Metaphysics – of divine influence (its not negating physics)

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Faith in relation to spiritual power

Faith and confidence in oneself and also in life is, of course, very important to material and social success. The greatest successful people in life are those with a high level of faith and confidence in themselves. And this success prognosis is increased if the person also has a great faith in God – that God or higher spiritual powers will assist one in gaining personal success and achievement. A persistent and focused will is of course also needed, as well as a whole lot of personal effort.

But our focus here is concerned with the relation between faith and spiritual power. Spiritual power has a different meaning, distinct from ego or personal power. There may be correlations and a kind of symbiosis, but spiritual power is not merely the same as ego or personal power. Personal-ego power is usually focused on personal achievement and success. It is often focused on financial success or on achievements to display oneself as better than others. However, there is nothing un-spiritual about personal achievements nor about feeling proud of being really good at something. But spiritual power and success is more focused on helping to spread love and intelligence in the world, of helping others and the world, and of serving the greater Purposes of life. It's not so much about oneself. And yet, being personally successful could be a product of being spiritually successful. Essentially, spiritual power is to have a greater capacity for serving Divine Purpose and of helping to improve life all around. So its focus is not so limited on 'me' and 'my achievements'.

As spiritual souls on this living earth journey, we need spiritual power to be spiritually creative – in one of the arts, in politics, in education, in business and in any form of service. Many people are 'creative' in some field, or with some kind of technology, or in some kind of art, music, writing, etc. But spiritual creativity is distinct from ordinary creativity, because it is motivated by a sincere wish of goodwill for all, and a desire towards beauty and harmony, and it is guided by love and a higher realized wisdom. Spiritual creativity, in essence, is divine creativity working through oneself.

We also need spiritual power to become free of our conditioned personality patterns and addictions, and to be free from the many subtle influences of our culture and society. A spiritual power is needed to dis-attach and overcome the other powers of self-patterns and societal influence, because those other powers are very powerful.

So we need spiritual power for these reasons. But how does one acquire this power? Faith is one of the keys. First, realize that God is love, wisdom, and power. God is not a power without love, and God is not a love without power. And nor is God a power without wisdom. So if we can feel that God is loving, then also realize that God's love has real power. And if we believe that God has wisdom, then also know that this wisdom has power. Or in other words, believe in the power of Love and Wisdom.

The world we are in is full of many powers. If we are simply passive about life, or just fatalistic (believing that everything is already fated to happen as it does), then the many powers of the world and also in our own mechanical conditioning will determine who we are and how our life unfolds. This will not be determined by God; instead, our life will be determined by these world forces – social, economic, and political forces, and also by our own mechanical forces and habits of mind. So think twice, if you think that all life is determined by God or by cosmic astrological patterns. For a whole lot of history and what is now happening is determined by these other forces of society and ego.

But there is a Great Power, the Power of God, which is Spiritual Power. This Power is greater than any other power. It will overcome any other power.

Yet the powers of egos and society are very real forces, and it is very difficult to become free of these – to not get trapped into it, or to dis-identify from it. This is a very difficult task. But Spiritual Power is greater, if it one has persistence in bringing it in. The other forces will fight back, and sometimes they might seem to win. But the Spiritual Power of Love and Wisdom will eventually overcome all other powers, if one can keep faith and persistence.

So one of the great keys in this is faith – because faith connects us with the Divine Power and allows it to flow. Without faith, there is a lack of spiritual connection and flow; which means then that the Divine Power cannot effectively work in the realm of manifestation. With faith, though, the Divine Power can then successfully enter into any situation to solve or heal a problem.

Know that there is only One Great Power. This is the Power of God. There are other powers at work in the world. Not all working powers or forces in the world are God intended. Many are false pretensions, false distortions, and spiritually ignorant. They make use of power, but in a spiritually ignorant way, or in a way that is ignorant of higher purposes in life. They use the powers given by God, but in a wrong or ignorant way. This is why everyone has to, at some point, connect with and come under the influence of the Highest Power, God, including Love and higher Wisdom; or else remain lost, identified and attached in the lower forces – at large mostly in society, media, and business.

The Highest Power, God, can overcome and transform these lower forces (in the world and in oneself), but this will not happen without faith and agreement. Faith opens up the spiritual connection and flow. Agreement allows the spiritual flow and grounds it into manifestation.

Realize that there is one Great Power, greater than all other powers in the world or in oneself. This is the Power of God (which includes the Power of Love and Wisdom). Have faith in this. Allow this into your life and into circumstances. And agree to this. Then, the Greatest Power of all the universe can work though you and manifest into this world.


Inclusiveness is the essential aspect of Love that is embracing and including. The experience is like allowing others into our love. A mystical saying states that only the heart can contain God. And it could also be said that God’s Love contains all beings, embracing and including all in one great Love. Thus we can know that God embraces and includes us in His/Her Love. Realizing this, knowing it and feeling it, is a profound liberating and healing experience. God embraces us and draws us into Him/Her. So we are included in all of the healing and wisdom Qualities of God.

According to esoteric theosophy, this inclusive and embracing aspect of God’s Love is the motherly aspect, while the radiatory and emanating aspect is the fatherly. But what is important is that we are embraced and loved by Divine Being, and we are being drawn into Love. The physical representation of this aspect of Love is gravity. Remember that the sun is always pulling the earth to it, which keeps the earth orbiting around it. This gravity force of the sun is like the embracing aspect of Love; while the light and energy that is streaming out from the sun is representative of the radiatory-emanating aspect of Love.

It is of profound significance to realize our relationship to the Divine Source, or to God, which is somewhat analogous to the earth’s relationship to the sun. So one should ponder on this, and hopefully experience it all directly. But let us now turn our mind and heart to the world around us, and ponder on how we might relate to others and the world in general.

Know that God loves us and is embracing us. This is extremely profound and healing. It is true personally and also worldly. We are in the emanation and embrace of Love. But also we can consciously participate in this. We can become conscious emanations of Love. We can consciously embrace others and the world with love. This becomes part of our spiritual practice and service. This is not a directly visible outward service, though it can unfold into visible, physical action, which can be quite efficacious.

The practice here is to embrace others in love, either specifically or the whole world in general. Include others in your love, and then include everyone in your love. This also means 'allowing in' others, with love’s acceptance and inclusiveness. It also means receiving others and welcoming them into Love, which produces spiritual healing.

Allow others into your love, and they will come closer into God’s Love. We are bringing others into the Divine Love, by the portal of our own love. This is a great secret. We are [potential] trustees and shining stars of Divine Love. So if, in any moment, we can consciously embrace, include, accept, receive, welcome, and bring others into our own heart; then, amazingly, we are bringing them into God’s Love.

Also, by this conscious acceptance and receiving of others into our love, the divine qualities inherent in them are encouraged to emerge. As we are in the state of receptivity and acceptance, the spiritual love and creativity in them is then catalyzed into activity – due to our being a receiving end to their potential flow of divine energies. Thus, the receiving and embracing quality of love makes it possible for the Divine to naturally emerge from the other. The receiving quality of one person helps to bring forth the active-creative spiritual quality in the other. This receiving quality is also related to recognizing the divine emerging through others. First of all, one needs faith in the essential divinity of others. Next, one needs to be a nurturer for the emergence of that divinity. And finally, we must be open to recognizing and receiving the divinity at the very moment of its emergence.

So the divine is calling us back to Unity – back to Itself - calling us back into Love. This is one of the divine principles at work, and it produces transmutation and refinement of energies – through assimilation of the lesser into the greater. We are part of this, for we are each being drawn back into Love. Though it is possible for our ego to resist this for a time. But generally speaking, we are being drawn into the Divine Love, further and further embraced by this Love; just as we are also part of the emanating process of Divine Being. Yet also remember that we are each [potential] conscious participators in these two complimentary processes of Love. Remember that our love can include more and more, embracing more and more of the All, and in doing so we are ourselves come further into the Divine Unity of Being. The Masters, Saints and Great Ones ‘above us’ (so to speak), are those who’s being is more inclusive and encompassing of the Infinite All.

So first, spiral dance into God, into Love, into Love’s Union. Next, Turn and radiate love to the whole world, being the sunlight of love, sharing love everywhere. And next, Turn fully around and embrace the whole world, allowing and including everyone into the receiving heart. Welcome everyone into Love, saying come into Love.

There is no one certain way of expressing love. There is no one certain way to worship or love God. There are many ways to express love and worship God. There are many ways to express beauty. Yet not all is beautiful. Not all expressions are beautiful. This is because not all expressions come from love. Only expressions that come from love can be beautiful.

Love is the ultimate defining essence, the necessary criterion for beauty, virtue and goodness. For without love, a form of expression cannot have beauty. Love is the necessary essence for any form to have beauty, virtue and goodness. There are many possible styles of worship and many possible forms of beauty, but there cannot be worship or beauty without love. Thus, not everything in the world is beautiful, virtuous and good, because not all actions in the world are motivated by true love. Much is motivated by mere self-love and self-desire, but only that which is motivated by real love can ever be spiritually beautiful and good. There is no beauty when the rivers of life are polluted by mere self love and greed. There is no beauty when the earth is trashed upon. There is no beauty in economic exploitation, in the harming of innocent lives, or in genocide.

In summary, there are many possible forms of beauty and goodness, IF love is present. But since love is not always present in people’s intention, all is NOT good and beautiful.

I love the world. This is the practice of service, the work.

This is God loving… and transforming the world.

Drop the lower personality self, and resurrect as the soul Christ.

The Divine will has three primary qualities.

The power of liberation, which is the freedom of being.

The power of love, which is to embrace, to heal, to give.

The power of light, which is to enlighten and to know oneself.