Receiving Inspiration and Wisdom

Three Rays descending from Above

Of importance about the levels is that those above transmit higher energies to the next level below which needs to receive these energies and, in turn, transmit to the next level below. This is known as the gradual descent of Light, as Light descends from the Absolute through gradient levels. Thus, each Group of souls receives its Light of love and wisdom from the level above; then, in turn, each Group will become transmitters of love and wisdom to the level below it. Each level and each Group assimilates the Light given to it, then re-transmits it but in a more useable vibration.

Three major kinds of energy (or Rays) can come through to us from a higher Group or from a higher Soul (a Teacher, Master, Guide, or Saint), if we are sufficiently receptive. These are generally called Will, Love, and Wisdom.

Will is the power to do, or power to accomplish. It might be felt to be a power of inspiration or motivation. It might be understood as a will-to-serve, or a will-to-good, or a will to be creative.

A higher, greater Love can also come through from Those Above us. Any love, of course, is a radiance ultimately coming from the One Being in Whom we all are. Or in other words, the love that may come from a higher Group, or from a higher Teacher, Master, or Saint, is an expression of God's Love.

Love is also a kind of power or energy. The special power of Love is that love brings us into harmonious relationship and unity. It actually expands one's being to include more of the whole Unity of Being. Love expands our very being and brings us into a more inclusive being. Fundamentally, the divine energy of Love is what transforms and expands our being. It brings us into greater relatedness and unity with everyone and everything else.

Wisdom understands universal principles, truths, and important values. Wisdom is also a knowingness of Purpose and Being, and a vision or plan for how to accomplish the higher spiritual purposes. Wisdom understands the greater spiritual purposes, then proceeds to creatively think how to achieve the goals of such purposes.

Thus, wisdom is needed to achieve things with spiritual intelligence. For without this intelligent Wisdom, our power of will or power to create will be focused unintelligently and without connection to higher spiritual purposes. Also, one cannot really accomplish much without some intelligence of how. Yet also, Wisdom is related to Love, since true wisdom has a knowingness of love and is a servant of love, and of course Love gives meaning to any work or accomplishment.

Laws of receptivity and transmission

Within this whole Hierarchy are cosmic laws at work. Very important is the Law of Receptivity and Transmission. Each soul, each soul-group, and each level needs to receive the primary three Ray energies from above it, which are the energies of Will, Love/Being, and Wisdom. At times different words might be used in describing these three Rays, but these words are appropriate here.

This means that any level one is, there will be a higher level above and Groups above that contain more expansive degrees of spiritual Will, Love/Being, and Wisdom. These higher and more expansive energies (or powers) radiate out to the lower levels, or we might say they are shared. Yet the lower must be able to receive, and this is true at each level down, which means that the shared radiance from Above (metaphysically speaking, not actually physically above) is not necessarily received. In other words, there is no guarantee or certainty of receptivity at each level, because it all depends on the receptive ability (or capacity) of those on the receiving end. So what is made available to each level, as coming from above, will actually depend on the degrees of receptivity at all levels above it.

A good question, then, is what is the receptivity capacity and how to increase it. Each soul, or we could also say each person, might have some degree of receptive capacity, which will then both allow and limit what is received. This receptive capacity can be increased by intentional methods, which are akin to developing one's listening skills but in a more meditative way, so it could be called meditative listening or intuitional meditation. There are other components, as well, necessary for increasing our receptive capacity, such as the quality of our being, the dedication we have, and any service-oriented work we might being doing.

But also important in the law of receptivity is that groups can have a greater receptive capacity than single individuals. This is part of the significance of there being soul-Groups at each level and also living spiritual groups in which we might participate. It is because a group can develop a synergetic power of receptive magnetism; or more simply stated, a group can become a wider receptive chalice, able to collect more, as it were, than a single chalice; and thus become a more powerful transmitting centre, able to transmit more to lower levels of what it received from above.

The higher transmits to the lower. The higher level, or the Guiding Group above, transmits its higher energies of spiritual will, love/being, and wisdom/vision to the level and groups below it. Then that next level, receiving from the above, will transmit its level of these energies to the level below it, and so on. Each level brings its given higher energy of will, love and wisdom into a more practical and usable form to the level below.

So we might understand here that the lower levels of Soul Hierarchy are not a 'bad' kind of 'lower'. Not at all. Their purpose is quite important indeed; which is to hold an understanding of Higher Wisdom and Purpose in the most practical and usable way. It might even be said that the higher level Masters respect and need those on the lower levels, who can translate higher Wisdom and Visions into more practical and usable forms of knowledge and action.

Also realize that each group will need to receive from its higher Group, its higher Source. So at each level and in each group there needs to be a meditative receptivity to the Higher Groups above it. Each group needs to be a focal point, a focal place, for receptivity to the Higher Purposes and Visions (as known by those Above).

So first needed is receptivity to the Higher Love, Wisdom, and Will. This must be achieved by each individual, whether at the moment one is working alone or in a group. A group will need to have this receptivity. It will need to have an effective receptive capacity for the Higher. It will need to achieve a receptive focus or receptive meditative mind. But remember that this must also involve each individual of that group; for a group's whole receptive capacity will necessarily depend on each individual in it. Thus, of importance in all of this is cooperative group work, common purpose and intention, and the overall developing capacities of each individual for expansion of love/being and wisdom.

Then, after the fruits of receptivity, those in the group will need to absorb and assimilate into their being and understanding what comes from Above. Next then is the phase of transmission. This is the group's spiritual radiance and influence on the levels below it, or upon the normal mental sphere of humanity. This can be accomplished through meditation, visualization, or telepathy, yet also by other expressive means. This is to share the wisdom and love, and also the spiritual will, that was received from Groups or from Masters in the next level above. Thus, each individual or group transmits what was received from above -- the now realized love, understanding, spiritual purpose, and wider vision of what is good and beautiful.

So the Principle in all of this is simple to understand. Each group is on a certain level, sharing this level of understanding and vision with many other groups. Then above each group level is the next higher level of groups, and above this is yet another level, and so on. Each level is a higher degree of wisdom and love, greater realizations of Universal Purposes, Principles, and Plans/Visions, along with greater degrees of Being Whole and Divine and selflessly Compassionate. But also below each group is a level, which can receive wisdom and love from above it. So each level has a level above, from which it receives higher love and wisdom; and each level has a level below, to which it transmits a higher love and wisdom. This is the Principle of Sharing.

A group needs to become a receptive chalice for the higher energies of Will, Love and Wisdom. Then, from this receptive centre, the group can transmit out these same three energies. Yet its transmission will be a step-level lower from what was transmitted to it from Above. In other words, each level will transmit to the next lower level the three Ray-energies that were received from the level above it. Yet at each level the transmission is stepped down, as it were, which means that the inspirations, impressions, and ideas will be one step more specific, more life-practical and more usable. This is because Wisdom at higher levels is more general (though also more universal), but more specific at lower levels. Both poles of Wisdom are, of course, important. For the specific and practical wisdom needs the general and universal Wisdom to guide it; while the general-universal Wisdom needs the specific-practical wisdom to manifest.

Inspirations, Impressions, and Ideas

What comes through from the Higher levels can also be understood as a triad of: inspiration, impression, and ideas. These are related to the three main energies, or Rays. Inspirations come down from the energy of Will. That is, we are inspired to make certain decisions and steps. Secondly, impressions come down from the energy of Love. That is, we are impressed with Love. We feel love from the higher Being, or greater Presence. And our own being expands from this greater impression. Thirdly, ideas comes down from the ray of Wisdom (or 'Universal Intelligence'). That is, wisdom comes through in the form of ideas, which includes principles of truth, important values and goals, and creative vision about what to do or how to achieve the goals.

Receptivity of inspiration is connected with the Ray of Will. Higher Will gives inspiration and motivation to our own will. It also gives a greater power to do, or to make happen. Sometimes this is called the creative will, because it is the power necessary for creative activity, creative arts, and also creative thinking.

Receptivity of impressions is connected with being. Impressions might not be the best word for the meaning intended here, but let us go on. What is important is an understanding that the beingness of a higher Group or a higher Soul can be transmitted and received. Moreover, this higher being can help expand the being of the recipient. This is a subtle understanding, and other sections of the Teaching better explain the meaning of being. But it is to do with expansion and inclusivity.

Receptivity of ideas is connected with mind. It is a mental receptivity. When spiritual ideas, truths and visions come to our mind, or are realized by mind, these come from our Intuitional level of mind, which is the level of soul wisdom. So, these ideas, truths and visions come to us from the Hierarchy. There are many kinds of ideas, including metaphysical truths, spiritual principles and values, and visions of the goal and how to get there; but these are all classified as higher ideas.

Inspiration and Vision leads to aspiration and striving

The spiritual path is two-fold. It has two directions, vertical and horizontal. On the one hand, we are climbing upward, climbing up the Mountain, or stepping up along each higher link in the Hierarchy of Being, in a path of consciousness expansion that is reaching ever closer towards the absolute Divine Gnosis, the full consciousness of God-Being. Then on the other hand, the spiritual path is to interrelate with the manifest world, to bring finer spiritual qualities and vision into the world.

Spiritual Vision is two-fold as well. There is Vision of who we can spiritually be, which is a vision of our own spiritual self-potential. This is called vertical vision. In a sense, this is a vision of our future-self, awaiting the spiritual realm of potential; and in another sense, this is a seeing-vision of a Master in the Hierarchy, who is a few steps further up in the spiritual potential of Being and who is a reflection of our own future possible self or who we can be. The other side of Vision is horizontal, which is a vision of potential manifestation - of how the world can be... more spiritual, with more manifested spiritual qualities. This could also be a vision of what we can do in life and how we can use our will and energies to manifest a finer spirituality.

Vision is, thus, also related to striving, because a vision received also inspires us to strive towards it. In this striving is 'creative tension', which is like an as-yet work to fulfill; there is creative tension because of the distance between the present reality and the future vision. So, any higher or spiritual vision produces a creative tension in us, which is a good tension; it produces an energy of striving, as the vision kind of tugs at our will to strive towards it.

The Masters and the Ashrams of the Hierarchy provide higher spiritual Inspiration and Vision to humanity -- for the spiritual evolution of humanity and the earth, and for individuals to creatively bring evermore spiritual Qualities into manifestation. They are the spiritual providers of Inspiration, Vision, and Guidance. As well, they bring to us wisdom and a greater realization of Spiritual Purpose. Yet nothing is forced upon anyone, so to receive this we need to be receptively and humbly open --not open to just anything or any energies (for that is simply a lack of intelligent discernment), but receptively open to these spiritual Inspirations and Visions. This is where prayer and invocation can be effective, because we ask to be guided and empowered by the Higher, not sucked down into the lower. We want to raise our consciousness higher and be in contact with the Highest; not be lowered in consciousness by lesser forces. Go for the Highest. Go for the Highest help. Go for the Highest contact.

So, from the Masters and the Ashrams of the Hierarchy we can receive higher spiritual Inspiration and Vision. Ask for this, pray for this; then be open and receptive to this - but only to the Highest. The Highest is what touches our heart and illuminates our mind. We will know what is the Highest, because it will give us Inspiration and Vision. The Highest will Inspire our heart and provide Vision to our mind. The Highest will Inspire our love, it will awaken our love, and it will inspire us to creatively serve Spiritual Purpose. Vision given from the Highest will show us what is possible, what we can be, and what can be done. Vision will show us the Future possible. It shows our own future potential, or it may show the future potential of our world. Then, with higher Inspiration included, we are inspired to work towards this Vision.

What happens is that Inspiration and Vision, received from Above, creates aspiration and striving in us. Then, by way of this aspiration and striving, we climb higher up the ladder of Being, up the Hierarchy of Being, and ever towards union with the Divine Triad of Love, Wisdom, and spiritual Power. The higher possible Vision, as given to us from Above, inspires us to strive towards it. We aspire towards that Vision and strive towards it. The Inspiration we received is a higher spiritual power that further awakens our heart and illuminates our mind, and this Inspiration from Above creates aspiration in us to reach the Vision given, as well as inspiring us to strive forward.

Our aspiration and striving, which is towards the Vision given and Inspired from Above, is our power that propels us up the Mountain. Then, at each higher step we take up the Mountain, we are then closer to the Highest Source - which means that we are then more able to receive higher Inspiration and Vision. This then becomes a mutually propelling process. Inspiration and Vision, received from Above, creates aspiration and striving in us to climb further up towards the higher Vision of who we can be. Then, as we have climbed higher, we then have more capacity to receive even higher Inspiration and Vision, which then has an even more powerful effect on our aspiration and striving, which then propels us even higher, and so on.

Divine Water Cascading

From the One, the Beginning, the Source, comes the descent (or emanation) of Intelligence, Love, and Will through the many planes of manifestation – the various dimensions of mind, feeling and form. These three 'energies' descend, emanate, spread through the planes, the levels. It can be understood as a descent, an emanation, or simply as a spreading out. This is the dynamic of the Great Cosmic Hierarchy, from the One (God) through all of the levels, climaxing in particular physical events and manifestations.

Each being in this Hierarchy can be understood as a mind, though each being is actually a composite triad of mind, feeling, and form. But in thinking about each being as a mind, we can then understand the whole Universe of Being as a Great Hierarchy of minds, each receiving from the level above while giving to the level below. The level below becomes a micro-particular reflection of the above.

From the One comes the Elixir of Intelligence, Love and Will; which are the three Primary Qualities of Divine Being, the Creative Triad of Divine Being. These Qualities are meant to be realized and manifested. This can all be pictured as a pouring forth the Elixir of Divine Being, or the Divine Water of Life. This Divine Water comes from the One Being (God), the One Source, and it descends and spreads through the whole Hierarchy of Being.

From God, the Ultimate Source, the Divine Water is poured forth through the whole Hierarchy of Being. This is the Water of Life poured forth for thirsty men. First, the Water is poured forth into the primary three containers of Being, and then into the seven containers. Each container for the Divine Water is a being in itself, with mind and feeling, consciousness and form. So the picture to have is of a great pouring forth and of the water descending as in a gradual cascading waterfall. The Divine Water then emanates and spreads forth from each of these primary seven containers into seven subsidiary containers. In other words, each of the original seven forth forth into seven below; and thus, there is now seven times seven. Then each of these pour forth into a lower level of seven; and therefore, there is then seven times seven times seven. And so it goes down through the Hierarchy.

The Divine Water cascades down the levels of Hierarchy; thus spreading throughout all creation. But each step along the way is a moment of potential, depending on how that particular container responsibly receives and gives. Each one along the Great Cascade is a significant centre of responsibility, and a significant link as well, such that those below depend on those above. The Divine Water can only cascade down to the next level and to the next links, if those above pour forth what has been given to them originating from the Original Source, the One God of Whom we are all emanations.

So, Divine Water is cascading through all creation. In its dual aspects, the Divine Water is Life and Consciousness. Esoteric teachings even speak of the two streams of life and consciousness, which also correspond to Shakti and Shiva. Both life and consciousness come into existence through transcendental channels, yet then are developed and integrated under organic processes. There is tremendous significance in the merging synthesis of life and consciousness. Meditate with consciousness on the immediate significance of life.

The Divine Water, in its triadic aspects, is Intelligence, Love, and Will. We each have these aspects in our own being, but our own degree of these is personally limited, though possible to increase. Also, in our personal being the fineness and purity of these aspects can be distorted or tilted towards a self-centered perspective. Thus, the Divine Will can be distorted into a self-centered personal will, even though the Divine Will is the Source energy for this personal will. Likewise, the Divine Love can be distorted into a self-centered love or a love that is dependent on love given to oneself. A personal self-centered love feels and gives love, but only if love is given first; in other words, one feels and gives love if and when love is given, but not unconditionally.

Next, the Great Divine Intelligence will, of course, be miniaturized in each person, but it can also be distorted. It can be distorted into a self-centered intelligence, which is an intelligence primarily used to acquire personal gain and also used to justify self-promoting beliefs. In essence though, there is nothing really bad about personal gain and self-promotion; but people sometimes use their developed intelligence to trick or deceive others for personal gain, and people sometimes use their intelligence to ethically self-justify their personal intentions and actions. In summary, there are many ways to distort the original cascading powers of Will, Love, and Intelligence.