Inclusive Unity

Developing an inclusive Group Consciousness

A new and expanding Group Consciousness is developing in humanity, which is based on inclusive love and holistic wisdom. Group consciousness in humanity is not a new thing; for there are and have been many group-consciousness' in humanity. But these groups mainly have been separative group consciousness'; often even fighting amongst themselves. The newly developing Group consciousness is not separative-minded, but rather inclusive-minded. It is based on building Group Unity in the whole world of humanity; yet not basing this unity on any one dominating cultural ideal, but rather on an ideal of unity-in-diversity, unity-in-love, and unity in mutualistic benefiting cooperation. The goal of this new group consciousness is for all humanity to come together in love and cooperation, to serve our common purposes of life.

First there will have to be one united Group that leads the way. In other words, before there can be One United Humanity, there must first be a developing World Unity consciousness. For this Group to be physically and effectively organized would of course help, but it is not as important as the consciousness involved. The most important need is for a developing unity of consciousness - based on people's realization of their essential Unity with everyone else and also with the whole planet Earth.

One by one, person by person, group by group, we will build a Unity of consciousness on our planet. We will build a Unity of mind and heart, and love will be the builder. We will build a Love-Unity consciousness, and this will gradually grow to eventually include everyone - as everyone gradually comes into this Unity consciousness. Gradually, more and more people, more and more groups of people, will enter into this spiritual realization of Unity. Unity consciousness will gradually build in all of humanity as each awakened person and each awakened group lives in this Unity-consciousness, thinks and feels in this Unity realization. The essential need is for each of us to come together as One Group and build Unity together - build One Unity of mind and heart - all dedicated towards the same Greater Purpose of world unity, world love, world wisdom, world cooperation and world harmony.

We are building a World Unified Group consciousness (of mind and heart) - which will gradually resonate throughout more and more of humanity. This will awaken more and more of humanity to the realization of our essential spiritual Unity. In effect, more and more people/groups will gradually feel and realize that they are now in this developing Group-consciousness of Unity. Thus, this Unity consciousness expands, as more join in and give their hand of support, agreement, and cooperative help.

This world unified consciousness is a united consciousness in love. We unite and connect with one another in our shared consciousness - in mind and heart. We unite in our love, not just ordinary love, but universalized love - which is love for everyone, the whole world, the whole planet, and all of life. Love is what creates unity, and love is what builds this united consciousness.

But this unified-united consciousness is not some kind of conformity or uni-formity, as if we all have to unify in one particular form of religion or belief or style of life. It's not like one is being asked to join a group and then conform or become like everyone else in that group. It's not like this. What happens is that, when one joins in to become a part of this United Consciousness, one becomes a part of a Unified extended family of spiritual lovers - who welcome the uniqueness and diversity of each spiritual family member. When one joins in this United Consciousness, one is immediately offering to the whole Group one's unique contributing mind and perspective. In effect, one is entering into this World Unity of consciousness as an equal to everyone else. No one here will tell you what you must do or how you must be, and no one here in this Unity has power over you.

There is a Spiritual Hierarchy involved in this developing United Humanity {of unified heart and mind}, which is the higher part of this Unity Consciousness. The Hierarchy helps to guide and inspire this great new evolution of humanity, this expanding unified consciousness. The Spiritual Hierarchy are Guides and Teachers, but they are not trying to manipulate nor force anyone to do or be something. They only inspire and share guiding suggestions. They respect diversity and freedom as being essential aspects of the whole divine purpose and process.

The essential inspiration and teaching of the Hierarchy is the wisdom of Love - specifically, the need for mutual respect, tolerance, cooperation, and the building of Unity-in-diversity. Essentially, the Spiritual Hierarchy teaches and helps guide people/groups towards Unity. This is a united working of minds, hearts and actions all in alignment with the spiritual Purposes of love, harmony-of-diversity, and creative/natural beauty. So we should not falsely think of the Hierarchy as a manipulating power. Its vision and hope for humanity is for people/groups to come together in cooperation and unity of Purpose.

Uniting the many hearts of goodwill

World unity and world transformation into spiritual beauty will be brought forth by the 'people of goodwill'. Those with goodwill, united together, shall create the needed vibrational resonance for world unity, and those with goodwill will also bring forth world peace and unity by their outward work.

This is the spiritual group that will grow to become united and strong. Many will not think of themselves as spiritual; it does not matter. They will be diverse and different from one another in many ways; yet sharing in the common quality of having a heart of goodwill. They will come together from all of the many different religions and cultures; yet they will be united in their common heart of love and goodwill, and united in their realized purpose to serve the whole of humanity, the whole of life, and to bring everyone together in love.

Goodwill is, first of all, a heart centered quality of being. Goodwill comes from the heart. It is the will to do good for others and for the world. It is to have a good will. Thus, it can also be called a will-to-good. This good-will is a will that comes from love and caring about the world; rather than from a selfish, self-centered ego. So, those with good-will shall bring forth world peace, harmony, unity, and cooperation; because those of goodwill care about Everyone, rather than just loving and caring about merely one group or just one group interest.

We will create world unity by our inclusive love and compassion. This is different from those who are parochial or sectarian, or strictly nationalistic. Many want the world to follow their own particular religion or way, or agree to their particular group-interest. But the New World consciousness is seeking to bring together all of the various consciousness's and groups into one Unity. This is the new kind of Group consciousness, inclusive of all groups, so this Group consciousness will bring the world together into World Unity.

We are a new and expanding mind-heart perspective, a new kind of consciousness. We are a new culture of people, with new ideas, new ways of being, and new practices. So we are like a new culture or a new religion; except that our way is to learn from and bring into fusion the many cultures and religions. Our way is to include, understand, and love all of the many cultures and religions. Ours is not an-'other' culture or religion; rather, ours is an inclusiveness and synthesis of all others into one accepting heart. We are the post-religion that is not another separate religion. We are the post-culture that is not just another separate culture. We are a new kind of consciousness that is ever-expanding and inclusive, and which is ever-trying to bring all of the diversity together, bringing everyone together into one united and cooperative humanity.

Goodwill is a state of consciousness. It is a state of mind, heart, and will. It is a mind dedicated to bringing into manifestation the divine Good, and it is a mind looking for answers to make the world Good. It is a heart feeling love for everyone and wanting the best for them, and wanting to help anyone achieve greater health, happiness, wisdom and love. It is having a will that is focused on the Good and on making the world good. So this involves the mind – which needs to realize the goal and vision of goodness. It involves the heart – which feels compassion for everyone and wants to help bring more love and joy into the world. It involves the human will – which is the power of intentional effort needed to bring forth a better world, with more goodness, love, harmony, and happiness.

Those with goodwill and love for everyone need to unite – becoming a united cooperative working Group, which will then become a united political and social power. The people of goodwill and good heart will become a Great Power in humanity and on Earth. This Power will be created by their united consciousness, their united outer cooperation, and their united political action.

We with hearts of goodwill (good-will) will bring forth the new world unity, which is the real 'new age'. We will do this on two levels: first on the level of World Mind (which includes the energies of heart), then second on the outward level of manifestation.

We, the people of goodwill, are universalist, inclusive, and loving of everyone. Therefore, we will build the world unity. Our synergistic united power will ignite a leap in normal human consciousness, and our outward collectivity and cooperation will become a real political power throughout the whole world.

We are all together in the World Mind and in Hierarchy of Souls. All in one mind, one shared space of inner consciousness. So let us give our love into this, and our light of realization, and our will-to-good.


Synthesis is a unity of diverse parts, without eliminating differences. It does not mean that everyone will be the same, or that they should be the same. Synthesis is a mixing of different elements, producing a new wholeness. Synthesis of humanity is when diverse and separate groups create a new unity. Yet this is not an elimination of the diversity. Each part or group in the whole will have a unique function in the working Unity.

Synthesis is when the uniqueness and variety in a group is all combined and uniquely integrated to create a new Holism. Synthesis is different from top-down uniformity.

Top-down uniformity is when the group members only learn from and follow the Leader, the Teacher, the Guru. Everyone just listens to and follows the Leader. The members merely share in being students or followers, while being insignificant to eachother's spiritual progress and understanding.

Synthesis, on the other hand, means that each member is contributing to the progress of the others by being both a co-teacher and mirror. And as well with synthesis, each person has an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the group consciousness. In other words, the group consciousness will not simply be a uniform replication of the Teacher, or merely the result of top-down Authority, but instead it will be made from the unique contributions of its members, as the group's unique diversity makes the group what it is, and each member gains from what the others offer from themselves. This is synthesis, which is a new organic creation from the parts interacting and truly influencing one another. The whole group evolves, dependent on what each member contributes.

So this is not merely a top-down manipulation, not an intended uniformity. It is not the same as one great prophet or great leader telling everyone what exactly to do, nor is it God telling everyone what to do, then everyone following this. And it is certainly not a predestined or preconceived design. Rather, synthesis is a creative, unplanned, organically unfolding evolution.

Synthesis is not a conformity to sameness, but rather a new unity embracing the diversity of its members, whereby the unique members of this diversity contribute to making the unity what it will be. So in a true synthesis, the diversity of qualities, as contributed by the democracy of its members, is not lost in a homogenized soup but rather is preserved in the new integrated unity.

The energy of synthesis inspires an urge to come together, to form inter-relationships and unity. The important attitude for all people and all groups is to come together, discovering how to share and work together for an overall Unity-of-diversity. In some cases, a fusion of different cultural elements is possible, whereby something completely new emerges. Then in other cases, previous cultural or political differences will be preserved in a new World Unity of acceptance, peace and cooperation. Synthesis is a new motivation in the world, which will transform previous separative attitudes that were based on either fear or arrogance.

Thus, the different parts (groups) work together, towards united goals, rather than fight to procure their own separate goals. Synthesis brings separate (and sometimes hostile) groups together to create a new unity -- based on common needs, ideals and purposes.

But some of the previous attitudes will need to be let go of. One of these is the attitude of ideological or religious superiority. Groups can be expected to think of themselves with high esteem and a feeling of righteousness, but they will need to sacrifice any demands (or ideals) that the rest of the world should be just like them, think just like them, live just like them. This means a sacrifice of group arrogance, whether it be religious or other ideological attitudes of superiority.

Any group should expect from World Synthesis that their own uniqueness and right to live as they choose is protected, and they should have the right to inspire others to join them, and hopefully each group can have a particular place to enjoy their unique society and culture. But no group should expect or demand that everyone else believe as they do or wants to live this particular way.

United group relations

The principle of united group relations is applicable to all social groups, large or small. These principles are all based on love, wisdom, and a will-to-unity. What works for groups in the Hierarchy can just as well work for physical world groups, and all humanity will benefit by groups applying these principles.
All spiritual groups can share some very important principles:

  1. to love, not hate.

  2. to heal, not hurt.

  3. to be kind, not cruel.

  4. to teach, but not ridicule.

  5. to protect beauty, not destroy it.

  6. to find solutions, not make problems.

  7. to care and be considerate, not be care-less.

  8. to persevere and keep hope, rather than despair and give up.

  9. to have goodwill towards everyone, not self-serving manipulation.

  10. finally, to focus on and build unity, rather than make battle and discord.

Link-to Bringing Light into humanity

The basis of Unity is we.

We live as individuals but also as group members. This is true both physically outward and mentally inward. The latter kind is called a subjective group, since it involves group relatedness through the medium of mind (and through feeling), rather than being an outwardly seen group. A subjective group is a mental and feeling relatedness with others, based on shared-common interests, ideas, or realized purposes. The members a subjective group might not physically know one another, and this group might not have any outward physical organization. A subjective group could have a corresponding, related, organized, outward group, and some of its members may indeed know one another; but not necessarily. All through humanity there are many subjective groups – interrelated, overlapping, and enfolding one another in a complex web. Some of them are more inclusive and have more relatedness with other groups, while others are more exclusive and have less relatedness with other groups.

So, each unique individual is also part of a group, maybe many groups, which could be outer or inner related groups, either or both; and each group member has some kind of related similarity with the other members of that group. There are no exceptions to this, unless one decides to be isolated on an island or in the wilderness; though even then, one would be part of a group who live on islands and in wilderness. Thus, everyone is part of a number of subjective groups {related mentally and emotionally}, as well as sometimes being part of a few objective groups. In other words, we are each in various groups, both inner and outer groups. This is our group participation and our group influence, both inner and outer.

Each outer group is part of a larger inner Group – that larger Group of groups having similar interests, purpose or work. This larger Group is usually un-organized objectively in the external world, but still it is a subjectively connected Group.

The process of building an objective {outward physical} World Unity is first based on the building of a subjective {inward mental} World Unity. Those of us with the Vision of World Unity and Harmony need to first connect and come together subjectively-mentally. This forms an inner synthesis and power of Unity. Then from this inwardly connected subjective base, the outer groups of our participation will have much more synergistic power.

Now consider this. The basis of Unity is we. If I am going to come into a greater Unity, then I have to come into we, or into a group of we. This is the attitude and spirit of 'let's come together,' or 'let's work together.' This is the attitude and spirit of we, which is a subjective sense or feeling of 'we'. It is a collective feeling and a feeling of being part of a larger group with similar interests, hopes, and also work.

Each person has a sense, feeling, or experience of oneself as 'I', or as 'I am.' But each of us also can have a sense, feeling, or experience of being a part of a we. And this experience of we can be nearly as strong in oneself as the experience of I. The realization of we derives from a sense of belonging with, or being a part of. To understand this, one needs to simply experience it or feel it. Meditate on this. Feel who you are in we with. Or ponder on this question – who am I in we with?

Yet the more practical part of we is that we can collectively accomplish a lot more than by our individual influence alone. For there is a synergistic collective power in we. This is true both objectively in the outer world and also subjectively through the medium of mind power.

All souls seek unity

All souls seek unity, harmony, and integration with one another. Everyone in the world, inwardly as soul, seeks unity, harmony and integration with all others. This is their inward urge, even though at present they may not realize it because of being wrapped up in personality emotions. If we can know ourselves deeply, beyond our usual patterns of personality emotions, then we might feel and understand our real soul. Then we would know this deeper soul urge to unite, harmonize and integrate with other souls.

One aspect of this integration of souls is to always be learning from other souls, that is, learning what they have to uniquely offer from the Divine Light, One Being, of which all souls branch from. Souls are actually passionate about this learning and integration, because this is the key to their integration of Wholeness. It is the key to their realization of the Whole Being. Because each soul is only a partial realization of the Whole Divine Being, the soul's true passion is to fully realize the Whole Being, which is Who it is in deepest essence. Souls seek a Wholistic realization, of the Complete Being with a fullness of all Divine Qualities. They seek to realize and BE those Qualities. But because each soul is only partially realized or partially Whole, each soul needs interaction and integration with other souls, in order to learn, realize, and Become.

This is similar to what we need to do as personalities in this world. We need to learn from one another in a deeper way about our own potential qualities or about who we can be. We learn these possibilities from others. We learn positive qualities, but we might also learn from their negative traits about how not to be. But even before we can do this kind of deeper learning and hopefully deeper integration of our self, we need to first see others as essentially Divine and as rays of the Divine. This provides the needed spiritual respect we have to have for others, before we can really learn from them at this deeper level of our own self-integration and developing wholeness.

Again, we learn about our own potential and divine self from others. But first we need to give that person enough respect and non-judgmental dignity, that we can really open to them and learn from the spiritual qualities they imbue. Remember that in reality, everyone is expressing some quality of God in each expression, though it may be small, but what sometimes makes this expression a negative value is that it is lopsided and not sufficiently integrated with other spiritual qualities. This is what causes negative manifestations – the lopsided manifestations of just one or a few spiritual qualities in conjunction with the absence or suppression of all other important spiritual qualities.

Heaven and Shamballa

In a certain eastern teaching there is supposed to be an idyllic place called Shamballa. Esoterically, Shamballa is not some outward place on the planet, nor somewhere hidden in the solar system, but rather it is a state of mind, an inner experience, an inner spiritual reality. It is the beautiful and luminous garden-world of the One Being. This is where souls gather and commune in Unity, in One Being. Here, souls become One in Unity. Now within this beautiful Unity, there is a hierarchy of souls, a hierarchy of conscious beings who realize their Unity in One Being. What makes this a [vertical] hierarchy is that souls differ in their respective degrees of realization; the most realized ones are higher [in the hierarchy] than the less realized ones. So the difference in souls is their degree of realization, as well as the various mixtures of their realized Qualities of Being. Though the souls are all essentially the same Being. The conscious souls commune in Shamballa, where they are really One Being, but simultaneously [at the next dimension] they remain as distinct souls, though still in Shamballa; remembering that dimensions are within dimensions. Now, to continue a model of existence from this, the next dimension would be the realm of personalities - which are the individual ways of expressing soul qualities. We can basically define 'personalities' as ways of expression in the world. And the 'world' we will define basically as nature, including all physical existence. The hierarchy of souls must express themselves, and they do this in physical natural existence. So 'personalities' is the term used to denote the vehicles of expression in the physical world. These personalities express their respective souls in various degrees of correspondence; analogous to how souls realize the One Being to various degrees. The main difference with personalities is that they can become quite divergent from soul realization and soul purpose, and so they can express varying degrees of disharmony with soul intention. Nature, however, is corresponding to the intention of a special class of souls, known as devas. So there is a bit more complexity in all this, but we can summarize existence as four basic dimensions: Shamballa, the hierarchy of souls, personalities, and physical nature.

Now imagine being in the garden of Shamballa, with all the other higher souls. How do we all relate? We relate in Unity. What is group unity? The conscious souls in Shamballa realize their essential Unity, and thus they relate according to this realization. We might even imagine that they share together, and learn together, and enjoy being together. Maybe they plan together, as to how to make the world of expression a more beautiful and loving place. So what can we do, as personalities, to reflect this gathering of conscious souls in Shamballa? We can gather together, in small or large groups, to share together, and learn together, and enjoy being together. We can plan together, as to how to make the world a more beautiful and loving place. We can also physically do what is needed to help make the world a better place, a place of wisdom and love and beauty. In this way we externalize the higher dimension of souls and Shamballa; we actually express this higher level of realization.

Yet realistically our group gatherings, at this dimension of personalities, will probably involve more struggle and debate than what is occurring on the soul dimension. It will be more difficult, and yet we must do the best we can. The fundamental difficulties with personality groups working together is that: a) they are working to solve more specific problems, and so they often disagree on specific solutions, and b) these groups also involve ego-personality struggles (of all sorts). But if we try to work together as souls essentially concerned for the same general Good, then we will see the common ground and build agreement upon this. A helpful step would be to see ourselves as souls, at work in the same Garden, to help make a Shamballa on earth.