. Later, the Idea of Siva evolved into the Dancing form, portraying the One Self Who is dancing through life. A third concept of Siva is the Destroyer, under the realization that meditational absolving into pure consciousness is a destruction of personal selfness and ordinary experience.

For now let us visualize the Dancing Siva and consider its significance. Siva represents the One Self Who is dancing through life. There is only One Self, One experiencing consciousness. This is the Universal Self, that we can call Siva. This could be called any name, but we are using this name as an example for understanding. So Siva is who we are.

Siva is Who is looking through us. If one can become very clear in mind, transparent, then one may realize Siva experiencing through this mind.


Universal Mind

Within Universal Mind are several dimensions. One is consciousness, another is intelligence, and another is the realm of creative and moral ideas. All of these are modes of Universal Mind. Now in the realm of our existence, which is always limited to some degree, there are various levels of how these modes are realized. In other words, in any single being there is a level of consciousness, a level of intelligence, and a level of ideas. These levels may be greater or lesser than what is realized and expressed by others. So in the world of particular limited beings, in time and space, there are levels of realization and expression in regards to the modes of Universal Mind. Everyone is in the same Universal Mind, but each realizes this universal fullness to varying degrees. No one could realize the complete fullness of Universal Mind, since every particular being is limited to some degree, but everyone can expand the abilities they have so far. So maybe we can at least see what’s possible, what’s available to us, and what we are here to do.

How the Universal is known depends on us. It depends on this medium we call our self. Especially with the realm of ideas, the knowledge of ideas greatly depends on us. In fact, one of human’s main functions is the formulation of creative and moral ideas. The Universal, Divine Mind is the essential creator of ideas, that is, all creative and moral ideas originally stem from Universal Mind, but these ideas are abstract until the human mind particularizes them, since the limited human mind helps to formulate the Universal Ideas into a more concrete and contextualized expression.

The ideas that we have range from higher to lower ones, or we might say the range is between absolutely true and absolutely false, or between absolutely good ideas and absolutely bad ideas. So just because all ideas originally stem from Universal Mind, does not necessarily mean that all ideas are good. In any idea there is an original seed that is divinely good, but many ideas are distortions from their original seed essence. So we have a possibility of higher ideas to lower ideas. The higher ideas have greater harmony and unity, with greater purpose. The lower ideas have less harmony, more distortion, and a narrower field of purpose. Remember also that harmony and unity is greater beauty, so we could also say that higher ideas are more beautiful. Higher ideas are also related to consciousness and intelligence; because greater consciousness and intelligence in a person tends to produce higher ideas, or we might say that higher ideas possess greater consciousness and intelligence.

Generally, higher ideas are more intelligent, holistic and harmonious; while lower ideas can be separative, divisive, narrow, stupid or even harmful. But again, the Divine does not create these lower ideas. Divine Ideas, the highest of all ideas, are the original ideas of goodness, unity, holism, harmony and beauty. All human ideas have proceeded from these idea essences, but the lower ideas are those that have been distorted by narrow interests of limited egos. It is like looking at a beautiful landscape through a very narrow slit; one does not see the whole picture and the picture may even be distorted, so the beauty is not realized. This is sort of the way it is with a very limited ego and Divine Ideas; not much of the original beauty and holistic intelligence is grasped.

Now, after considering Universal Mind and its relation to human mind, let us consider a simple model of human mind, whereby we distinguish the mind into conscious, subconscious and universal. The universal aspect of the human mind is, of course, none other than Universal Mind. Remember that Universal Mind is in the human mind, or that human mind has the Universal in it. We all have a natural capacity to receive Ideas and Guidance from the universal aspect of mind. There’s always a link because the universal is inside mind itself. It’s the source of mind, the ground, the essence, the archetypal field.

Next to consider is the conscious part of mind. But first just to note is that the Universal Mind Itself is conscious, one might even say super-conscious. From the perspective of normal awareness the universal may seem to be unconscious, but that is only because we are unconscious in relation to it. So from our own perspective we are conscious and the universal seems unconscious and mysterious like a dark tomb. But from the universal perspective we are the one who is fairly unconscious. Nonetheless, we can acknowledge a fact that we are conscious, that the part of mind thinking about itself at this very moment must be conscious. I know I am conscious because I am thinking about this. So the conscious part of mind is that which presently thinks, but even more important it is that which decides. Just think about it: when you decide is when you are most conscious. If one merely reacts mechanically without deliberate decision, then this can be done without consciousness. So real decision in the moment implies consciousness, rather than mechanical unconscious behavior. Decision is a significant function of conscious mind and so is its related function of will. We know consciousness when there is a present sense of knowing and a sense of deliberate will or decision. And this deliberate decision or will is very powerful. It is like a director of energies and forces.

Also : another function of conscious mind is knowing and learning.

Also that the conscious mind is the decider, makes decision has will.

So patterns the subconscious mind.

Also: universal mind is the source of higher ideas.

Next we need to consider the subconscious mind.


Knowing God as Cosmic Fire or Cosmic Light

This eliminates the tendency to think of God in super-human form.

Fire and Light are interchangeable kinds of Energy, meaning that each can suddenly switch to the other. Though there are some important distinctions between Fire and Light. Light has a relation to mind and consciousness, while Fire has relation to emotions and inspiration. Mind is made of Light, and Life is made of Fire. Combine these to make conscious life. So we need both fire and light. Some teachings have said that Light comes from above, but fire comes from below; and thus Light has been related to the heavens, while Fire has been related to the earth and life. And it is true that Fire can produce intense negative emotions, as well as intense positive ones. So because of this, some teachings suggest that Fire is a lower energy than Light. This is true in some cases, but the highest vibration of Fire is really interchangeable with the highest vibration of Light. At the highest vibration of Cosmic Fire is Love. So if we invoke Cosmic Fire, we should remember that Love is included in this. Thus, some call it the Fire of Life, and others call it the Fire of Love. At the highest level, Light, Fire, Love, and Life are all one great Energy, which we can receive more or less.

Allow in the Cosmic Fire of Life and let it circulate throughout your physical body, emotional body, and mind. This fiery energy of Life is the great healer and purifier. If we realize that Love is included in this, then the good is increased even more.


Consciousness is what the universe is actually made of.

Everything there is is a manifestation of consciousness, and each point of consciousness (or each manifestation) has its particular intelligence – which is its intelligence of how to behave, or the intelligence that guides its activity. Each element has its unique intelligence, which we understand as its unique properties, that is, how it behaves. Every element in the universe is a manifestation of intelligence and also has some degree of consciousness. This begins with basic elements.

The most basic are H and He, which in mythology could be called Adam and Eve. Then, from these combining and from others combining, other elements are born in the universe. Each will have its own intelligence and consciousness. Consciousness is the degree-amplitude of overall Light-energy inherent in any element, and intelligence is analogous to the various light frequencies (or in some sense color) emerging from that element. Each element has its own signature of frequencies.

These then combine to produce more complex entities or intelligences. Larger and more complex intelligences emerge, constituted by the more elemental intelligences, and these are usually called Devas, greater natural intelligences of the universe or our world. These Deva intelligences have physical representations, or manifestations, but these are usually multiple rather than confined to just one thing or object.

If we study the physical universe, we find stars and galaxies and a few other odd phenomena. Each of these is a particular conscious intelligence; though also each is part of an Over-intelligence, a larger cosmic Deva. For example, all spiral galaxies are children of the spiral galaxy Over-intelligence Deva.

On earth, there are many Devas-Intelligences of nature, different for each species, though there many interrelations of these Devas, and as such there are Deva families which encompass similar species. The key to understanding this is to do with differences in intelligence.

Human intelligences have the capacity to synthesize nature intelligences, and thus combine and integrate these intelligences of nature within human intelligence and the human psyche. So, human intelligence is generally an evolutionary step from the elements and from nature intelligences, because human intelligence has a capacity to incorporate and integrate all of these; though a full actualization of such capacity is far away in our evolution. Master human intelligences, master souls, are a step even further, for they are not limited by spatial laws and can actually guide nature and human intelligences.


What is Divine Compassion? And how the Divine experiences life through us….

Divine Compassion is the One Divine Being, God, knowing and feeling our experiences from our view. This means that God knows me from my own experience. This is different from the usual religious notion that God knows us by a kind of watching from above as it were, which suggests a distanced observation. But God’s knowing is much more intimate than this, because God knows us from the perspective of our own experience. God feels and experiences our lives from our very own perspective. Yet not only is God knowing us from this inner perspective, but also God is caring about our wellbeing and our spiritual path, and also whispering suggestions of guidance. This is all part of the Divine Compassion: an empathy perspective, a caring, and guidance towards wellbeing and spiritual development.

God knows us from within us, from our own perspective and experience. God even experiences what we experience. Yet, unlike our own life experiences, God the Divine Omniscience is not completely absorbed in every momentary experience of this individual life. For there is a detachment in Divine Omniscience, along with the inner empathy. Both are present in the divine knowing: deep empathy but also unsentimental detachment. In our little individual perspective we are usually absorbed in our moment-by-moment experiences – which is to do with the people or environment around us and also the way we interact or react in this world. Yet the Divine Omniscience (Divine Knowing) does not share this same limited engrossment. The Divine experiences each moment of our limited and engrossed experience, which includes our enjoyments, our struggles, our sufferings, our reactions, and also our love and good intentions. The Divine is right here with us in it all. This is the Divine Empathy, or the Divine knowing us from within our own experience, which is different from a false notion of divine distance. But, the Divine experience of our individual perspective is not completely absorbed and engrossed in it all, because the Divine is transcendentally detached. This detachment simply means that it is not completely absorbed in the individual details or the reactions, or the problems, or even the specific enjoyments, etc. But nonetheless, the Divine experiences what we experience, which is the Divine Empathy. This detachment makes metaphysical sense, because the all-knowing Divine Omniscience must be larger than any single individual perspective, and thus it would not be swayed into individual engrossments. Yet, simultaneously, the Divine Omniscience knows and feels everything occurring from each individual being.

There is really only One Being, of which us individuals are fragments or portions, with limited yet developing attributes of the Divine. So it makes intuitive sense that the Whole One Being, with Infinite Mind, which we can call God, can experience and know each of us from our very own limited perspectives, but without being attached or identified to any single experience (as we ourselves are). This gives God an intimacy and also a real empathetic compassion in relation to ourselves.


Light Vibration and thought-form

The unfolding of Light in the world is very much related to the evolution of human consciousness and the human psyche. This is an evolution towards greater love, wisdom, integration, peace and goodwill. Human evolution is a raising of higher qualities from latency to actual beingness, all of which is lead by the unfoldment of Light. Consciousness is actually Light - in its aspect of subjective experience. So Consciousness is made of Light, as it were. But if the Light is only a little, then the consciousness is only a little and its vibration is not as high as it could be. Thus, as Light increases, so does consciousness increase and also its vibration.

Another description of human evolution would be the increase or upliftment of the vibration of consciousness and also of heart-love. So, the Great Cosmic Process of Light penetrating through darknesses, for the evolution of life, is the same as the evolutionary increase of vibration, or the ascension of vibration. Vibration of the mind-heart becomes higher. Vibration of consciousness-knowing and heart-love become higher. This is the evolutionary Path. So to be intentionally on this Path (i.e. to participate intentionally) is to raise our vibration.

To some extent this depends on higher energies above us, but also, to some extent this depends on our own will. If one wants to raise their vibration, in consciousness/mind and in heart/love, then this can be done by will. Yet realize that this will is partly an effort and partly a sacrifice. It’s not just a will of effort. It’s also, necessarily, a will of sacrifice; because to raise one’s vibration of consciousness and love, one must sacrifice some degree of attachment to the lower vibrations. In other words, one cannot raise to a higher vibration of mind and heart, unless there is some degree of sacrifice of our lower vibrational states. One has to let go of the lower before rising to the higher; so our required will in this is to let go of the lower while also navigating into the higher.

The evolutionary work of raising vibration also concerns thoughtforms. We must bring our consciousness/mind into higher thoughtforms. These higher thoughtforms already exist, just as the higher vibrations and higher consciousness already exist. We come up into them. We raise our consciousness into them.

Imagine a model of this, as various levels of thoughtforms. And let us also include various levels of emotion, because emotions also have different levels of vibration. So, there are higher and lower levels of thoughtforms and emotions. Each thoughtform and each emotion can be visualized as somewhere along a great vertical scale of higher and lower vibrations. Thus, whatever thoughtform and emotion one has at this moment is situated somewhere along this scale of vibrational levels. Next, realize it is possible to move up to a higher level. This is done with will and breath, and with greater consciousness and love. Also, move into a higher emotion and thoughtform. This can also be understood as moving into the mind/heart of someone greater.


The ladder to God is infinite. There is infinite space to climb, no limit to this Sky. We can ever expand and rise infinitely upward. This is what makes the Journey so amazing, because there is no final end to it, though we can reach stations of Unity consciousness. Be free and rise upward. Fly upward and higher towards God.



If you are veiled, step through the veil.

This is up to the person; yet also dependent on Grace.

Also, this would only be possible for those who already have some gnosis.

While for those who have no idea they are veiled;

they can not step through the veil, until they first realize they are veiled.

Realization is all about dropping veils, the boundaries and barriers. These veils, boundaries and barriers produce the separate self. Drop the separate self. Let it go. And when we let it go, a greater expanse suddenly opens up. The inner world, or inner experience, suddenly becomes much more expansive, as the self is now much larger, less constricted. What are these boundaries or veils made of? There are different kinds. Some are thought constrictions or fixations. Some are emotional desires. Some are emotional upsets. Some are based on pride or some sense of self-importance. And some are based on fear. Probably the hardest to overcome are the fears. We fear pain, rejection, and mostly we fear death. We fear the unknown. So it is hard to let go of the present veil or boundary, because we fear the unknown behind it. We are familiar and comfortable with what is inside our little boundary of self, but what is outside of this is a vast unknown. So fear is one of the greatest barriers. If we can trust that we are loved, we can let go of the separation barrier, because we trust that love is on the other side. If we can trust that there is Being on the other side, then we can let go to this. But we have to come into some kind of faith or trust in the goodness, love or livingness of the other side, that which is greater and beyond out present little walled in self.


We may want to find God. That is a worthy goal. The easiest and best way is to find the Presence of God. If we can see through some veils, we might experience God. That is, if we can see through the veils of others or those of ourself. If we can see through these veils, we might know the Presence of God in that person. We might see what is hiding.


If we let go of our mental and emotional preoccupations, and clean the heart-mind of anything that might cloud the window of the heart from experiencing God; then, once clear, and according to our receptivity and allowing, the Light of God comes through this empty vessel and only God is experienced. Then there is only Light and Love, Beauty and Bliss, Peace and Presence. Here God is experienced, God is known. But even in this divine en-lightenment, the knowledge and experience is somewhat limited. We are experiencing God, yet not all of God complete, nor God in its finest clarity. Only God Him/Herself can experience the completeness and perfect clarity of Self-Knowing. But we can at least be a partial participant in this Self-Knowing, if we can enter into that meditative/worship as described above. One comes into a state where there is only experience of God; yet each experience will be somewhat limited in its completeness and clarity. Each experience of God is limited; yet each limited experience is at least a knowing of one of God’s Qualities. It may not be possible for all Divine Qualities to be experienced comprehensively in any one moment, but we can experience at least one of the Divine Qualities. This too may be limited in its intensity and clarity, but at least one is having a taste.

Now each experience of God, or each knowing of God as this or that Quality, is also a veil hiding the compete and clear Reality of God-Being. Yet such a veil is also a delicious taste of God in at least a limited experience. Thus, each experience or knowing of God is a veil, which both hides us from the complete Knowing and reveals some of the beauty or quality of God. So, even though each veil conceals, the veil is also worthy of appreciation for what it reveals. Certainly, to see God in clothing is infinitely better than not seeing God at all, and how beautiful that clothing is. This discourse is about experiences of God, which are God yet not God.


1 Elsewhere I elaborate on this emergence submergence

2 These all mean the same.